BROWE Sport Optic

4x32 Browe Sport Optic (BSO)

Yesterday I noted the Browe Combat Optic, a titanium-housed optic that automatically sets reticle brightness based on lighting at the target. But not every shooter needs (or can afford) that kind of performance. As an alternative, Browe offers the Browe Sport Optic (BSO), a fixed-magnification 4x32mm daylight/low light optic housed in 6061-T6 aluminum.

The highlight of the BSO is what Browe calls “Rechargeable Illumination Technology” or RIT. It’s a battery-free method of illuminating the low light reticle with a flashlight. Shining high-power flashlight into the optic for fifteen seconds “charges” the reticle for three hours or more, and it can be re-charged with another 15-second blast from the flashlight. The low light reticle is available in green or blue. The daylight reticle is black.

The BSO is designed to be tough enough for military and professional use and is waterproof to 130 feet and retails for $940.

Shelby Murdoc

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  • DV

    You can get a combat proven Trijicon for that price. Why would you go with the Browe?

  • ChuckyTee

    you’ll be dead in 15 seconds

    • gunslinger

      no no no.
      you charge it before your home is broke into, or you go into battle…

  • Ben Wong

    15 secs wow u just violated night discipline as well as gave up ur position and at $900+ rather get a trijicon or aimpoint

    • Clint Notestine

      this is called the sport for a reason

      • Ben Wong

        they did say it was designed for military and professional use and I took it at that but hey I’m old corps when I got out we were still using iron sights kids these days are so lucky with their new toys 🙂 and yes I do use optics now cause I’m an old fart unfortunately my pension doesn’t allow for this kind of luxury so I’m stuck with my aimpoint m4 for a long time to come

        • Curious_G

          Punctuation is your friend. I would never consider myself “stuck” with an Aimpoint.

        • Geodkyt

          They said it is TOUGH enough for military or professional use. Meaning, “tougher than needed for sport”. Sort of like Secret – “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.”
          Reading comprehension.

  • Lance

    Same here if you want over inflated prices for optics a Trijicon is around the same price get a AIMPOINT a lot cheaper.

  • Ripley

    RIT = glow-in-the-dark phosphorescence?

    “Don’t shine your light at him, you’ll only make him more accurate!”