StG-44 Turned Into CA Buyback for $200 Gift Card

The City of Los Angeles recently held a gun buy back where over 800 firearms were collected in exchange for grocery gift cards or pre-paid Visa cards. So what’s so newsworthy about that. Oh just that a Sturmgewehr 44 was turned in for a gift card. Yes, a $30,000+ piece of history was exchanged for a gift card. This isn’t even the first time an StG-44 was turned into a gun buy back, it happened in Hartford, Connecticut last year as well. At least those police officers were kind enough to tell the owner the real value of the WWII rifle they had in their possession and let them sell it instead. Hopefully the StG-44 in LA was donated to a museum or something, I doubt it however. I wonder how many others are out there sitting in someones attic somewhere.

Ray I.

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  • Andrew

    And now it’s in 20 jagged pieces.

    • Jeff

      Part of me feels like it got pocketed by one of the higher ups for personal profit/collection

  • LCON

    The peoples Republic of Kaliforna strikes Again

    • FourString

      pretty beaches, perfect weather, paradise for short shorts, booming economy—and shitty gun laws

      if there is a God/Moderator-in-the-sky, he really likes to even things out -_____-

      • Ben 10

        you forgot, liberal lunatic hell hole, full of baby killers and disgusting homos

        • Ensse

          Baby killers and disgusting homos? The “baby killers” thing is debatable, but please do share why “homos” are so “disgusting”. And before you go off on some pointless rant, allow me to state beforehand that I am not a liberal. I am a libertarian. I don’t want stupid and baseless accusations and labels being thrown at me.

        • FourString

          Hey man, your comment is just unnecessary. Homos are people too. Especially since our latin species name is homo sapiens!

        • FourString

          It’s not a hell hole at all. Come on over and visit. It’s paradise (weather especially but you should see the ladies!) aside from douchebag legislators. Drop by Santa Barbara (Isla Vista / UCSB), South Laguna Beach and San Diego (Coronado Island). You’ll never want to leave!

          • Ed Sargent


          • FourString

            It’s obvious you have never visited, but you don’t have such a flagrant bigot about it. Chill the hell out you dehumanizing lunatic. Californians are people too, mate. Lot of shooters in California. Your fantasies of citizens getting fried by radiation and getting cancer means you need to get your head checked. Cuz that is some fucked up shit you just said.

            And I’m PRETTY goddamn sure that radiation/cancer doesn’t magically exclude Republicans, so please bitch, gtfo.

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            The country needs fewer divisive homicidal maniacs like you or else we’ll never move forward in finding similarities like gun issues. There ARE liberal pro2a shooters, not to mention conservatives that live in California, you ignorant twat.

          • Lance Brown

            You can enjoy all of the above in the Sunshine State! Beautiful weather, ladies and no state income tax. You can also swing by the gun shop on your way home from the beach and buy that new AR you saw in the window. Life is good in Florida!

          • FourString

            You can buy AR’s in California as well but I get the vibe of your post. Sounds groovy. Glad to hear you’re enjoying life mate.

          • Jay Jones

            I already did. I stayed 2 months and left in a hurry. Just as fast as I could pack up and get the hell out of there. The gun laws are absolutely ridiculous for law abiding citizens, but every gang banger is armed to the teeth and the people are rude as hell and the traffic is horrendous. I came back to Orlando and I will NEVER even visit that place again. Is it visually beautiful in Commiefornia? Yes. And thats the only thing it has going for it.

          • FourString

            I didn’t realize that the nation’s number one economy (Google it–speaking of which, guess how many top tech companies and industries are located in the state) is excluded from things going for California. I’ve lived in California for over 20 years. Gang bangers armed to the teeth? A little hyperbole much? What part did you visit? Certainly not where I lived, nor does the experience you recount cover the majority of California, by far.

          • Marshall Eubanks

            “Largest economy” doesn’t mean “best” economy, or “fastest-growing” economy, or even “economy in which it is easiest to succeed from starting out”. California may be the first, but it is none of the latter.

          • FourString

            I’m not sure if the distinction even matters when it is easier to get a job here than in other states.

          • ky newb

            I LIKE TURTLES

          • smaselli

            What happens to those gangbangers, when the govt is unable to pour huge amounts of cash into the ghetto areas? Simple, they come out of the ghettos and free range on you and other Californians.

          • FourString

            You have some fairly inaccurate preconceptions about California. There are no—read, zero, zilch, nada—“gangbangers” in Irvine, Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, Santa Barbara, Cupertino, La Jolla, Carpinteria, Carmel Valley, and so forth. There are numerous wealthy districts in California. Stop believing all the stereotypes about “welfare state” invented by a reactionary lot who have absolutely no clue about what they’re talking about. Hell, many inland states take way more welfare money than California does and generate far less government revenue (given California’s high GDP to begin with), so this disinformation is entirely laughable.

          • 1911a145acp

            The French recently (barely) voted down a 75% tax rate for French citizens making 1 million Euros or more.-They decided to stay at the 55% rate. CA still has the highest tax rates in the country and like France, folks are leaving the state in droves.The largest state with the largest population has the largest economy- not news. Recently Forbes voted VA as the best economy 2013, and CA is actually 6th in GDP growth 2012. In a 2011 survey less than .3% ( that’s 3/10ths of 1% percent) of Homicide weapons in CA were identified by law enforcement as .223 caliber- and CA is still trying to ban them all.Comparing CA to the worst of Socialist Europe still leaves CA looking rather sad.

          • FourString

            Droves? Socialist Europe?

            Whatcha havin’ for the lunch special? Hyperbole soup?

            GDP growth isn’t bad at all (sixth). The GDP itself is still considerable, and the tax revenue generated remains substantial—money that goes on to disproportionately fund states that have a lot of people paradoxically bitching about California being a leech off of their taxpayer dollars.

            If you deduce from Cali’s shit gun laws that ALL of the state’s aspects must be shit too, well, that’s just unfortunate logic.

          • 1911a145acp

            “Droves’ as in LEAVING in droves. Sorry, my-typo. I have vacationed and done business in CA many times. It is a lovely place with many positives. You can be proud of your state. I am proud of the ideals it was founded upon. You can shower it with deserved accolades- you just can’t make shit up about it. Best economy?- No. No gang bangers in La Jolla?-Preposterous. Other states leech off CA? Sorry-NO. The largest amount of Federal welfare dollars goes to CA by a large margin.You accuse me of hyperbole- yet you have 23 post that rave positives about your home state that are for the most part, completely unrelated to this article or this blog.
            Good luck with that indeed….

          • FourString

            “No gang bangers in La Jolla?-Preposterous.”

            Dude. Wtf? La Jolla is an upscale upper-middle class community, also home to UC San Diego, 3rd top University of California, and well within top 30 of the nation. sorry But what in the feckin’ blazes are you smoking (!!!!)

          • CaliGangBanger

            I’m a gangbanger, and I’m banging in La Jolla right near the beach! Got my AK in one hand and my glock 10mm in the other.

          • FourString

            Lol. Banging near the beach brings to mind the Piña Colada song by Rupert Holmes.

          • 1911a145acp

            Well never since- Oct 17, 2012 – 60 weapons seized in operation targeting gang activity … near La Jolla’s Birch Aquarium and the University of California San Diego Monday, …
            All better now…

          • FourString

            You’re still a dumbass because La Jolla is still extremely affluent plus you never cited your article. Stop demonstrating your sheer ignorance and red state hatred for California. Your cognitive bias is showing and is showing badly. You will find any piece of information that confirms your narrow minded view of California and ignore all information to the contrary. Stop thinking you’re so clever when all you’re doing here is making an ass of yourself. La Jolla is not considered a gang’s crib by any stretch of the imagination, just as much as Cupertino or the Silicon Valley aren’t, you retard.

          • FourString

            Yeah, uh, I got that part of the droves the first time around buddy. Last time I checked, there’s a good lot of us still hanging around the state. Nobody I know has left.

            Vacationed and done business in CA many times is not the same as living there for more than 22 years.

            Lol, Dolan pls, no one takes you seriously if you truly believe that gangbangers cruise around in La fucken Jolla i.e. an upper middle class community with some extremely wealthy residents

            The states I’m referring to take way more out of the system than they pay back into, compared to California.

            (Talk about absolutely biting the hand that feeds you)

            So yeah, erm, you go enjoi that hyperbole soup, maybe help yourself to some of that cracked out garlic bread with the outlandish garnish while you’re at it.

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            ” No gang bangers in La Jolla?-Preposterous.”

            Oh. My god. You are twelve kinds of stupid. Any village idiot knows that La Jolla is full of rich white people.

            You have officially thoroughly discredited yourself.

          • gunslinger


          • FourString

            Looks like he was replying to 1911acpwhatever, not CaliGangBanger, who is definitely NOT being sarcastic / is taking his anti California views quite seriously -.-

          • 1911a145acp

            DUDE! Seriously? Do you LIVE on this site? Do you read your posts? You’ve got like 43 rants about how great CA is, bashing everyone who disagrees with you. Lighten up- you have nothing to do with the subject of this blog….

          • FourString

            Irony much? The fact that you actually COUNTED my posts demonstrates how you have no life whatsoever. This blog post is about California, where people come out of the woodwork to bash my state, in full retard force, saying all Californians should die of radiation-induced cancer. It’s okay to rip on my state and fellow Californians in a tasteless, disinformational way but not okay to explain its merits (or debunk any of this rubbish)? REALLY? Furthermore I Googled your supposed gang report and came up with zero results. I am going to call BULLSHIT. Not only are you a pessimist but an outright liar.

            I’m sick and tired of the red/flyover state residents that not only have no sympathy for Californian shooters that are trying to advance their cause but give them shit about their state as thanks for their work, so don’t you dare tell me to lighten up.

          • 1911a145acp

            I don’t care- NOBODY cares.. Who said you should die of radiation induced cancer!!!? Everyone…. all together now- California is a great place to live! CALIFORNIA IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE! Please seek professional help. Really.. call someone right now…..

          • FourString

            If you don’t care, then why did you bother commenting? Propagating the untrue stereotype that every city in California is gang infested, even La fucken Jolla, is flat out retarded. Lmao! I call you out on your red lie, and all you have to reply with is a trite old comeback telling me to get professional help? I guess mediocrity is in fashion nowadays.

          • FourString

            The comment was deleted by the moderator. Refer to my earlier post. That’s why I started talking about California in the first place. Because there ARE fucktards saying that ALL Californians, regardless of their politics, should die of cancer, and that California is such a horrible place where everything ASIDE from gun issues is terrible and oh noe those liberal commies are a huge drag on America despite the fact that they pay more into the system than our state, oh noes California totally didn’t invent the M16, oh noes California is evil and going to kill our babies and take away all states’ gun rights! Just. Enough of that shit. It’s untrue and anyone who keeps spreading that disinformation is stupid.

          • FourString

            Economy/jobs, weather, great diverse food, beaches, high standard of living, lot going for California. Why do you think it’s so populated in the first place? You’ll get rude people in the east coast too. That has more to do with population density and neighborhood than region. I will agree on the traffic though, for Southern California (Orange and Los Angeles counties, north or south of that is all right). When you get up to Northern California, it’s free flowing.

          • smaselli

            It is a funnel for ilegals and others aspiring to become permenantly dependant upon govt and other people. Public school system is falling apart, as are other aspects of infrastructure.

          • FourString

            Wow, mate, you are off the mark by several thousand miles. What “other aspects of infrastructure”? California’s infrastructure sure as hell is a lot better than that of most Southern states. Didn’t realize that California is the only state to border Mexico, mazel tov, mate, you get the award for most gullible netizen of the year.

          • Marshall Eubanks

            First of all, 6 years was all I could stand, and I did very much want to leave after that.

            Secondly, California’s economy hasn’t been “booming” in decades.

          • FourString

            Firstly, thank you for speaking on behalf of all of California.

            Secondly, California has the highest GDP out of all the states. Relatively speaking, it still *is* booming compared to every other state, let alone other nations (ranked 12th in the world).

          • Marshall Eubanks

            Again, the magnitude or size of an economy is not a measure of trends it might follow.

            California is huge. Of course it has a huge GDP. This has remarkably little to do with whether it’s growing, shrinking, how fast it might be doing so, etc.

            “Boom” basically refers to the first derivative of GDP.

            It’s as much of a fallacy to claim that California is booming because it has a large GDP as it is to claim that a variable must be increasing because its current value is high.

            A large GDP doesn’t mean squat when you have A: a huge population, B: a massively wasteful & parasitic government which squanders a huge proportion of that GDP. and C: overtaxation and overregulation which stifle growth.

          • FourString

            Regardless, job availability is a reason why many Californians stay in the state. Valid as your points on the taxation and government may be (yes, it is wasteful, because Sacramento is run by a bunch of nitwits, both Democrat and Republican–refer to the mostly conservative-appointed UC Regents and the economy under Schwarzenegger), a large GDP is not as inconsequential as you make it out to be.

          • FourString

            Valid enough, I misused the word ‘booming.’ I had meant to use it as a synonym for healthy or the like. Thanks for the correction, I’ll keep that in mind from now on. However, California’s economy is still one of the strongest in the world. Like I said before, were it not for this and other factors, California wouldn’t be as populated and people would be fleeing the state en masse. Last time I checked, they are not.

          • FourString

            After all, this is the state that houses Apple, Intel, Oracle, Google, Northrop Grumman, Qualcomm, Western Digital, and so forth. Job availability doesn’t come from pixie dust. It comes from successful private ventures. You’ll find that in California.

          • smaselli

            And in the interest of their shareholders, they all are looking for an exit strategy to more tax friendly states. Those are the facts.

          • FourString

            Yeah, Apple is definitely moving out of California, after building a huge multimillion dollar megastructure. What a fact. /s

          • FourString

            Trust me, if the above weren’t true, I would have already moved to a more gun friendly state. Unfortunately it is.

          • poopdick

            I’ve partied at Isla Vista many times. I wouldn’t encourage someone who’s never been to CA before to visit it. That place is a slum!

            But the rest is pretty nice.

          • FourString

            Hahhaha Isla Vista is hellaa ratchet yea
            hope u had fun tho ;]

          • smaselli

            Yes, you have a few good places, but look at what you have to drive through, to get to them. Also, where is the money going to come from, to support all of the people on welfare and the illegal immigrants?

          • FourString

            So many stereotypes in so little time.

      • romma

        Why do the nutjobs control the best places in the country?

        • FourString

          Probably because the more talented individuals take on professions in industries far more lucrative than public service.

          • smurf

            Stop defending CA. I and my parents were all born there. I graduated college there, but I moved away 15 years ago.

            Sure, I miss the scenery and warm weather at times, but the value system of the place is in decline.

            More and more, I hear friends and relatives complain, and rarely are their problems their’s to solve. It’s the fault of “those people”, and they wait around for big .gov to magically fix it. It doesn’t matter what their politics are. Right wing types might blame “illegals”, left wing types might blame the “super rich”. Less personal responsbility for the situation is the ongoing trend I’ve observed for a couple decades.

            I’m not going to publicly trash the state of my birth any further, but plenty of folks like myself have voted with their feet.

          • FourString

            I’m not defending California so much as dispelling misconceptions often propagated on the internet about the state, especially by some from inland states. You bring up some valid points, but no place is perfect mate. Despite its flaws, California’s not bad overall. People have left, but far more have stayed, and for good reason. I disagree that everyone waits around for big government to fix everything. There are a lot of enterprising individuals who wish to alter the state, such as Elon Musk, as well as several stories of personal success (I have many friends who work at Google and Apple). I thoroughly disagree about the personal responsibility remark. If anything, I’ve observed the opposite to be true among my circle of friends and family. Anyway, thanks for your input, it’s interesting to be sure.

          • smurf

            FWIW I lived in southern CA, mainly San Diego county. I was young, but the little professional work I did was mixed between defense contract work and other IT sector stuff. I’m now a software dev living outside Seattle.

            I had a few dear friends, but I wasn’t as blessed as you to have competent responsible peers. Seemed both my classmates and coworkers were some of the flakiest people I’d ever known.

            As I type this, it’s 39F and pouring rain in Seattle. Sometimes I wish I could: afford the real estate, tolerate the traffic and be allowed to bring my guns back, but I don’t think that can ever happen now…

          • FourString

            Traffic’s less of a problem in Norcal. As for Socal, you should check out Santa Barbara / Carpinteria. North of LA is fairly free flowing. Nothing much you can do about the guns though, at least not in the near future. Hey man, at least it’s not as bad as the East Coast. The temps there are colder than Nuuk, Greenland. Probably a safe bet to say that hell has frozen over. I feel you though man. As with my original post, sometimes I can’t help but think the benefits and drawbacks of regions are spread out evenly throughout the world, sort of like gameplay balancing. Well, on the bright side, plow through some Mec-Gar 20 rounders / Magpul 40’s for me (only forties we get to enjoy here are Smirnoff’s and so forth), mate. I won’t pretend that I haven’t fantasized about building full auto SBR’s in Washington state / Oregon actually, preferably with suppressors attached xD. You guys get P90’s and their 50 round mags too, so that’s pretty sweet.

          • FourString

            There’s always pros and cons of each place though. I.e. data plans in the UK are cheap and fast, public transportation is relatively dope, nightlife is popping for a person without a car, and there’s no high fructose corn syrup in my food. Yay.

      • 1911a145acp

        So, How long has FourString worked for the California Tourism board?

        • FourString

          What’s up with your pessimism? I didn’t realize it was a crime to say good things about my own state. After all, I grew up there.

          There’s so much untrue crap that gets spewed about California on the internetz on a regular basis, especially among gun forums. Just because a state has rotten gun laws doesn’t mean that you can generalize that to the rest of the place.

          I’m just doing my part to dispel that B.S.

        • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

          How long has 1911a145acp worked for the Oh I Shit Talk on California Because Nothing Else Gives Me a Harder Boner than Alienating Californian Shooters Super-PAC fund / heritage foundation?

          • gunslinger

            man. i need to get me some more popcorn.

          • 1911a145acp

            Clever retort, Did I say something untrue?

    • guest

      Firearms NOT politics.

      Not hard to read this at the top of the goddamn web page, people.

  • J


  • Noooooooo! Can I at least have the parts?

    • FourString

      It’s just sad. At least the owner should have sold it for the $30k+ it was worth to a respectful owner and gotten a compact luxury sedan in exchange. Just turning it into the LAPD for $200 is twelve kinds of dumb. Even if someone isn’t into firearms, it doesn’t take much effort to research what the worth of a possession is, inherited or otherwise -.-

      • Suburban

        Well, it would only be worth $30,000 if it’s on the registry, and you’ve got the paperwork. If not, then $200, no questions asked, is a lot better than being caught with an unregistered “machinegun” (talking ATF terminology, not military terminology).

        • FourString

          this too is super depressing

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Cut it in half and sell the parts for thousands of it isn’t on the registry. Never give to police.

        • Jay Jones

          Thank God there are only a few “registration” states in this country. Im glad I dont live in one of them.

      • MZupcak

        Ever since Riggs and Murtaugh retired, the LAPD is nothing but a bunch of assholes!

        But I agree with FourString, it’s this idiot’s fault for not using Google to find out he had a $30,000 gun.

        • FourString

          LAPD too is super depressing

        • Bill

          Murtaugh was an anti-gun asshole. Check out the stickers on his refrigerator.

          • MZupcak

            I just scanned all the kitchen scenes in all four LW movies. The only magnets I saw were “FREE SOUTH AFRICA/END APARTHEID” and “JUST SAY NO”. However, for the sake of argument, what if he had a sticker saying “BAN CIVILIAN GUN OWNERSHIP”? What makes Murtaugh an asshole other than the possibility that he might be anti-gun? I know some anti-gun people and I think they’re hippies but I don’t refer to them as assholes just because they don’t share my specific interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

      • Ragtag

        Wouldn’t the firearm have to be registered with ATF to be able to sale it to a dealer?

        • Sulaco

          Yes and you have not been able to reg new ones for years…catch 22 for him.

      • Sulaco

        Me thinks if it was not registered and ATF approved stamp etc then if he tried to sell it he would be arrested, no? Maybe the worst best option was the trade in and get out of jail free card….

        • FourString

          That’s the point many have been making here. Sounds reasonable, albeit unfortunate, enough. Life’s a bitch for this poor bastard I’d reckon :/

      • jrdobbsjr

        It was only worth 30K if it was on the NFA Registry, if not it’s only
        worth the parts….unless you want to risk selling it on the Black
        Market and hope the Feds don’t collar the schmuck you sell it to. I know a fellow who got a hold of a AKM brought back from GW1….he eventually chickened out and tried to sell it to a Class III dealer who smelled a sting and immediately turned him in to the ATF. He squealed on the Chair Force guy who sold it to him but still ended up getting 18 months in Club Fed, where he got to play softball with Jimmy Swaggart.

        • FourString

          All valid points. Please refer to Suburban’s post above. And mate that really sucks for your acquaintance. I would personally have buried the thing or hid it in a bunker, but I’ve never really been in that situation so I can’t really judge one way or another.

  • ColaBox

    Oh that poor wunder gun…its parts will surely be used to house some pot heads grow farm soil.

  • Rugrash

    Did they let Feinstein drive the steamroller???

  • sianmink

    I love how he compares a $30,000 piece of history to expired drugs taking up room in your medicine cabinet. Yes it’s so dangerous what with using an utterly obsolete and hard to find cartridge.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      The 7.92mm x 33 Kurz cartridge is really not that hard to find in quantity, as long as one is a little patient. As for obsolescence, that might be somewhat debatable as it can, and will, stlll do a lot of damage in its intended role in spite of the fact that it has not been subject to additional follow-up development since its inception.

      I do agree strongly, however, with your taking exception to the incorrect comparison between the StG-44 and expired prescription drugs.

      • Fed24

        PPU still make it.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Please, please don’t tell me it was crushed or destroyed……

  • Jeremy Star

    Most likely stolen and turned in because Mr. Gangbanger couldn’t find ammo that worked.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      It could also have been turned in by a legitimate current owner who inherited it as a wartime “bringback”, but who had no interest in firearms, or who was biased against firearms and just wanted it gone.

      • FourString

        that’s just super depressing

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Yeah, I know…..

      • McThag

        I looked up California’s laws on NFA items. It’s extremely unlikely to be a legally owned gun.

        In essence only the film industry and police get the permissions mandated by the laws there.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Thanks for the input — it narrows probabilities down a fair bit, although one never knows for sure until one looks at individual cases closely.

  • Jim Rossi

    The same thing happened in Hartford, CT a while ago. The difference is the cops realized what it was and called the woman,suggesting she sell it to a gun dealer.

  • Beju

    My response:

  • El Duderino

    Oh noes! The owner will sell it to a homicidal psychopathic crack dealer at a gun show through ARMSLIST!

    • HerbWalsh

      not in Kommunfornia…it doesnt have a bulletbutton mag release

  • Ensse

    Seriously…who is stupid enough to do that? Why the f*** would ANYONE trade in ANY World War II firearm at a buyback?

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      I get you….and yet they do it, more often than one would imagine.

    • Frank Castle

      WHO?? an uninformed RETARDED LIB.. that’s who

  • JT

    Well, I guess their parent/grandparent won the war and saved the country/republican government. They spent $200 on a new TV set

  • lonnieleclair

    Probably turned in by a senile old WW2 Vet who brought home a war memento. Trotted out for the cameras and proclaimed to be a victory in the war against guns.
    Too bad it wasn’t given to a family member or at least a muzeum.

  • Tim U

    Can’t help but believe this is probably not really a $30,000 gun…. anyone who had an actual, registered NFA item would know its value, as would any heirs that got to inherit it.

    It was almost certainly either: 1) Stolen or 2) A “contraband” bring-back that wasn’t on the NFA registration.

    People are stupid, but people aren’t THAT stupid. If anyone had legally registered it and owned it in the family, they’d know about it.

    • AndyN

      After my father died my mother got it into her head that it wasn’t safe to keep his pair of antique Damascus barrel shotguns around any more. I wasn’t in town to object, so my brother took her down to the police station and turned them in for free. Never mind that she didn’t get rid of two handguns and a rifle that were all capable of firing modern ammunition and much more suitable for criminal use.

      In other words, yes, people are THAT stupid, or senile.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Tim, I admire and respect your faith in human nature, but I have seen otherwise perfectly rational people make completely irrational decisions on the spur of the moment too many times not to allow for anomalies in their thought processes. It is part of being human.

    • Jay Jones

      The one word I keep reading on this page that makes me cringe is “registration” If its a real class 3 firearm, it needs to have the extra paperwork and the $200 tax stamp. That much I understand. But if I ever have to register my H&K pistol in Florida………..

    • HerbWalsh

      Maybe they should reopen the registry for anything of WWII and before era.

      • gunslinger

        And put more assault machine guns on the streets? With their heat seeking armor piercing ammo? And the shoulder things that go up? Think of the children.

  • avconsumer2

    Sad. If it wasn’t government… I’d keep an eye on auctions for this baby to turn up, then they would have $30k to put towards their disarmament campaign. But they’re dumb. Goodbye Sturmgewehr. Goodbye forever. 🙁

  • Mr. Flyoverland

    Lots of odd statements made here but the fact is California is a beautiful state with a wide range of climates. The only problem with California is that the people who live there are all part of a giant bowl of granola (nuts, fruits and flakes). If one stays out of the capital and away from the coast the state is almost normal.

  • Joe

    What a shame.

  • Brickerman

    My guess it’s in the chiefs “personal collection” by now.

    • HerbWalsh

      or it will fund another “supposedly needed” city owned armored vehicle

  • Scott Snoopy

    the liberal progressives of Kalifornication will happily melt it down…bastards

  • Mark Schlager

    California is a third world hell hole where white people have no future. FUCK DIVERSITY.

  • GunTotingLib

    If some one wants to sell their gun in a gun buy back program, No one is forcing them to do it.As a collector of historical firearms I hope this one and other historical arms are rescued. But if some one wants to sell back their gun, it is their right.

    • HerbWalsh

      Ever hear of maybe a widow or some other relative “not in the know” or what to do with grandpaps “old and icky” military memorabilia….aka battlefield bring backs?

      • GunTotingLib

        Again if they own it , it is their gun to with as they please. But like I say, turn ins should be scanned for historic weapons. Most turn ins are junk and unsafe weapons no self respecting sportsmen would wish to own.

  • Larry Nutter

    It sounds bad that someone gave up a weapon worth $50,000 for a $200.00 gift certificate; however, there is more to the story. The STG-44 was the very first true assault rifle. It is selective fire (full auto). If a person got caught with the weapon, fist time, every time, the BATFE would send them to prison for 10 years. No proof of intent to to anything wrong, possession of the weapon is good for 10 years in federal prison. If the weapon were amnesty registered during a one month period in 1968, it would be a legal registered machinegun and would be worth $50,000. Now it is just contraband. I hope it gets demilled and put in a museum; it is a great historical artifact.

    • HerbWalsh

      I bet you wear tan colored cargo pants with that dark crew neck

      • Larry Nutter

        Bad guesser.

    • Erin Tarn

      Keep drinking the Kool-aid. The people turning in these guns aren’t the ones you want disarmed. Select-fire or not. Also, more damage could be caused by one person with a can of legally-owned gasoline and a book of matches. ESPECIALLY in California.

      • Larry Nutter

        I would hope you are not thinking I was saying anything positive about the gun buyback program. I was just talking about that particular weapon and the laws regarding it. People who hold up liquor stores and have shoot em ups with other gang bangers don’t sell the tools of their trade in gun buyback programs. People have crap guns in the attic they have no use for and get $200.00 for scrap metal. Those weapons would never be used in a crime. Gun buyback programs are moronic leftist, “feel good” programs that do nothing to tackle real world problems. Giving criminals life in prison for use of a firearm during the commision of a felony has an actual effect on crime statistics. At minimum, the individual who robbed the liquor store and got caught will never do that again. The problem with having such laws is criminals and their families are the people who vote for Democrats, and they do not like harsh sentencing. Democrats are therefore reluctant to enact such laws.

      • jrdobbsjr

        Kool-Aid? Unless it’s on the NFA registry it’s contraband and a Federal crime to possess it. A registered StG-44 is worth big bucks on the Class III market…if not registered it’s worth only what the sum of it’s parts are worth, no dealer will touch it and they’ll probably turn you in to the ATF to save themselves if you try to sell it to them.

  • JPTX

    Screw CA.

  • mongo

    you can bet that item found its way into a crooked cops collection.. little retirement fund!

  • JJ

    Some ppl didn’t read the article. The police told her what she had so she could go sell it. They didn’t take it.

    • HerbWalsh

      …and where did you read that LAPD didn’t take it?…because the StG-44 in the Conn. buyback program was one saved from the smelter.

    • captain_pudding

      You’re clearly one of those people who didn’t read the article.

  • Creepy Ass Cracka’

    Mentally-challenged California liberals would exchange their kids for $5 gas cards if there was a program for that…

  • Erin Tarn

    There are only a handful of firearms that are worth $200 or less. Most of them are youth models or rimfire plinkers. To turn in any other firearm for a gift card is to rip yourself off. I wonder how many of these morons realized that the Visa cards have a monthly maintenance fee, an activation fee, an annual fee, AND require your personal information before you can use them.

  • NLRo

    30K USD? Not sure how this inflation thing works out in the US, but in Europe, you can find these for around 2.5K euros in the stores..

  • Carl S

    It is a interesting story about the STG-44 that was turned in in Hartford CT. To bad it can’t be true. An un registered machinegun is and will always be an unregistered machinegun. It can not be sold whole,it can be broken down into parts(except receiver) for sale. There is no way it will be worth $30,000

  • albaby2

    Bet that finds it’s way into some cops or politicians collection on it’s way to the smelter.

  • Buckshot

    Can we get a picture of Feinstein holding this one wither her finger on the trigger and pointing it at the crowd, too?

    • gunslinger

      don’t forget to display the shoulder thing that goes up

  • Rick

    Wow who ever turned that in is an idiot, The StG44 is a huge slice of history. Hugo Schmeisser was a genius to create this weapon and later helped Mikhail Kalashnikov to make the AK47. Mikhail Kalashnikov created the most copied firearms in the world and they apparently sucked at it. Hugo Schmeisser helped him with the Invention of the AK47 which looks like a Improved version of the StG44. That is why this gun is worth 30+K its up there with the BAR. I live in CA and I hate this state, I’m ready to move up to Montana or maybe Texas. The Libs have ruined this state and make it hard on Capitalists to even provide them jobs.. I guess they would rather have hand outs…

  • meyeahme


  • Dragonheart

    I think I would like to start a buy back program!

  • frozeninpa

    China has a “booming economy” but I sure wouldn’t want to live there.

  • JustTheFactx

    I think I’m gonna puke.

  • woodgrain

    It just shows you how stupid these people are. Oh scary gun! I’d better throw it out!!

  • Tom Currie

    I wonder how many rare or valuable guns have been turned in at various so-called buy back programs that have been snapped up by someone who recognized what the item really was.

  • Stephen Murphy

    ….”IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!” Where the hell is Indiana Jones when you need him, huh?!

  • ky newb

    the cops should have gave that person the gun back..knowing how corrupt the government is, theyll take someones treasure instead of doing the right thing, and give it back and tell the guy he has a gun worth a brand new vehicle, theyll sell it, take his money and we as tax payers already pay there pig ass’s…SCREW THE GOVERNMENT AND THESE BUY BACK’S..THE FAR EAST IS MAKING NEW WEAPONS AND WERE UNARMING OURSELVES..WELL SEE HOW THE NEXT WORLD WAR GOES WHEN HALF THE US IS UNARMED…EVERY MAN AND WOMEN SHOULD HAVE A PISTOL AND RIFLE…EVERY HOUSE HOLD SHOULD HAVE A SHOTGUN

  • 1911a145acp

    1st-You can’t “buy back” something you never owned.

    2nd-The LA Sheriff’s Dept is engaging in illegal firearms business trade without proper licenses, record keeping and permits.

    3rd- There is no attempt to check the property against stolen weapons reports and no attempt is made to return stolen property to it’s rightful owner(s).

    4th- Police are granting de-facto Amnesty to persons who may be in possession of stolen property and/or prohibited from possessing firearms.

    5th-Police are complicit in removing and or destroying evidence that may have been used in crimes.

    6th- LA county population is nearly 10 MILLION people and growing.If the the so called, “buy back ” program has removed 12,000 firearms since it’s inception in 2009, the number of “guns taken off the streets” annually would represent a tiny infinitesimal amount. Assuming that the “guns taken off the streets” aren’t being replaced faster that the police can “buy” them.

    Idiots…all of them….