Battlefield Envy: Another AK-M-Forgery From Afganistan

A reader emailed us a photo taken in an Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit’s building at an Army base in Afghanistan. This rifle was proudly on display next to a selection of disarmed M18 Claymore clones. At the readers request I cropped the rest of the photo out, to avoid identifying the soldiers in the photo.

The rifle is not nearly as well made as the AK/M4-clone rifle we featuredΒ last week on this blog. It is primitive in comparison. The carry handle/rear sight, stock and handguard look like the kind of quality you might expect from a cheap toy gun. I think they were probably made from a photo of a real M4.

The funny thing is that these features at best add nothing to the AK, at worst make it harder to use. I don’t believe the sights are even close to being aligned correctly (see diagram below). It is possible that the front post sight is simply for decoration and that the front sight is actually housed in the carry handle, giving it a sight radius comparable to a handgun, much worse than even the compact AK-74SU.



Don’t think I am complaining … long may the poor quality rifles continue to flow over the Pakistani border πŸ™‚

Steve Johnson

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  • Chris

    Half the time, we’d get calls about Americans shooting places up wildly. Turns out it was Haj with ACUs and “M4s”. It was these. It’s not necessarily about function as it is looks. If you want people to think you’re an american gone mad killing people, dress in camo and grab an M4 (or a look-alike) I think that’s what these are more about. (That and those idiots want to look AMerican anyway. Ever seen an IP with knee pads and Foakleys (fake oakleys) all over their shit? hahaha

    • mikewest007

      And knockoff ACUs are dime a dozen from China, same goes for Foakleys and all sorts of low-grade tacticool crap. As an airsofter, I know what I’m saying. πŸ˜‰

  • jake

    travis slater sent this pic in i bet….. he is a bizznitch, and the plastic sucks but the metalwork in the weapon is higher quality than you would expect, ill rip it down when i get back there and blast it, there is one weird gat that is fun to shoot that looks like an mp5 but is mostly plastic with metal internals and barrel obviously, holds 18 rounds in cheap plastic mags ive had 2 of them one was a ghaffar security pistol and the other was a shaheen security pistol, both were semi auto with full auto sears, took out the disconnect and blammo tons of fun

    • Leoon

      Um, what?

    • Leoon

      context please just a little

  • bbmg

    How quaint to suggest they would actually use the sights πŸ™‚

    • No not any sight use in general. The old allah guides the round thing seems to prevail.

      • Anonymoose

        In general they’re getting smarter though- using the semi-auto setting for most things, practicing TD, and using the sights the way they’re meant to be used.

  • Peter Payne

    That is an ugly gun, I wouldn’t shoulder that. The other one looked boss, I’d probably use that. I’m curious about those, they should try making them here.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Yes, I agree. The other one looked really cool. It also looked well made. It had factory markings on it and everything.

      • Matrix_3692

        well, at least this one had a pistol grip

  • Lance

    God hope they blow in in jihadist faces. Think most of these items your showing are not real gun they are party gags for older people and travelers. Doubt they shoot at all.

  • Martin Moffit

    Since when do sights matter to jihadists? I rarely ever see video of them actually aiming.

  • Lolinski

    Maybe its a early prototype of the Colt LE901?

  • Travis

    Gotta admit, it is kind of cool. πŸ˜‰

  • Rich Kerr

    Come on guys! Right now there ‘s some 12 year old kid in Peshawar, Pakistan, crying his eye out ’cause ya’ll are making fun of all his hard work. How else are these guys gonna get started? SHEEEEEEESH!

  • Guest

    These are local Darra Adem Khel productions, most are made in .30 bore. They are very very popular. Some are now made to look just like the M4 or the mp5s or AKs – either way they look like toys. They cost about 220.00$ here in the local market.