Safir Arms New AR-57 Upper And Bullpup Rifle

It looks like Turkish firearms maker Safir Arms is working on their own AR-57 rifle and upper kits that they’re calling the T-57. What’s a AR-57 upper? It’s pretty much an AR-15 upper chambered in the FN 5.7x28mm round and that uses the FN P90 magazine on top of the rifle just like how the P90 does.


Safir seems to also be working on their own bullpup rifle that they’re calling the T-14 rifle. Not much is known yet about their new T-57 upper/rifle or T-14 bullpup rifle other than what was posted on their website.

From the Safir website, translated from Russian via Google Translate.

Company Safir – a dynamic company, we try to introduce fresh ideas and are ready to make our customers with new offerings. We are always happy to offer our customers the latest developments. Currently our company put into production a new and unique set of T-57 chambered 5.6 h28mm. This complex may be supplied as a finished product or as a pre-assembled kit for installation on T-14 rifle. A set is a collection barrel in the upper receiver, bolt and unique nadstvolnym box magazine, and is easily installed on the T-14 rifles instead of the upper receiver. T-57: T-57 Conversion Kit: Also we are pleased to present you our new development located on stage testing and staging to production. This model T-17 and T-18. Carbine T-17 is in a “bullpup” that will get rid of unused space butt significantly reduce the overall length of the weapon while maintaining optimal length of the barrel, to further reduce the recoil shoulder, and thereby significantly increase accuracy.

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  • Avery

    Oh, it’s the Military Gun Supply 5.7mm Upper that appeared in the SHOT 2008 show but failed to be mass-produced.

    • ColaBox

      I believe my local range has one of these (or something extremely similar), been there a long time though.

  • Colin

    Where would the trigger bar go on that bullpup? looks like a push-pin infront of the mag well and the barrel is right above that… Electronic trigger?

    • Cymond

      Maybe’s it’s a pull-rod above the trigger? I’m guessing that it would eliminate the issue of the rod flexing.

  • DZ

    They really should redesign the fireselector and the mag release on that bullpup.

    • 11b

      Yeah whats the deal with that? Reminds me of the Chinese QBZ series.

      • Matrix_3692

        Yeah, but the Chinese eventually redesigned QBZ 95’s fire selector in it’s upgrade: QBZ 95-1.

  • MIG90

    That T-14 bullpup is very reminiscent of Bushmaster’s Arm Pistol. It looks as though the T-14 ejects from the side, but why is the ejection placement on the left side of the firearm? Maybe you can swap the ejection placement easily (like with the ARX-160). Also the charging handle is in a troublesome spot, let’s just hope it doesn’t reciprocate ;).

    • ben

      I think it may just be a crappy rendering. The rear sight is missing. . . the bit you look through and just shows an elevation knob, so they could have put the ejection port on he wrong side.

      That said the placement of the safety doesn’t inspire confidence.

    • ben

      I think it may just be a crappy rendering. The rear sight is missing. . . the bit you look through and just shows an elevation knob, so they could have put the ejection port on he wrong side.

      That said the placement of the safety doesn’t inspire confidence.

  • John Bear Ross

    I hope Tom Rhineland is getting a piece of that AR57 upper clone’s license fee.


  • Matrix_3692

    Their website says that the new bullpup rifle in development is called the T-17, not the T-14(which is an AR-type Shotgun that they produced previously).

  • sianmink

    I’d be interested if that bullpup rifle utilized existing AR57 uppers (Which would mean it could also be used with existing AR15 uppers!) Man, someone needs to get to work on that like pronto.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    did the Tavor finally meet the M4? like, you know, without the parents being at home?

  • gunslinger

    poor mans P-90?

  • Max Glazer

    Needs modified ergonomics. Charging handle and fire mode selector needs to be moved forward. Make the selector ambidextrous and charging handle flippable to either side like G-36. And, just like many Bullpups can’t be fired by a leftie. Russians learnt that lesson with OC-14 Groza which is simply an AKS-74U in bullpup. Want a bullpup? Buy one made from clean sheet. Like AUG, A-91M or something else. Adaptations are rarely well-thought out.

  • corey

    Since Safir Arms screwed over everyone in the USA who previously purchased a T-14 (which is a .410 semi-auto shotgun based on the AR-15 platform) I certainly wouldn’t buy anything else from them again. I think this blog is in error saying the bullpup is to be called the T-14 since it already exists. I believe they are instead attempting to build the T-57 as a
    5.7x28mm AR style upper that you would mount on their T-14 lower (which is basically a standard AR-15 lower). The bullpup is the T-17, and the SCAR like clone is the T-18. They were supposed to have set up US manufacturing in NJ two years ago but silently shut down operations and pulled out of the US completely, leaving anyone who purchased one of their T-14’s (or AT-14’s if purchased through ATI) without the promised 2 year full and lifetime limited warranty support and without spare parts or the higher capacity magazines that they had been promising for several years. Unless they actually do at some point open a US manufacturing facility, watch out for Section 922r compliance issues and also lack of warranty service or repair parts.

    • Nick Kornmeyer

      I got a hold of them n turkey a year ago and paid 70 dollars shipping for the wrong parts, when they finally found the parts I needed their email went down and nobody would answer the phone, So here I sit with a T-14 that needs a complete bolt assembly and no way to get it

      • corey

        Dang Nick that really sucks. They really left anyone who bought one in the US in a bad way. Our only hope is someone starts making some US manufactured replacement parts. But, then Safir would probably sue them so I doubt it will happen. The design needs some refining, but it was a neat concept and a fun gun to shoot. What part of your bolt failed?