Can You Identify This Mystery 5.56mm AK From Afghanistan?

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Al Jazeera has published a video (embedded below) on the attacks on moderate Muslim clerics in Afghanistan who criticize the Taliban and the violence the Taliban inflict on the population. One of clerics profiled shows his three gun arsenal. Along with a pistol and a AKM (pistol grip, no stock) he has this fascinating AK-M4 hybrid. It has a AK receiver with a AR-15-style magazine well, an AR-15 charging handle (no side charging handle), an M16 style carry handle sight, 5.56mm AR-15 magazine, plenty of rails, a AR-15 stock and bizarrely no pistol grip. I really like its design (missing pistol grip excluded).

Does anyone know if this is a commercial AK, or is this a handmade AK from the caves of Pakistan?



AR-15 Rear Charging Handle


mystery ak

mystery ak-2


The video these stills are from are embedded below. It really makes me really angry to see that these madmen can still operate with impunity.

Many thanks to our eagled eyed readers John and Jim for passing us this tip.

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  • Alex Pawelczyk

    It looks like one of the prop “m16s” that they use in european movies, because getting a real ar15 is much more expensive than just retrofitting old AKs. I suspect this one could be using parts intended for that purpose, or maybe it was a demilled prop rifle that was refitted for use(that is if this one actually functions).

  • Robert Thorne

    This is probably where it came from, the aftermarket stuff like that grip-pod are probably from US troops.

    • sameed nakai

      the after market stuff they put on it is mostly Cheap UTG stuff which is usually made for air soft guns lol

      • Clodboy

        Dude, don’t diss the Muzzelite. How many kickass sci-fi movies would be worse off if armorers didn’t have the option to slap a cheap aftermarket conversion on a cheap, blank-cycling Mini-14. Sure, the trigger pull might be horrible, but it sure was good enough for those T800s. 😉

        • Clodboy

          Edit: Oh, I thought you were replying to Robert Thorne’s vid.

        • mikewest007

          Dude, Muzzelite is so bad that I swapped it for a factory Ruger stock as soon as I had the dinero (and it’s shipping that was the worst), and I did that on an airsoft 10/22! Now it finally doesn’t look like a $10 Chinese toy. As for the original stock it came in from the store… Makers of the airsoft version decided to go and clone some Tapco-like tacticool monstrosity. Which is a no in my book.

        • Like Starship Troopers with Mini 14’s inside of the stock. A bit of history for you. The stock they used to hide the Mini 14 was a real product in the early 1980’s.

          • ST4

            Although the Morita Smart Rifle still doesn’t hold a candle against the M41A Pulse Rifle as far as coolness factor goes IMO. 😀

    • jamezb

      Lewis guns…(drool)

      • Bubba

        That place doesn’t really exist anymore.

        The taliban came though and ransacked the place.

    • The fake grip pod is probably from China.

  • Ripley

    Looks like it is mostly 5.45×39 AK with a handmade sheet cover. It will marry the 5.56 parts with a little tweaking. I hope that charging handle doesn’t follow the bolt back when it gets dirty 😛 It could also be non-functional prop just to impress but those gunsmiths can make any metal go bang.

  • Sameed nakai

    As a Pakistani I am kind of proud to say they are made in Pakistan, don’t know how reliable they are but here is one of the companies that is making them. They are making clones of other guns as well like 92fs among others

    Watch the whole video if you want, the AR lowers are at 9:21

    • jamezb

      Wow, that’s an impressively equipped modern operation!

    • Thanks for passing this along.

    • Rick

      those AR lowers would sell well to people in California, USA. Interested in marketing them here?

    • Annika

      I’m not going to lie, I kind of want to work there. For one thing it seems like the Pakistani arms industry has a LOT of appreciation for innovation, in marked contrast to the US industry. Also, the music on that video is about a thousand times better than the head-banging metal that everyone stateside seems to think is the necessary soundtrack for their commercials…

      • strong_epoxy

        I don’t think ‘innovation’ means what you think it means. Hint: smooshing together surplus 50 year old parts left by super powers isn’t it.

        Perhaps and admirable start for Pakistan would be to build a bicycle that can compete in the US market.

        • Hunter57dor

          being a cyclist, if they made a completion grade bike for under a grand, id be willing to give it a shot.

          • Hunter57dor


  • daskro

    My guess:
    Milled a custom AK receiver with an ar-15 magwell to fit an ak-74 bolt/bolt carrier.
    Turned down a 5.56 barrel blank to fit receiver as well as gas block, front sights and handguard hardware then punched and pinned into receiver
    Removed charging handle from ak-74 bolt and milled groved to fit in ar-15 charging handle
    Added rails to top cover as well as cut opening/added guide rails for ar-15 charging handle

  • Tim Pearce

    Three guns is not an arsenal.

    • Samuel Suggs

      well, it kinda is “a stockpile of weapons and or military equipment” its not really dependent on any specific number.

  • gunslinger

    is that an ak-15

  • gunslinger

    or maybe the mythical ar-47?

  • gunslinger

    what about the ak-45, ar-17?

  • Rick

    you gotta remember these tools have billion dollar funding from leaders and useful idiots around the world. Somewhere there is access to a massive manufacturing concern that could build weapons of the highest quality to any design the foot soldiers of fear could wish for. Someone saw the need for a lower receiver that could use captured US parts but still be familiar to the rank and file.

    What they’ve done there is create a CA legal AR receiver that doesn’t (yet) need a magazine lock. That @sshole would make more money selling those lowers here in CA than he’ll get selling young boys a religion of hatred.

    Someone tell him this and we’ll convert him to some good old fashioned capitalism LOL

  • Guest

    I’ve seen an AK/AR hybrid before on a Military Channel program about early Mosad fighters. One of them had managed to build it on his own. While looking much like an AK with some changes, it was chambered in 5.56, and full auto capable. He claimed he built it himself with very little machining. He said he built it because the 5.56 round was easier to handle on full auto but the AK was more a more functionally reliable weapon. He said he could drop it in sand, mud, water and it would still function.

    • RPJ

      That was a Galil that had been modified, not an AR.

  • Lance

    I agree it might not be a real gun but a prop to use for indoor training. At most might be a SIG 556 which was incorrectly copied in the gun shops in Northern Pakistan. I see the man using his AKM for defense so I doubt we will see a new gun here and any usage of it at all.

  • Annika

    Just a thought, a lot of the “Bedouin” style rifles I’ve seen, especially hand-made examples, tend to have very straight stocks with barely defined grip areas, kind of like the picture shown. Perhaps this configuration is, broadly speaking, the regionally preferred type, hence the non-existent pistol grip.

  • j


  • Brandon

    My money’s on Pakistan, some factory or workshop in the FATA

  • Peter Payne

    I want to know how that was done, and more about these european AK/mock M-16s.

  • Aliel The Heretic

    Its just a conversation piece until I see that thing fire without blowing up.

  • Mark Holcomb

    Could the Red Chinese be letting some of their advanced weapons loose there, as an expedient field testing measure?

    • Samuel Suggs

      please tell me you are kidding

  • Brian Compton

    Definitive Arms, LLC SAIGA .223

    AKA the Armakalov

    • planb

      The lower is Definitive Saiga .223 without the pistol grip… The upper has an AR-15 A2 carry handle and charging handle but still looks like it is an AK… In my opinon this rifle doesn’t funtction or is a fake!

  • D.

    With a higher res pic of the first or second pic, you’d be able to see the manufacturers mark on the magwell, as well as selector marks. That would make tracking it origin easier. Could it be handmade? Yes it could, but fit looks better than most other examples from that area. I’m interested in who makes it as well.

  • Guest

    LOL! I have actually seen and held this concoction in the Darra Adem Khel market where it was being made. Its another local hybrid – wouldn’t trust its reliability for anything…