Can You Identify This Mystery 5.56mm AK From Afghanistan?

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    Al Jazeera has published a video (embedded below) on the attacks on moderate Muslim clerics in Afghanistan who criticize the Taliban and the violence the Taliban inflict on the population. One of clerics profiled shows his three gun arsenal. Along with a pistol and a AKM (pistol grip, no stock) he has this fascinating AK-M4 hybrid. It has a AK receiver with a AR-15-style magazine well, an AR-15 charging handle (no side charging handle), an M16 style carry handle sight, 5.56mm AR-15 magazine, plenty of rails, a AR-15 stock and bizarrely no pistol grip. I really like its design (missing pistol grip excluded).

    Does anyone know if this is a commercial AK, or is this a handmade AK from the caves of Pakistan?



    AR-15 Rear Charging Handle


    mystery ak

    mystery ak-2


    The video these stills are from are embedded below. It really makes me really angry to see that these madmen can still operate with impunity.

    Many thanks to our eagled eyed readers John and Jim for passing us this tip.

    Steve Johnson

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