Colt LE901 Conversion Kits Will Be Available Around End Of Summer

    Owners of the Colt LE901-16S Multi-Caliber Carbine┬áhave been unhappy that Colt has not been selling 5.56mm conversion kits that would allow them to actually use the carbine’s much talked about multi-caliber abilities. We contacted Colt’s PR folks and they told us …

    The conversion kit includes four pieces: the adapter block, buffer spring, buffer assembly and manual. Since early April, shipments of the LE901 have included the conversion kit, and will continue to do so. What is now being finalized is the completion of one packaged kit that will be sold individually on Colt’s website so that those who purchased the LE901 prior to April 2013 can easily order the conversion kit at their convenience. Colt is in the final stages of bringing this kit to market, and expects to have it available around the end of this summer.

    Maybe at the end of summer we will see not only a 5.56mm kit but also a 7.62x39mm kit.

    Steve Johnson

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