Kalashnikov To Produce Steyr Rifles, Glock Pistols

    "Assembled In Russia"

    The Moscow Times reports that Russian state-owned company Rostec signed a deal with Steyr Mannlicher to produce Steyr weapons at the Kalashnikov (formally called Izhmash) factory in Izhevsk, Russia. An agreement to produce Glock pistols may follow soon.

    The state-owned technology company Rostec has signed a slew of agreements with Austrian companies to use the Europeans’ technology in joint ventures, including a deal to begin manufacturing firearms in in the Russian republic of Udmurtia.

    The Russian company and the weapons producer Steyr Mannlicher signed the agreement on Tuesday at the Russian-Austrian Business Council meeting in Vienna, Rostec’s vice president Vladimir Artyakov told Prime.

    Rostec’s Izhevsk arms factory, which manufactures the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle, will house the partners’ new endeavor.

    We first reported a year ago that Glock was assembling small numbers of pistols inside Russia for the Russian domestic market.

    Many thanks to Axel for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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