Colt LE901 Conversion Kits Will Be Available Around End Of Summer

Owners of the Colt LE901-16S Multi-Caliber Carbine have been unhappy that Colt has not been selling 5.56mm conversion kits that would allow them to actually use the carbine’s much talked about multi-caliber abilities. We contacted Colt’s PR folks and they told us …

The conversion kit includes four pieces: the adapter block, buffer spring, buffer assembly and manual. Since early April, shipments of the LE901 have included the conversion kit, and will continue to do so. What is now being finalized is the completion of one packaged kit that will be sold individually on Colt’s website so that those who purchased the LE901 prior to April 2013 can easily order the conversion kit at their convenience. Colt is in the final stages of bringing this kit to market, and expects to have it available around the end of this summer.

Maybe at the end of summer we will see not only a 5.56mm kit but also a 7.62x39mm kit.

Steve Johnson

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  • Charlie Taylor

    Why weren’t these included with the rifle from the beginning? Seems kind of silly.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Is this kit really necessary? How many folks will bother with it? If you are buying a 7.62 and are not a guerrilla scavenging ammo in a real strange land does it pay to have the parts and weight in your ruck? Geoff Who notes the AR-10 has come full circle. ;->

    • Cymond

      I definitely think there is a point. Just as 9mm and 22LR conversions are popular with the AR-15, these will be popular with the 901.

      I don’t even think of the 901 as a 7.62, I think of it as a 22lr/9//5.56 that can also be a 7.62 when desired. I think the 901 has the potential to be the ultimate do-all lower receiver (either the 901 or the Hydra).

      • Anonymoose

        Pretty much, except for long-action/magnum cartridges.

    • erwos

      Here in Maryland, they’re banning the AR-15… but not the LE901. You can see where I’m going with this.

  • Joseph B Campbell

    So basically they are selling an incomplete idea.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Does anyone know what buffer this uses and the tube length? It seems like it would be Armite length (Vltor A5). If that’s the case the AR-15 parts would include an A5 compatible buffer that I’d be interested in quite a bit. They use the stuoid DPMS stubby buffer with a notmal tube???

    Or did they do some new incompatible length never seen before?

    • Alex

      If it was an A5 length tube the IMOD would not be able to collapse all the way.

      Looks like a standard carbine tube…

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Yea…. although my STR doesn’t collapse “all” the way, it’s damn close, looks like the picture above.

        That means they went with the horrible stubby DPMS style buffer? Terrible idea colt!

        … Yep, found a photo…. Oh, Colt, you were so close to getting it right. This is a lesson KAC, Noveske, even Armalite has learned. You can’t keep the AR-10 closed long enough with 3.x oz.

        • LT

          Maybe it uses a depleted uranium buffer for more dwell time!

          • Mike Knox

            Believe it or not, softer materials are actually considered better buffer materials than solids as weights. Like saline gels and iron filings over chromed steel..

          • Jon

            I too wondered what happened to SP901 I liked the look of it the rail was longer. When I asked Colt they didn’t know what I was talking about and said it never existed. I don’t like all the talk about swapping back and forth, neat I guess, I wonder about the 308 is it reliable, where is the 2000 round torcher test, The mud, sand, water test. This is a high dollar AR I’m paying that much for an adapter. I could care less, Tell me why I should buy the 901. I could buy a DPMS and the adapter for a lot less, The adapter doesn’t make the rifle.

  • Lance

    I like in .308 and .223. I dont care for Soviet caliber conversion yet. I like to see 6.5 and or 6.8mm conversion first.

  • Mike F Di

    never should’ve taken this long..
    this was the main selling point of these rifles.

  • Matthew Solis

    is in desperate need of an entire company restructure. It’s a shame
    too, because they have got MANY loyal fans who stand behind them and
    their products.. even when Colt themselves doesn’t. They no longer have
    any true grasp on the market, MIL/LEO sales aside… they’re just sort
    of strumming along and always seem to be late to their own parties.
    They’re QC isn’t their. Innovation is always years behind others..
    Prices too high. if they don’t adapt soon, they will not survive.

  • 9mmLargo

    So whatever happened to the SP901, which was supposed to be the non-LE equivalent?

    • Anonymoose

      they renamed it “LE901” to fit with the rest of their LE69xx naming conventions.

  • Brandon

    Seriously? I had just assumed it was available.
    Would have been mad if I bought one….

  • Mike Knox

    Wasn’t there an AR-10 earlier out there with a sleeved in upper receiver for calibre conversions?..

  • Gator

    Its past end of summer. I called and got the “in a couple weeks” response that has been the same for a year now.