Heckler & Koch (Germany) In Dire Financial Straits

Germany newspaper Die Welt reports that Heckler & Koch (Germany) have more debts than they have assets and they have been unable to cover the cost of interest payments on their debts. Their debts are 7.2 million euroes greater than their assets.

As best as I can make out (technical articles don’t translate well with Google Translate), the companies debts have been restructured and new large military contracts will allow the company to begin reducing their debt levels, although it sounds like the company is a long way off giving its investors a decent return on their investments.

This situation is unlikely to have any effect on H&K-USA.

Many thanks to Philip for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Samuel Suggs

    Talks about how horrible their doing, recycles a picture from the article about their epic screw up with the backwards bullet brochure :trollface(.

    • Samuel I really wish you wouldn’t use our editors picture as some kind of joke. Steve may not be upset about it but to me it shows a lack of respect.

      • Samuel Suggs

        alright I will stop doing that then

        • Thank you—-

          • Samuel Suggs

            are you offended bye the “steve dah bunneh” jokes and the “staring at you oddly from behind his sunglasses” motivational poster to? this joke was intended to infer that using a cropped version of the picture of three “backwards bullet” brochures insted of a more conventional HK logo http://www.am-firearms.com/l13.jpg was a joke or “TROLL” on HK the image placed over steves face being of a “TROLL MEME face” or more traditionally a “BE COOL” face as it was orginally used in a comic on 4CHAN in 2002

  • BOB

    maybe if they had marketed better too and been more friendly with the HUGE civilian market in the USA…

    • Samuel Suggs

      thats HK USA’s damage their the ones who refused to manufature anything consumers wanted other than pistols

      • Still as Alex said the US sales are only 3% of the total profits.

        • ClintTorres

          3% seems to indicate they have too many eggs in one basket. Does Sturm, Ruger & Co. have massive govt. contracts? They seem to be doing well.

          • Samuel Suggs

            ruger used to be a massive player in the government contract market but strangly they seem to have lost almost all of that without any issues whatsoever

          • Alex C.

            They don’t have too many eggs in one basket. They simply equip entire armies rather than jump over a dollar to grab a quarter by selling a USP to you or me. There is more money in selling hundreds of thousands of G36 rifles to Spain with a small sales team and assembly line than there is by launching is huge marketing campaign to sell a handful of pistols in the US and Canada.

          • Samuel Suggs

            um this strategy clearly hasnt gone so well for them hence the exsistence of this article. there real problem isnt not selling their current product to civilians but utterly refusing to develope any products for the civilan market that are not nueterd grey versions of their own products

          • Alex C.

            Like the MR556 and MR762?

          • Samuel Suggs

            well they are based on two exsisting military productsbut they arent nuetered uneccsarily. I was thinking more along the lines of a competion geared rifle and pistol serise like the SIG X-serise and similar or some quaility .22 plinker and competion rifles

          • Alex C.

            Other companies make all kinds of HK licensed 22lr plinker MP5 variants and 416 wannabe guns. And HK made a great 22lr rifle called the Model 270. Hell, its magazine was used by Vector in their 22lr uzi conversions. My full auto uzi conversion uses modified 270 magazines. It just isn’t what H&K GMBH does.

          • Samuel Suggs

            I wasnt thinking .22lr versions of MP-5’s and similar HK rifles I was thinking of somthing inovative and fun that might force the firearms industrie to evolve past Ruger 10/22 stlye rifles in order to compete the HK 270 is increadibly well built and maybe they could produce an HK 270 V2 that wasnt related but sort of leached off the HK 270’s reputation like the “new” A5 but with inovative feature that made it a competitor for current semi auto .22 semi auto rifles

          • Samuel Suggs

            I am saying that should basically adopt a combination of SIG and FNH’s civlian diversivication strategy’s those strategys being begin producing carry guns plinkers competion rifle’s shotguns and pistols covering a wide variety of competive styles from three gun to ispca

          • It’s not that profitable for them to develop new guns. Development, equipment and production plus everything else that goes into it cost huge amounts of money. It actually takes years to start showing a profit from the initial investment in a new gun. You have to pay for the investment before you can start counting your profit.
            Like Alex said with the international monetary situation governments just aren’t buying right now.

          • Samuel Suggs

            with the notable exception of recently “Arab Sprung” governements many of which want light inovative futristic looking guns in 7.62×39 which was a bandwagon they actually jumped on before it was cool but then gave up before it became profitible

          • schizuki

            How’s that working out for them?

          • Alex C.

            Same as it has for everyone else right now. We are in a global recession where even arms companies are effected. Heckler and Koch GMBH equips most of the major armies of the West with at least something, and at this time those countries and even municipalities do not have the money to spend like they used too. Hell, we see Izhmash and Colt struggling these days too. Massive small arms contractors are struggling across the globe.

          • schizuki

            You’re proving my point. “Massive small arms contractors” are suffering, but companies like Smith & Wesson and Ruger who “jump over a dollar to grab a quarter” by selling to you and me are rolling.

          • SUPERSOAKER

            Those companies use a business model that already focuses on civilian sales. H&k caters to armies and LE, they would have to rebuild their entire business model and it would cost them millions to realign that business platform to focus on civilian sales

          • SUPERSOAKER

            They’re in the wrong market at the wrong time. Other small arms manufacturer’s can fallback on civilian sales which are huge right now in the states, while H&K gives all of their focus to supplying 1st world armies and LE, and times are tough.

          • Ruger’s bread and butter has always been the civilian market while H&K has always leaned toward military sales.
            I don’t know that they have to many eggs in the basket in the US since they don’t make all that many guns here. H&K Germany doesn’t have to many eggs in the basket they have rely to much on that one big egg of government sales.

        • Samuel Suggs

          what percentage of HK USA’s profits is tied up in US civilian sales? and what are their total profits and what percentage of HK total profits is HK USA responsible for?

          • It’s not like the two are separate and independent. Germany calls the shots with input from H&K USA. In the end it’s the home office is Germany that makes those final decisions.

            I don’t really understand the first part of the comment you made “H&K USA profit tied up in US sales”.

          • Samuel Suggs

            what percentage of HK USA’s profits come from American civilian sales was what I was getting at I know their not independent of each other

          • 3% of the entire companies profits are from US civilian sales.

  • Chris

    Maybe if they were not so hell bent on refusing to sell some of their products to consumers, they would not be in such bad shape.

    • This situation has more to do with government contracts.

      • Samuel Suggs

        yeah and thats HK USA’s problem not HK germany’s HK germany cant import what HK fans want HK USA can manufature it!

    • Alex C.

      Blame the United States Government. In 1989 when Bush signed the import ban H&K had millions of dollars in port that had to be shipped back to Oberndorf…. on their dime. This left a sour taste in their mouth but they soon came out with the SP89. This then got banned in 1994. So H&K has been screwed out of US civilian sales twice. If I were a big German company I would be angry too. The stroke of a pin has caused them to lose millions twice, so why tool up and build a factory here in the US when the civilian market accounts for 3% (yes, 3%) of your profits?

      • Samuel Suggs

        why wouldent they allow HK USA to pick up the slack they can manufacture anything HK holds a patent on

        • Alex C.

          They can and do. They would however have to build and tool up a factory here stateside to make them legal to own. If they could simply export guns here from Oberndorf prices would be reasonable, but they can’t. After that the price would be huge and people would complain. Honestly as long as the AR15 is around for $600 you just won’t be able to sell $2,000-$3,000 new fangled rifles to the general public/non-collectors.

          • Samuel Suggs

            where do you buy your AR-15’s ? 600$ you cant get an upper for that these days

          • Alex C.

            I have built a dozen or so for under $700.

          • If you build your own it is much cheaper and you can use the parts you want. Uppers can run $150. Now if you happen to be talking about a complete upper then prices start about $500 or so. Build it yourself and you can cut about $150 off that, You just have to spend some time shopping around.

          • Samuel Suggs

            They already have a large manufacturing facility where they make their current line of rifles what new tooling would they need to produce a long barreled and otherwise unuetered UMP, mp5, mp7 or g36 to market and how could the investment made possibly outweigh the potential profits

          • There’s a whole lot more to tooling up for a new gun than just using the old machinery. If it’s possible the whole line has to be changed and more likely half of it pushed to the side and replaced.
            That and if the start making a UMP we’ll say on the same line then you can’t keep making the previous product. Either way it’s very expensive.

          • Advocate

            Add to that an uncertain political outlook, and you’re taking a lot of risk at a time when even your cash cow (.gov) is struggling.

          • Exactly right. As you know it’s going to cost in the millions. They have to weigh sales vs expense and jumping through all the regulations involved. Even that cost man hours which adds to the expense.

          • Thomas M

            If they aren’t will to take the risk to stay competitive in the world’s larges civilian arms market they deserve to have money troubles.

          • Samuel Suggs

            what if they farmed it out to other contractors? surly they could handle the polymer reciever of the UMP 45 then farm out the non gun parts to the degree that wass neccary for the continuation of their current current prouct line

          • Alex C.

            H&K has stated that they refuse to farm out anything. Everything you buy from H&K is made in house, unlike Sig or FN that has multiple parts coming from different factories. This allows for higher quality control, but is more expensive.

          • Samuel Suggs

            it “allows for more quaility control” at least in theroy I personally believe that thats rather old hat union supported myth in todays world as not only can you construct indentical press forms, moulds and machined parts all with CNC machines but you can also use one of the many compuerized parts inspection tools to ensure that a part has been manufactured properly. this is fairly typical of german companys and instituions remeber how obssed the german deparment of defese was with never cutting a hole in a barrel ever for any reason? its like that “lah lah i cant hear you obviously inferiror new techniqe or technology you are stupid”

          • Garrett

            Believe what you want, but everything you said has a dollar sign behind it, and a big one at that. In order to inspect every part, you need a bank of people who just measure stuff all day.

            Have you ever worked in a high end manufacturing facility? I worked at an aircraft engine company long enough to know how expensive quality control is.

            Molds only last for so long before they need replaced (not to mention a $50,000 price tag to start with. Did I mention that measuring equipment to make sure the molds are still in spec after heating up and cooling down as fast as possible for a few months straight?

            Not everything needs to be made with a CNC machine. They take time to make parts, and time is money.

          • Samuel Suggs

            well if they where to farm everything not currently availible to them in their current facility including quaility control then no it wouldent be that bad other than shipping

          • Samuel it’s terribly expensive to just ship these parts back and forth as well as the not so simple process of QC.
            The parent company like H&K would have to purchase or pay the company making the parts for new equipment, labor, materials etc. That’s not to mention the increase in the price of the gun to pay for the outsourcing which as Alex said they swear they will never do.
            It all comes with a pretty big price tag. Then of course how many will they realistically sell. Say they do the G36 how many will they sell at the price they will charge. Not enough would be my guess. The majority of shooters can’t afford or won’t spend that kind of money

          • Samuel Suggs

            I was kind of spit balling ways for them to diversify and prevent future financial problems I dont personally endevor to own any HK products or products based on HK designs I just wanted to discuss the issue

          • Samuel Suggs

            I think I was more on the right track with my sugestion that they develope an entire civlian line following the examples set bye FNH, SIG Sauer and berreta.

          • They won’t do that based on the current economic situation world wide. They look at our back and forth on gun control and I’m sure that makes them less likely to start a new line of guns. Right now they just don’t have the money to invest in the US market when the profit we bring to the table is so small.

          • Samuel Suggs

            your probobly right I was just throwing out ideas for things I would consider good ideas in a vacuume

          • In a perfect world it could happen–yes

          • Samuel Suggs

            well yes why dose everyone take everythin I say so seriously?

          • What dose? LOL–just messing with you. Hey I take most everyone seriously unless it’s an obvious joke or sarcasm.

          • 1guyin10 .

            They could work around the technical and logistics issues if they had a reason to. As you point out though, the political situation is such that they would really be taking a risk. Given that our goverment has made some decisions that brutally impacted H&K in the past I can’t blame them at all for limiting their exposure.

          • Suburban

            Glock, Inc. is making pistols here in the U.S.. I just don’t understand how Glock can do it, but HK can’t. As a few others have stated, if HK can’t or won’t find a way to do it, then maybe they deserve to go out of business.

          • Suburban

            Our (meaning the company that I work for, not HK) molds are modular. If one cavity is damaged, that cavity can be pulled for replacement or repair. Expensive still, but it’s not like the $50,000 mold is made of two $25,000 chunks of steel (A-side and B-side). The molds for “my” insert molding machines were pretty small, but were still made up of dozens of parts.

          • 1guyin10 .

            You don’t need a bank of people to measure every part. Vision and touch probes can, and generally are, built into modern CNC equipment. Companies can have a very high confidence in their product using such systems and they are not dedicated to one part so the cost can be spread very widely. An aircraft engine company would be a completely different animal that what other manufacturers would employ because of the liability and regulatory issues they face. There are a great many manufacturers out there who are already set up and making similar gun parts. I deal with them on a daily basis and have no doubts at all that they could make parts for H&K just as well as they do for Barrett, Remington or Colt.

          • Suburban

            “H&K has stated that they refuse to farm out anything.”

            They farmed out their rimfire MP5s and 416s to Walther.


          • SUPERSOAKER

            They also produce the HK45 here in the states

          • INTHEKNOW

            isn’t Wilcox making rifles for HK? it isn’t talked about but they are

          • Alex C.

            Their facility right now is set up only for the M27 rifle and the little HK45. The USC was made in Oberndorf, and companies here in the US build MP5s already (vector, TPM, Urbach, and many more). There is just less demand and almost none for the MP7. The G36 is the only product that would be marketable IMO, but it would be expensive and ay or may not be viable to produce here. Who knows, if they did tool up to build them next year politics could make the rifle illegal to own for civilians and their new multi-million dollar retool would be a series of expensive paper weights.

          • Chrome Dragon

            The USC is badly underrated. If they started offering 50-round quad stack magazines for it to anyone with $30 and the inclination, well…

            .45 is easy to suppress, and those are stunningly accurate little guns.

    • Defence Industry Consultant

      This story like so many other recent pieces of unsubstantiated gossip is 100% bullshit. H&K is consistently attacked by competitors who insist on putting out fake stories in the misguided hope that it will destabilise the company. H&K simply ignores bogus articles and gets on with doing what it does best. I think they should start suing people who publish such rubbish. Clearly, they have better things to do with their time. I agree, the range of products they sell in the USA needs to be reviewed.

  • Samuel Suggs

    humor aside Forgotten weapons posted something interesting about H&K this week http://www.forgottenweapons.com/hk-p9s-video/ what do you guys think caused these finantial problems for HK. anyway gotta love their irrational attachment to roller locking heres the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxmOamgrVMo the picture is of Ian’s exsplaination of the roller locking mechnism in the H&K PS9

    • Samuel we keep pretty close track since he’s one of our writers:-)

      • Samuel Suggs

        I was trying to show it to the readers not you guys

  • Samuel Suggs

    Shouldn’t it be German newspaper not “Germany Newspaper?” I know “let he who is without sin throw the first stone” don’t flame me

  • Dave

    Dire Straits makes me think of this… ironically enough also about a place in poor shape financially. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd3btVhwr48&list=RD02BgrIIuFeBgo

    • Suburban


      Doesn’t get much play, so it needs to be explained. The song “Telegraph Road” is about the fall of Detroit.

      “From all of these signs, just sayin’, ‘Sorry but we’re closed’
      Down the telegraph road”

  • Jon R.

    If H&K were run by real operators, they would have invaded the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands and spent the spoils on Polish vodka, Dutch prostitutes, Belgian beer, and rebuilding their company so they can sell MR556A1’s to over weight American mall ninjas for less than then the ridiculous MSRP of $3,300, when you can buy a SIG 516, which is basically the same rifle, for half that.

    Because you suck H&K, and we hate you.

  • JT

    >:3 Good

  • Cuban Pete

    ….well it could not happen to a worse bunch. To hell with H&K (and H&K USA). They’re dead to me anyway so I’m not going to miss them, and I’m sure outfits the like of Beretta, Sig, FN, Colt, S&W, etc., etc., etc., are not going to miss them one bit if they should happen to go under.
    BTW, let them ask the kraut gov for a bailout.

  • Kyle

    Two words likely sum up why H&K is going under “Customer Service”. H&K has a notorious reputation for being a pain for customers to deal with while most other companies have outstanding customer service as well as lifetime warranties because it frustrating when something you may bet your life on is not functioning properly and bad customer service does anything but help.

    • Advocate

      HK is a military contract company. Their public sales are a drop in the bucket, and would be even with stellar CS (at their current price point).

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Obviously not. Otherwise they wouldn’t be broke.

      • snmp

        That’s nightmare for order spares parts even with governement contract …). For MP5 & G3 youd need to got turkish suplliers, for HK G36 spain is country to go, ……

      • Thank you!!! That’s right on target.

  • TM

    Exactly what chris side they need to get off there high horse and stop being so f****** picky about who and what they sell.

  • MattM

    Here’s a thought..offer the MP7 in a civilian version. People have been drooling over it for a year or so and the “we’re reserving it for military and police only” is ignoring a rather large consumer base! Make it 5.7 and give it a “training device(mock suppressor) and it will fly off the

    • MattM

      Shelves. My bad!

    • Samuel Suggs

      HK USA could do that but HK couldnt even try without Modifying it into a sporter like Saigia and theirs no way it would get bye the modern ATF becuase of the “armour peirceing ammo”

    • Maybe but they can’t afford that right now. Another factor is the exchange rate. one US dollar is only worth .76 of the Euro’s value. That translates into higher prices for us.

  • Scott Snoopy

    TM…you are correct; H&K has horrid customer service unless of course you a big agency. While it may seem that its all in H&K Europe; what affects the parent company affects their subsidiaries too. H&K on the whole is micromanaged and totally inflexible

  • JumpIf NotZero

    HK is broke: Because they thought I sucked and hated me.

    Really… Let me shed a rear over a company that for the last twenty years has gone out of its way to NOT make sales.

    • Samuel Suggs

      That’s HK USA damage HK Germany can’t import anything HK fans want and they certainly don’t have any control over customer service also HK USA is faring well financially whereas HK Germany got butt hurt by export restrictions that their competitor FNH found away around

  • Crawler

    Owning three HK pistols, every time I’ve ever contacted HK USA in Columbus, Georgia, they’ve always treated me just fine; and promptly, too. I’ve read that customer service changed a lot when HK USA moved from Virginia.

    As far as my experience with HK USA customer service over the last six years, I have no complaints…

  • bruce

    sell the mp7 to civi’s

    • Rob

      While I think the MP7 is awesome and would buy one myself, most firearm-purchasing US civilians would not. HK would either have to sell a neutered version of the MP7 (either as a giant pistol or rifle and defeat the purpose of the MP7 and therefore realize very few sales), or introduce it in original form as an NFA weapon (and realize very few sales). The market isn’t there.

      They would do much better offering a striker-fired pistol.

      • Samuel Suggs

        over priced striker fired pistol in an insanely saturated market that allready
        ha somthing for everyone from an ergonomic standpoint? sure the fanboys but big deal

        • Rob

          You missed the point. Selling the MP7 to US civilians would be one of the least advantageous business moves HK or HK USA could make. Even taking on Glock and S&W in the over-saturated market for striker-fired pistols makes more sense.

          • Samuel Suggs

            so you where saying that neither represents a “GOOD” idea? selling the MP7 as you could sill simply mate the end of the “reciver” to your shoulder while you got your hands on a conversion kit and either converted it illegally or did SBR paper work I really like the Idea of a subcompact submachinegun like in a mac-10 form factor but with better ergonomics I do not like the idea of high velocity 4mm projectiles which is why I am quetly fauning over the kriss k10 right now

  • AgentBauer

    7.2 Mil? That’s not that bad 😉 H&K is a great company, I hope they stick around forever.

    • Samuel Suggs

      lol thanks Jack Bauer for the advice continue to save the world form terristist’s while making broad brush anti right statements with your crappy TV show

  • Clodboy

    The situation isn’t all doom and gloom. The article reports that the Bundeswehr signed a 140-Million-€ deal for 12700 MG5s (HK 121s) just a few days ago.

    Still, you have to be phenomenally bad at business management if you are selling the standard service rifle (not to mention SMGs and MGs) of Spain, Norway, Turkey, Germany (duh) and Lithuania, not to mention Special Forces and SWAT/Counterterrorist police units all over the world, and still be in financial trouble,

    • RickH

      Are they arming the beer truck drivers? Oh, wait a minute, sorry, I thought you meant Budweiser….. 🙂

  • Lance

    Maybe if they make HK USA make some Semi auto G-36s and bring back HK-91 and HK-94s they be making alot more money.

  • ClintTorres

    I know the author stated HK’s woes are mainly due to govt. contracts(or lack thereof) but they definitely have dropped to ball with respect to fulfilling civilian demand.

    C’mon, HK products are LOVED/DROOLED AFTER by gun enthusiasts worldwide. How many of us would have loved to own a G36, UMP, MP7, MP5 etc.? Just about any of us. However, HK didn’t feel we were important enough market to pursue. What they gave us was the SL8, USC and a bunch of polymer pistols which are twice as expensive as a Glock.

    You can’t tell me there was no way they could have brought us the products we lusted after in the same way that Arsenal, FN, IWI, Steyr (among others) have. Look how fast the Tavors are flying off the shelves. Can’t tell that wouldn’t help any company’s bottom line.

    Suppose we get to play the role of spurned lover who got the last laugh…with a tear rolling down our cheek.

    • Samuel Suggs

      they allready have a US branch they could manufacture all that stuff here and do well selling it but they dont for unknown reasons

  • TangledThorns

    I have a sneaking suspicion that HK feels guns should not be owned by civilians and that is why their sales to civilians is very limited. I’m basing this on the following three observations.

    1. HK is foreign owned in a country where civilian gun ownership is banned.

    2. The infamous Recoil magazine issue where the MP7 reviewer stated the gun does not belong in the hands of civilians. I suspect the article’s author got that idea from HK.

    3. HK-USA is run by pro Obama big government liberals.

    • Samuel Suggs

      its not just you they didnt have to continue to offer grey “target rifles” with single stack magwells but they did. I am not sure where you get that their run bye obomunistssatanmongeressuperevil’s or that Recoil is a proganda front for their goal of dissarming all civilian populations but but whatever

    • The Forty ‘Twa

      Civilian gun ownership in Germany is definitely not banned…

    • Samuel Suggs

      civilian gun privlidges are actually ok their, in cartain localitys you can get AR-15’s with a special semi auto licencse and such itss not a usefull armed poplace like we work so hard to presrerve in the united states as all guns are registered and the right to self defense is meh maybe if your well connected

  • Tom H.

    Lol fine with me. We have KAC, Noveske, Larue, LMT, Wilson Combat right here in the usa and their quality is awesome.

  • mike

    Well their first problem is “made in Germany”. Open plants in the USA and offer online ordering of guns and replacement parts, with parts diagrams. Tool up to make all the guns that are legal to own here but can’t be imported. We have more gun shops and gun smiths than Mcdonalds. Their sales would be a lot better. If the replacement parts were available, more people would buy HK guns.

  • Christoph Bücker

    I translated the article for you:

    Germany’s leading gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch is over-indebted by high losses, so it has more debts than assets. Nevertheless, the parent must sign in Oberndorf am Neckar no insolvency and its parent company for good business prospects.

    After researching the “world” of the company’s future again significant gains after a crash into red figures for 2011 and 2012. In addition, auditors audited specifically a positive forecast.

    After almost 20 million euro loss for 2011, a mid double-digit million profit is expected this year in the main house.

    Indebtedness of 119 million euros

    Background for the growing debt of the company with sales of EUR 202.7 million (2012), in addition to delayed deliveries of 2011 gun especially high interest charges and impairment losses amounting to millions of complex financial transactions.

    As the company announced on request, the end of 2012 the balance sheet deficit Beteiligungs-GmbH was the parent company Heckler & Koch at 119 million euros. At headquarters the negative equity amounted to 7.2 million euros.

    But with Heckler & Koch nobody wants to talk of a lopsided. “A ‘rescue plan’ is not necessary,” it says on request. The company was able to on their own profitability to meet their obligations to strengthen the capital base and reduce the debt.
    DIY chain Praktiker
    DIY chain Praktiker files for insolvency

    “Doubts about the economic and financial soundness we refer explicitly to the realm of speculation,” the company announced. The economic situation is referred to as robust.

  • churee

    Interesting the catalog cover that shows the .45 rounds loaded in the magazine backwards is featured…

  • José Pulido

    They should invest in the American market more. Plenty of folks would love to have gently neutered 416s rather than their ugly cousins made to obey both German and American regulations. There’s still huge amounts of people that claim piston AR-15s are the greatest thing since sliced bread with butter on it, and that H&K’s take on the concept is superior. People on the edge are generally put off by the corrosion-prone barrel/non-auto carrier.

    I’m sure a good-sized niche of folks would love to have a pistol or long-barrel version of the MP7.