IWI Galil ACE Spotted In South Sudan and Mexico

    IWI Ace in South Sudan

    The IWI Galil ACE is fast becoming the AK of choice throughout the world. The Ares Research blog posted the above photo of a Model 21, one of the short barrel carbine variants, being used by the South Sudanese Air Force. South Sudan, the newest UN-recognized country, is in the midst of a civil war and is still under a number of international arms embargoes. Ares suggests that this rifle may have been supplied by Ugandan security forces.

    Also recently brought to our attention is the below photo showing the Attorney General of Mexico’s Reaction Corps (Cuerpo de Reacción) armed with the Galil ACE. The ACE is just about everywhere! When is IWI US going to bring it stateside?


    PGR Cuerpo de Reacción

    Steve Johnson

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