Strange AR/Sten 9mm Hybrid with 2″ Barrel

A reader noticed this strange looking short barreled rifle being auctioned off on GunBroker. The upper receive resembles the Sten submachine gun’s receiver and its lower looks to be a modified AR-15 lower with a AR-15 pistol grip and a A2-style stock.

Despite being as long as a 5.56mm AR-15 with a 8″ barrel, this 9mm carbine has what looks to be a 2″ (maybe 3″ max.) barrel. A Glock 26 is going to have greater muzzle velocity. Still, I would love to have some trigger time with this gun. It looks like a lot of fun.

The gun was built by a company named MK Gun Mods of Mt. Dora, Florida. The  auction’s “Buy Now” is $650 (not including the $200 tax stamp for the transfer).


On a Form 3 currently . Custom built Half Sten ,half AR . Uses 9mm sten Magazines .1 included. Fun little blaster with an A2 stock . Built by MK gun Mods ,here in Florida . Currently on Form 3 will transfer to your SOT . You must pay the 200$ tax to the NFA/BATFE Shipping lower 48 40.00 Buy It now gets 3 Magazines. any questions please email me thank you

Thanks to Cymond for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Yojimbo556

    i noticed that thing as well and figured it was Dugan Ashley’s doing… minus the sponge bob band-aids

    • AznMike

      First thing I thought too

  • Edgar Castelo

    Philip Luty goes to Holywood? I wish he did, God bless his soul, he’d still be alive…

  • wetcorps

    Lol that’s an awful lot of gun for so little barrel.

  • bbmg

    Definitely missed an opportunity to make it more compact.

    • wetcorps

      Remove the stock and you reinvented the Tec-9 😀

      • bbmg

        I thought exactly the same thing after I uploaded the picture!

  • Finster

    Interesting. I built a semi auto sten back in the day from a CATCO kit. I also wondered why more guns aren’t build using AR lowers since they are so ubiquitous.

  • LRB

    The picatinny rail is a nice touch. All jokes aside I bet this is fun blaster, and is pretty cheap for Class 3 weapon and if it runs well could a really fun blaster.

    • iksnilol

      Is it full auto?

      • Paul Epstein

        It’s not clarified to well in the article, but they do say at least once it’s a short barreled rifle, and I doubt they’d use that term for this thing unless that was the legal nomenclature. Second clue I’m working from that it’s not full auto is the price. Mac-10’s routinely go for five, six grand, and they’re probably the most commonly sold automatic weapons. 850 total for a transferable machinegun is a steal even if you need to rework it from the serial number on up.

        I’m not sure if the BATFE has ever clarified in detail what can be replaced on a machinegun and still have the tax stamp valid under the law, but as long as the number and caliber on the gun and the number and caliber on the stamp match I doubt they’ll give it a second glance.

      • Cymond

        No, the auction specifies that it is semi-auto.

  • 朝花夕拾

    Damn, hard to be uglier than this.

  • Lance

    That’s a old A1 butstock not a A2.

  • Raoul O-Shaugnessy

    Hmm..if the AR lower is the serial numbered part and no gunsmithing is required except to just pin the two halves together, this would make an awesome product. The sten half would be unserialed and unctontrolled and could be bought through the mail…then just slap it onto your AR revceiver.

  • WillisPDunlevey

    I have purchased 4 “Micro Stens” from Mark Karvasale (MK Gun Mods) out of Mt. Dora Florida. Three of mine are 16″ barrel carbines that are hammer fired and look like a cross between a sten MkIII and a german MP3008. The 4th is a MKIII pistol that has a side feed like a regular Sten. The “Micro” sten is Marks design that shortens the distance between the mag well and the rear of the receiver compared to striker fired stens (or NFA open bolt stens) WPD


  • MZupcak

    That thing must have one long-ass firing pin. Without the A2 stock it would look like a Tec9!

  • schizuki

    1) Use standard AR lower.
    2) Use Glock-capable magwell.
    3) Move magwell to the side like a proper Sten. Position it over the AR magwell. Eject empties into the AR magwell.
    4) Take my money.

  • Raven Steeler Man Arceneaux

    Look like it hold either a 32 round tec 9 mag or a 33 round glock mag either one who ever have this weapon I wouldn’t want to be the dumb ass to run into their home looking to steal something cause u gonna get lit up

  • Raven Steeler Man Arceneaux

    You absolutely right take the stock off and u have a tec 9 AB-10

  • Raven Steeler Man Arceneaux

    They doing the Tec 9 what they did to the Uzi and that is putting them ugly stocks on them