Slide Fire’s concept Bump Sled

Check out this interesting bump sled that the Slide Fire folks made as a concept. They were getting feedback from SHOT Show attendees, and like good gunnies, they provided plenty of feedback.

What kind of improvements would you make? Post your ideas in the comments, there’s a good chance the SlideFire folks will see them πŸ™‚


Shown with a 50-round X Products drum.



Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.


  • noob

    okay, how can this be in any way shape or form be considered not pulling the trigger/paddle for more than one shot?

    what next? linking the op-rod of a piston AR to the trigger and having your finger disengage the linkage when you want to stop firing?

    • therealgreenplease

      That’s not a bad idea!

    • gunslinger

      much like their stock version, the recoil of the bullet pushes the “receiver” rearward. since there is no spring or anything, the gun would stay put. the action of pushing the leaver then pushes the receiver forward to engage the trigger. from my understanding that would be considered a separate action because you have to actively push the thumb paddle forward to fire.

      so if you were to somehow fix the “thumb paddle” forward, the gun would fire 1 round but nothing more, because the trigger would basically be held back, much like holding the trigger on a regular semi AR15.

      alternatively if you pushed the thumb paddle once and let go, the round would fire, the recoil would push it rearward and the trigger would reset. since there isn’t any human interaction the rifle would remain, cocked and ready to go, same as pulling the standard ar trigger and then letting go.

      in the end the act of pushing the paddle forward and releasing fires only 1 round.

      i don’t think the OPROD option would be kosher. it sounds like this case you would have multiple bullets fired w/o a manual action.

      remember those crank devices for 10/22s? feds said it was ok in that the act of rotating the handle was an action, 1 rotation fired 1 bullet. but people would fix them to their cordless drill. at that point the drill’s trigger becomes the firing trigger and 1 pull (hold) would cause multiple bullets to fly.

      Legal disclaimer: not a lawyer. just my thoughts from all the articles i’ve read

      • Zius Patagus

        I want one for a Saiga 12

  • Drapetomanius

    This is how to troll the BATFELMNOP properly. De facto nullification is a beautiful thing.

  • JT

    This would be great with a beltfed convo and tracers.And a BIIIIIIG ammo can πŸ˜€

    • They had a belt-fed AR on the range, but ran into some problems getting it running while I was there. After about 5 min they had not been able to correct the problem, so I wandered on. No idea if they got it running right after I left, or what the problem had been.

  • Steve

    It would be a nice piece if the AR was right side up.. What do you all think ? Otherwise, this is one nice looking package…

    • Fred Johnson

      Might make mag changes a bit of a pain. Need a belt fed model mounted right side up like Simon suggested.

  • Simon

    kinda sucks if uv got one of those downward ejecting belt fed ar’s.

  • therealgreenplease

    I like the concept but do your thumbs provide some sort of brace/pressure? Why not just push forward with your palms? Also, no idea why the gun has to be upside down. Surely there’s a way to have it right-side up and still have the magazine readily accessible. Perhaps this was just a last-minute mock-up….

  • DZB

    X Products makes a SIXTY round drum now?

  • ColaBox

    “We wanna develop things that put smiles back on peoples faces when they go to the range.”
    Wouldn’t that imply one can frown at the range…is that even possible???

    • gunslinger

      seeing bubba and his hacked up 91/30?
      or bubba being stupid with his “hunting gun”?

      yeah its possible. unfortunately

    • only if you run out of ammo!

    • kingghidorah

      I don’t think the eye patch wearing, 22 short, martini action shooter, who cleans his bore after every shot, will smile. The wet-blanket at the shooting range only smiles when anyone with a magazine fed gun leaves.

  • Jeremy

    Id like to see a system where the rifle’s not inverted so we could still use sights and maybe make it where you could utilize the belt fed AR system they’re developing. Also if they could make it less cumbersome

    • Patrick Mingle

      Magazine optic mounts πŸ™‚ lol

  • ABeiruty

    Now we need a belt fed upper for the AR. Oh, is it a left-sided AR on the on right side or is there any kind of bullet case deflector?

  • Harrison Jones

    I would rather see the gun right sight up and still about to use the mounted red dot. Make sure it is compatible to work with the belt fed AR15 uppers out there. Make it easier to eject and load mags. Work with Beta, and all the drums out there.

  • bonsaiman

    Gee guys want some cheese to go with your “belt fed” whine. It is a novelty not a way of life. Who in the real world wants to waste all their ammo stash for bragging rights on a toy that only works on a tripod. Upside down is great for set up, the top of the gun is flat. The trigger and magazine are easy to reach and set up. Next the whine bags will want it to only cost $39.95. because to spend any more would be spending enough for another gun.

    • Diesel Dan

      Why not Just buy a SSAR Bumpfire stock and a Recoil Rail?

  • Graham 1

    I like how the fire rate gets a bit quicker near the end as the gun gets lighter

  • Simon

    funny that it would be illegal in Australia to use such a stock or a bump fire on an ar15 owned by the right person but turning that ar15 in to a m16 your self would not break the law.

  • BryanS

    Wonder how it would work with a 5.7 AR….

  • J

    My improvement would be repealing the Hughes amendment.

  • Mother Lover

    If this works with an RPD, freakin’ sign me up!

  • MrT

    Make it universal enough to let me put a RPD on the sled.

  • just some guy in europe

    I can’t understand why full autos got banned in the first plase. As far as I understand if one sells a kidney and a testicle in USA, then one can buy a pre-some-date-or-the-other manufactured full auto trough a rather simple transfer process and a tax stamp.

    Then why not just re-introduce full autos for sale, and just set up a separate FFL category where a person wanting to buy a newly made full auto can just go trough all the background checks, cavity searches etc and just get the damn gun.
    Somehow this bump fire nonsense makes just as much sense as the banned but still available full autos just for a very high price. What is it with legal loopholes and you americans? Please elaborate.