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  • Cobalt-60

    If I ever got my hands on a MP5, especially an MP5SD.. The man who was capable of prying me off of it would be crowned the new king of England.

  • Bill

    Please, don’t jump all over me, this is just a HK question because I recall hearing about it a long time ago but cannot recall the specifics. I heard that to suppress an HK MP5, that is not a MP5SD, internals must be changed so that the firearms functions and cycles correctly, is this true? You cannot just simply attach a suppressor and run subsonic ammo? I’m not a HK fanboy or know-it-all, that is why I am asking, for information purposes only.

    • I’ve never been told of any need for major internal changes. I haven’t noticed anything of note having fired both a great deal.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Locking piece. In an MP5-K especially, you’re going to want the suppressed locking piece to keep it locked longer (since you’ve effectively increased the barrel length). Otherwise you get blowback and that sucks.

      My fullsize MP5 is pretty easy going on gas with the locking piece I have in there (I forget which one). It handles 115gr – 147gr suppressed and not just fine. Sounds like a sewing machine. However… I briefly had an MP5-K that ran like CRAP suppressed. Didn’t like it compared to the fullsize, everything was choppy-er. Could have messed with it to get it to run better, but it would never run as nice as the fullsize so I sold it at the start of the panic for almost double what I paid.

  • hami

    Dakota Tactical on the Firearm Blog? They are on the come-up! They deserve it too, I can’t say enough good things about mine.

  • V1scera

    Anybody got about $25-35K laying around? I’d be happy to take it off your hands