Lyman Mag 25 Lead Melting Furnace

mag 25

If you cast your own bullets, Lyman introduced a new lead melting furnace earlier this year that may be of interest to you.  The Mag 25 offers two improvements over prior models:  digital temperature controls and a greater capacity.

The furnace temperature is controlled digitally from a front-facing control panel.  In theory this will give the caster increased precision in obtaining and maintaining a temperature.  The display shows the temperature setting and the actual lead temperature.

Capacity is 25 pounds, up five pounds from the company’s Mag 20 furnace.  Lyman states this unit is designed for the high-volume caster.

Additional features of the Mag 25 include a universal mould guide, a pre-heating shelf for moulds, bottom pour valve and a built-in storage compartment.  The Mag 25 is available in both 115v and 230v varieties.  MSRP is $310.

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  • Spencer

    My Lee 20lb pot was $60 bucks. $250 extra for a built in thermometer is a lot of money.

    • gunslinger

      Wow, quite the increase. i’m not a caster, but i’ve seen it stated that furnaces should be in well ventilated areas. Does this have any type of fume mitigation?

      • John Daniels

        Just cast outside or in a large garage with the door open, etc.,

        The issue of ventilation is very easily solved.

  • smurf

    I’m a casting newbie, still using an cast iron crucible over a 30,000BTU propane burner. I’ve no way to know or control the temp aside from adjusting the flame, but the upside is I can use it outdoors without worrying about AC power.

    I’ve got $60 invested between my pot, RCBD dipper and Lee mold.

    • Hunter57dor

      at the very least, go get the lee casting pot, its electric so its mor convenient, and the temp control is rough, but accurate enough for most purposes.
      for a lyman no 2 alloy, i leave it somewhere between “6” and “7” and it comes out good.

      • smurf

        I might, but frankly I can crank out around 200+ per hour using a double cavity mold. I’m just doing .358 158gr SWC and tumble lubing. I went the tumble lube route to save on sizing. The real thrill is I’m loading .38spl plinking loads for cheaper prices than .22lr 🙂

        If I start casting rifle bullets, accuracy will be more important, so consistency in process may necessitate some gear upgrades.

  • JN

    Nice setup- it shouldn’t be too tough to wire a relay and PID temperature control to any existing electric furnace though.

  • avconsumer2

    Wow. Casting your own lead. That’s serious bidness. Props to those going to these lengths. I can barely load a mag. ;P

    • John Daniels

      It’s easier than it seems.

  • John Daniels

    Now this is an exciting piece of equipment. Temperature control and overall “smoothness” of the casting procedure are hugely important to good bullet production, so this will make a lot of casters very happy.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I just started reloading last year and am thinking about getting into doing my own casting at some point. Thanks for the heads up on this!