OMC Ultimag

    For many months now we’ve all had some pretty intense discussions about laws limiting magazine capacity. I had an appointment today with the folks at Mako(Fab Defense). They had some great new products but this is the one I felt the readers would be most interested in.

    The Ultimag has five five round magazines arrayed around a central hub. The baseplate of each magazine allows each one to slide into a recess in the center hub. Well you get the idea. For those living in those states that have banned hi cap mags this just might be a very good solution.

    P1000694 copy

    This setup is very new and a price hasn’t been entirely set. The hub itself will be just over $40 from what the Mako representative thought.


    Another option they offer is a piece that fits between two magazines allowing the magazines to be connected. The magazine has the same baseplate allowing the shooter to slide each mag on or remove it just as easily.This type of setup takes up no more space than a regular AR magazine. Again this seems like a good solution to the magazine capacity limit.


    Phil White

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