Safir Arms New AR-57 Upper And Bullpup Rifle

    It looks like Turkish firearms maker Safir Arms is working on their own AR-57 rifle and upper kits that they’re calling the T-57. What’s a AR-57 upper? It’s pretty much an AR-15 upper chambered in the FN 5.7x28mm round and that uses the FN P90 magazine on top of the rifle just like how the P90 does.


    Safir seems to also be working on their own bullpup rifle that they’re calling the T-14 rifle. Not much is known yet about their new T-57 upper/rifle or T-14 bullpup rifle other than what was posted on their website.

    From the Safir website, translated from Russian via Google Translate.

    Company Safir – a dynamic company, we try to introduce fresh ideas and are ready to make our customers with new offerings. We are always happy to offer our customers the latest developments. Currently our company put into production a new and unique set of T-57 chambered 5.6 h28mm. This complex may be supplied as a finished product or as a pre-assembled kit for installation on T-14 rifle. A set is a collection barrel in the upper receiver, bolt and unique nadstvolnym box magazine, and is easily installed on the T-14 rifles instead of the upper receiver. T-57: T-57 Conversion Kit: Also we are pleased to present you our new development located on stage testing and staging to production. This model T-17 and T-18. Carbine T-17 is in a “bullpup” that will get rid of unused space butt significantly reduce the overall length of the weapon while maintaining optimal length of the barrel, to further reduce the recoil shoulder, and thereby significantly increase accuracy.

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