Kalashnikov To Produce Steyr Rifles, Glock Pistols

"Assembled In Russia"

The Moscow Times reports that Russian state-owned company Rostec signed a deal with Steyr Mannlicher to produce Steyr weapons at the Kalashnikov (formally called Izhmash) factory in Izhevsk, Russia. An agreement to produce Glock pistols may follow soon.

The state-owned technology company Rostec has signed a slew of agreements with Austrian companies to use the Europeans’ technology in joint ventures, including a deal to begin manufacturing firearms in in the Russian republic of Udmurtia.

The Russian company and the weapons producer Steyr Mannlicher signed the agreement on Tuesday at the Russian-Austrian Business Council meeting in Vienna, Rostec’s vice president Vladimir Artyakov told Prime.

Rostec’s Izhevsk arms factory, which manufactures the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle, will house the partners’ new endeavor.

We first reported a year ago that Glock was assembling small numbers of pistols inside Russia for the Russian domestic market.

Many thanks to Axel for the tip.

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  • Hank Strange

    I’m a fan of the Glock & Steyr, wonder if this hurts or helps?:

    • Sable

      The Steyr M9-A1 is the only polymer pistol I would choose if I was forced to carry combat tupperware.

  • kivaari

    Russian military seems to have developed a taste for Steyr sniper rifles… A smart move, instead of importing them from the West

    • Kav

      “the West.”
      What definition of “the West” doesn’t include Austria?

  • Lance

    Russian Police have been using foreign pistols for some time. Many Glocks and Berettas have been in use for years. Makarovs seen as a backup weapon is popular for a back up weapon.

  • Marc

    Bolt action or self-loading Steyr rifles?

  • Anonymoose

    Now they just need a license to produce FAMAS F1s and it will be just like Cowadooty. 😐

  • Esh325

    Don’t the Russians have the Russian-Italian Strike One pistol? Why aren’t they making that?

    • dp

      Reason is most likely – business potential. There is Russian market and there is greater international one. They want to be in it. Lower cost of labour (probably several times than that in Austria) is powerful motivator. Second and not less important – internationalization of firearms production and sales. You see it here in States, same perhaps in lesser scale exists in EU too. This is just a continuation of globalism in trade and commerce.
      This force apparently takes precedence over their own defence needs. I recall one video showing AEK rifle demonstration. The spec-ops Russian high officer present was asking why they do not get the stuff. The comment was that the factory produces tens of millions of export $s in sales a year. The domestic needs are not the high priority.

  • Dima

    Only 25 years ago they were producing their own weapons – almost the best in the world. what a shame.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    “We first reported a year ago that Glock was assembling small numbers of pistols inside Russia for the Russian domestic market.”

    I had no idea you could even own a firearm in Russia.

    • lolinski

      You do realize that you can own firearms in most countries? By some countries standards US laws are highly restrictive (and I am not talking about California).
      In Yemen you can own quite literally any firearm you want if you get a firearms permit. By that I mean anything that fires a bullet (no explosives), you also cant import FA weapons but you can buy locally (or import parts kits and make it yourself).

      • PatrickHenry1789

        Actually, I didn’t know that, thanks for sharing! I thought America was the only country that has in their Constitution the right to keep and bear arms.

        • Eurocopter

          Norway let´s you own most semi-auto rifles, pretty much any handgun you´d want and has no magcap-restriction. Everyone on active duty reserve may own a full auto rifle (or, borrow from the military). Collectors may also own full-auto.

          • PatrickHenry1789

            I don’t think I could see myself in Yemen, but Norway wouldn’t be a problem for me. I need to start making out a list of countries that I can escape to and keep my firearms.

  • Spiff1

    I wonder how long it will be before the cash hungry Russians sell the manufacturing data to the Chinese who disregard patent laws to suit themselves?

  • MP

    Maybe the Russians will be able to find a way to make the Glock not look so butt ugly.

    • LaCrika

      I love the way the Glock looks

      • MP

        They look like a burnt pork chop.

        • LaCrika De TuMai

          Not to me. I think 1911’s are ugly.

  • LaCrika

    I want a Russian Glock!