BROWE Combat Optic

    BROWE Combat Optic

    BROWE Combat Optic in ATACS with bare titanium housing (top)

    The BROWE Combat Optic (BCO) is a military-grade 4×32 rifle optic with a machined titanium housing which is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. It is short and lightweight, keeping more of the rail free for gear and accessories. The BCO’s Target Light Sensor uses a photocell measure light levels at the target, not at the shooter. This means that the red chevron reticle’s illumination and contrast is appropriate for what’s being targeted through the optic regardless of the environment. For example, a shooter in bright sunlight targeting someone or something inside of a cave or building will get the proper brightness for the best shot. The brightness level is updated continuously as the shooter moves or lighting conditions change without requiring intervention on the part of the shooter.

    A single control button is used to switch from OFF/SLEEP to AUTO to MANUAL. The manual mode overrides the automatic Target Light Sensor setting to provide steady reticle illumination. Manual mode has 10 daylight and 3 night vision brightness level settings which are cycled through. Holding the button for three seconds switches back to AUTO. The BCO also features a port for a remote pressure switch.

    It’s powered by a lithium 123 battery for up to 2,000 hours and a minimum of 720 hours on full power. A vibration sensor conserves batter life by switching to SLEEP mode if no movement is detected for two hours. The housing has machined bosses for mounting small on the top and it has a 42mmx3mm ring for accepting threaded accessories such as dust covers, filters, or anti-reflection on the objective housing. The eyepiece housing has 30mm threads and the whole optic is waterproof down to 130 feet. The BCO comes with a choice of name-brand high-quality rail mounts.

    Shelby Murdoc

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