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For many months now we’ve all had some pretty intense discussions about laws limiting magazine capacity. I had an appointment today with the folks at Mako(Fab Defense). They had some great new products but this is the one I felt the readers would be most interested in.

The Ultimag has five five round magazines arrayed around a central hub. The baseplate of each magazine allows each one to slide into a recess in the center hub. Well you get the idea. For those living in those states that have banned hi cap mags this just might be a very good solution.

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This setup is very new and a price hasn’t been entirely set. The hub itself will be just over $40 from what the Mako representative thought.


Another option they offer is a piece that fits between two magazines allowing the magazines to be connected. The magazine has the same baseplate allowing the shooter to slide each mag on or remove it just as easily.This type of setup takes up no more space than a regular AR magazine. Again this seems like a good solution to the magazine capacity limit.


Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • floppyscience

    It always makes me sad to see stuff like this because we shouldn’t have to go to such ridiculous lengths to skirt moronic laws.

    • No we shouldn’t not by a long shot. Especially since the laws are made with zero opinions from those who have experience.

      • KestrelBike

        Phil – Last year in Colorado when the state legislature was coming up with their new magazine restriction laws, they actually invited a few gun experts (industry, sheriffs, etc) to come give testimony and sit in on meetings (including a meeting with Rhonda Fields). Don’t be fooled, however! It was a complete farce. The democrat controlled committee just had them there for show; in one ear and out the next with a fake smile. When presented with the facts, and reason, those with weapons experience were complete ignored.

      • jamezb

        I predict someone below will talk to themselves.

        • Dan

          Hate to burst your bubble, but as long as marriage is a LICENSED ACTIVITY, it is then by definition acceptable for the state to define how that activity may be practiced (e.g. the practice of medicine or law). As soon as something requires a license it ceases to be a right. This applies to 2nd amendment right as well!

          While I personally couldn’t care less about who marries who, I find that “civil rights” argument disturbing because it plays into the hands of the gun-grabbing statists who would license our rights out of existence. How about instead fighting to take marriage back from the government altogether so it truly can become a right in the real sense.

          • jamezb

            Wow I totally called it.

          • Graham 1

            Haha, I feel like that post had to be intentional it was so perfect

        • Nathan Means

          Good call jamezb that was almost too good

  • Ajmswat

    I would be a buyer in california!

  • Cymond

    I like the 2-mag design. I currently have 2 10-round magazines connected at the base with electrical tape. Personally, I think the better idea would be to have they stacked side-by-side like a typical mag coupler. It’s awkward to flip the whole thing around and reinsert it. Instead of 5 mags in an awkward (and very WIDE) star pattern, how about 4 mags, 2 end-to end (like the 2 above) and then another pair parallel to the first 2 (like a pair of parallel mags).
    Example of what I mean by “parallel”.

    • Cymond

      Also, if they have to be attached end-to-end, then I prefer the rounds to point in opposite directions. I tried both orientations and I find it easier to flip it forward-backward than left-right.

      • No Whammy

        Excellent input.

      • 7.62 Precision

        But then you loose the configuration that matches the size and shape of a 30 rd mag.

    • The photo I took was a rather large one pixel wise. After converting the format it makes it look a bigger than it actually is.
      I do understand what your saying though.

      • Cymond

        Well I’m just imagining the size of a star of 10-round magazines. I till think an “H” pattern would be easier to use and more compact.

    • 7.62 Precision

      Not a bad idea, except the mags have to be offset for the AR platform. This would be a problem in that a coupler would tend to interfere with the insertion of the two mags that were offset lower. This is a problem that would have to be worked out, but is likely possible.

  • Simon

    or simply get every shooter to donate that 40 bucks to a pool that’s used to get hire lawyers get some QC’s and swing em at the morons that force people to come up with silly shit like this.

    it would be a nice day when the law catches up to the real world and trying to force threw legislation to undermine the constitution shall be considered as treason.

    • noguncontrol


  • Mathais

    Does this work with magazines from other makers (Magpul, Lancer, etc)? Or just the Ultimag?

    • Cymond

      Just the Ultimag. Since every design has a different baseplate, each design would need a different “star” center. Naturally, the people at Mako want to promote their own magazine, so supporting other magazines would be counterproductive for them.

    • right just the Ultamag since it has the modified base to slide them. No there was some talk about making mag bases for other companies mags.


  • joshua

    Why would anyone assume that 5 (five) round magazines be viewed as a 25 round magazine and therefore forbidden? The NY Safe Act says that a “Large capacity ammunition feeding device” means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device, that (a) has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than ten rounds of ammunition.” If I attach a few small magazines together, have I not created a ‘large capacity ammunition feeding device”? Maybe.

    • sdelcegno

      No you havent. The magazine has to be taken out and reloaded. Belts etc have a continuing loading mechanism and have over ten rounds.

      • gunslinger

        exactly, you don’t get all the rounds from one continuous feed.

        but i’m sure some NY politician will jump over it to ban it

      • lucusloc

        Is that an actual legal definition in the law (or rather in all the various laws), an actual settled question in law (with supporting case president), or just a working legal theory not yet settled in court?

      • SPQR9

        And yet, that’s not part of the definition.

        • 7.62 Precision

          The definition I read clearly mentioned continuous feed.

    • they did extensive research as well as getting the legal staff on it. It’s no problem at all.

      • No Whammy

        For now.

      • jay

        If a judge wants to get you, then they will just define the whole thing as one single magazine.

        • 7.62 Precision


  • wetcorps

    Looks like it is really awkward for any situation outside the range. But at the range, where there are things such as shooting tables, is it really that useful?

    • RickH

      You nailed it. I mean really, is there anything useful here?

    • 7.62 Precision

      Yes, it is useful. It rattles the anti-gun politicians. That is the purpose.

  • Ajmbkf

    I have this same setup on my ruger 10/22 and love it, let us know when it goes for sale

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      I assume you are referring to the triple 10-round standard rotary magazine assembly , which actually works quite well.

  • GreenPlease

    Hat tip Mako for a nifty idea but it really bites that law-abiding citizens have to come up with such silly work-arounds when criminals will just use high-cap mags anyways ._.

    • FABFan!

      Mako dont’t Mako they just Sello.
      Hat tip to FAB Defense for a nifty idea

  • gunslinger

    5 30 rounders? weight of that puppy?

    • Not a lot really. The unit with mags is very lightweight so just add the weight of 25 rounds which isn’t that much either.

      • Garrett

        I think he meant swapping the 5 round mags with 30 rders, so you have 150 rds total.

  • MZupcak

    Call the Star mag the “Blair Witch” mag!

  • ColaBox

    Interlocking mags is genius, but what exactly does the Star do?

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Same as the connectors for 10-22 mags. It connects the magazines.

  • Steve (TFB Editor)

    Bring the Ninja Star Into the 21st Century

  • Garblarx

    You guys have a thing or two to learn from us Canadians, we’ve been doing this kinda stuff for years. LAR15 counts as a pistol here so it is limited to 10rnd mags while AR15s are limited to 5rd mags but LAR mags work in the AR mixed with and ingenious coupler you get a pseudo 20rd mag

    • Ours is engineered better so blah:-)

    • José Pulido

      We really don’t want to learn anything about guns from the Canadians or Californians anymore 🙁

    • Cure for Cancer

      We appreciate the input but we will deal with this issue come election day…:)

      btw …you should move to one of our FREE States avoid NY IL CA HI MA RI CT NJ

      • Blake

        Don’t forget to add MD and DC to your list…

      • Big D

        Yeah, just give up and roll over in those states. Until the antis invade TX and others.

        Bad strategy.

        • Searcher5

          They are invading Texas now, but so far they aren’t doing so well. We shall see what the near future shows as Wendy Davis is running for Governor. Should be interesting.

      • tom

        What is the first thing a liberal does at retirement? yes, move to a conservative state. Then they commence messing up that new state. I think Pa will be the next anti gun state in a couple of years; as people in NJ and NY move in.

        • 7.62 Precision

          Yeah, or a lot move (long before retirement) to conservative states because they can’t stand what their own states have become, and then they go to work full throttle trying to change the conservative state into what they left. They are flooding into my state from CA.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Thanks very much for the informative input regarding working with Canadian laws — it is both enlightening and educational, and provides a vital if different perspective on how one may have to deal creatively with Government impositions beyond the obvious realm of outright defiance. Those who simply dismiss this out of hand without thinking critically through the process ( and there are too many here in the U.S., as well as elsewhere, who do this ), do so at their own collective peril.

      My point is simply this — there is more than one way to skin a cat, regardless of whether the application originated in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Russia, China or wherever. Keep an open mind, because innovation springs up from everywhere at different times, and no-one has a monopoly on it. Great ideas, and solutions born of necessity, come from all quarters.

  • schizuki

    They should call it a “FUNY”.

    Aside from the FU factor, though, I don’t get the utility of it.

  • Lance

    Phil likes this for banned states however how long will it take for some CA Nazi to ban this too. Face it the fascist will ban anything that’s fun for gun owners.

  • ben

    If you use the star as a rifle support, the weight of the rifle resting on the magazine feed lips just looks like a good recipe to screw up your magazines.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      That is true of any magazine.

  • José Pulido


  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    Reminds me of Jakobs magazines in Borderlands 2.. Though less silly

    • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

      SLIGHTLY less silly.

    • gunslinger

      The designers have some cool looking firearms in BL2

  • SPQR9

    Frankly, I can see some state’s magazine laws as covering this device too.

  • Karina

    Jungle taped magazines, meet your 2014 evolution. Brilliant.

  • ZipperHead

    Instead of a new way to hold small magazines. Why don’t we just keep the “Old Laws”. – – Oh yeah…and enforce them. (or was that the idea the politicians had behind “Fast and Furious” – and the coverup, rampant gang gun violence – sure they are registered law abiders – and the recent “In the Bed” activity of our drug bureau with that Mexican Drug Cartel). Oh my. But lets make NEW Laws that hurt the law abiders.

  • JParks

    If you ever got in trouble with the legal system, they would likely categorize the “star” and other similar devices as a single magazine. So you would still be in violation of the statute that limits magazine size. I wouldn’t use one of these devices in a state that has such a law.

  • Big D

    File this star hub in the useless category.

  • Nam Marine

    The Colt Government 1911. Finest handgun on this planet! Saved my bacon a dozen
    times in Northern I Corps during TET 1968……..SEMPER-FI !

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    30 rounds is standard capacity for the AR and AK platforms. People who know nothing about them and fear them don’t get to redefine the terms to suit their agenda.

    They have banned STANDARD CAPACITY magazines, and need reminded of it.

  • GI Joe

    These anti gun politicians are seriously stupid, corrupt and dumb. They of all people should just keep their mouths close and just go to work read your mail, and collect your checks, you don’t deserve. 99% of them hire hookers, use drugs, party in limos we pay for, eat at the best restaurants, we pay for, get out of and are protected from citations and arrests for the most part, what abuses, and many more illegal things. Yet here they are trying ot keep their jobs trying to add more useless anti gun laws to please those who are anti 2nd amendment. How about politicians worry more about child molesters who are barely watched and molest our children everyday? How about giving more jail time, more gangsters and big drug dealers more time and no deals? Rapists who are set free and do less time then gun offenders as they call some, what a joke politicians are.

  • Winston Buie

    really stupid….i applaud the inovation and i agree that its to simply get around stupid laws…the sad part here is that the thought process and inovation could have been more eradily applied elsewhere

  • EATitCNN

    RIDICULOUS! I hate that we have to do bs like this. I don’t like the star….at all…..way to big and awkward…. however I do like the dual mag set up…..maybe even another one attached to the side of it (like other prior mag links)

  • Dominic De Falco

    Why do anti-Gun and Pro-Gun people keep referring to High Capacity Magazines as illegal? The law itself is illegal so in reality there is no such thing as an illegal magazine! Liberals believe that if you say something long enough, it becomes fact! Why not fight fire with fire and use the same mentality against them for everything that they do and say is illegal. Liberals and the DNC keep violating our Constitutional law so why not ban together and violate all Liberal and DNC illegal laws?!

  • Mike11C

    When the government outlaws things that have been a part of my life for many years, I will ignore those laws and become an outlaw myself. I was born in a free country and I will go out that way too. I will never purchase things such as the ones in this article. I swore an oath to our Constitution years ago and I will live that oath. “Shall not be infringed” is not difficult to understand. Forcing the need for these items is clearly infringement and I will have no part of it. I will not register, I will not turn in, I will not comply. I will die to protect my rights and those who wish to take them away had better be willing to die to do so.

  • James Hayden

    glad I live where they don’t have these idiotic laws , I’ll take another half dozen 30 round P-Mags

    • lunger

      what i would give for some pmags…..

  • Big John

    Wrong Jose’ Pulido, I am willing to listen, learn anything from other people who know more about guns then I do. I may not be able to purchase high cap magazines but I still have the ablilty to investigate for myslef things that have worked for other people and make an informed decision to purchase or not. Keep the gun ideas coming, most of us out here will keep and open mind knowing that we never get to old to learn new things no matter what country they come from.

  • Big John

    yeah, it true that criminals will use high caps anyway and it maybe silly that the lawbidding citizen can’t but that is what makes us different from them. Jail is like a second home to them and most of us with any common sense certainly want to stay as far away as we can from jail.

  • FABFan!

    Again????? You say, “the folks at Mako(Fab Defense).”


    Mako isn’t Fab Defense. Mako is “The Mako Group” They are only a distributor of FAB Defense products.

    FAB Defense is an Israeli company that designs and manufacturers cutting edge weapons accessories,

    Give credit where it is due and stop pretending that Malo is anything more then just one more of many distributors.

    Remember, Mako dont’t Mako they just Sello.