Shooting Star Exploding Clay Pigeon Targets

Firebird Reactive Targets Ltd. based out of Wiltshire, England makes a fun looking shooting accessory that you’d expect to see on one of the various firearm “reality” shows here in the US, not in the gun deprived United Kingdom. Their Shooting Star 65mm exploding targets attach to the back of standard clay pigeon targets using double-sided tape and works with all standard throwers, they’ll even work with automatic trap throwers. After a direct hit the Shooting Star target ignites white smoke as well as a pretty loud bang. They go for £19.95 ($30) for a pack of 20 in the UK, I did some digging but couldn’t find a source for them here in the US. They also make exploding rifle, airsoft and archery targets. You can find more info on them at


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  • Julio

    These targets are very easy to use: just peel off the backing and stick them to whatever you plan to shoot at. You can attach them to clay pigeons, as shown, or, as I do, stick them to the steel gong at 1,000 yards and pat yourself on the back when a shot results in a flash, a boom and a curling column of smoke. They’re getting big in the UK now, and I’m sure there are plans afoot to set up distribution in the USA.

    • Anonymoose

      Unless Parliament bans them first.

    • Samuel Suggs

      thanks Julio I didnt know you where british

  • sianmink

    Not bad, the addition of fireworks-style stars to the standard exploding target is a nice touch.

    • Yea pretty cool stuff. As long as they aren’t terribly expensive I’m game

      • Samuel Suggs

        well even if they are exspensive if their brought to market in America and gain attention then someone will make a cheaper version. again
        capitalism is great for this sort of thing

      • Samuel Suggs

        Why is their a little smiley face at the bottom of the website it’s a sign isn’t IT’ ISN’T IT 😕

  • gunslinger

    so is this an explosive device? flash, boom smoke? legality of it in the US?

    it may be a binary compound (tannerite) but it doens’t look like you mix anything.

    what about if the clay target breaks up when leaving the launcher?

    • J.T.

      That might actually be the reason we don’t already have them.

      • Not Samuel Suggs

        I am not Samuel Suggs. Kind of like Bizarro to Suggsie’s Superman. Just sayin’. Hope that adds loads to the conversation.

        • gunslinger

          hey man
          great comment

          • Samuel Suggs

            you people are really weird about what you like and dont like

          • gunslinger

            great comment!
            keep up the good work!

        • Samuel Suggs

          WTF? why do I attract this much attention. no seriously your like the 4th person to create an account just to say somthing weird to me

        • jamezb

          THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!

        • Samuel Suggs

          I propose a meme battle to the death the victor will be decided bye steve

          • Samuel Suggs

            on guard

        • Samuel Suggs

          So you will never post images and follow all the rules and helpfull suggestions positives ?

    • Mystick

      You can have, legally, a certain amount of Tannerite mixed and ready to go at any given time. I think it’s 2 pounds, but don’t quote me on that.

      • J.T.

        The problem is that you aren’t allowed to transport it once it is mixed.

    • Julio

      They’re essentially inert until struck by a projectile, but even a glancing strike from a shotgun pellet won’t set them off. I’m told that whacking them with a hammer won’t do it either. But hit them square with a shot from an airgun, shotgun or rifle and they’ll make a nice bang.


  • Lance

    Looks fun.

  • Graham2

    ‘gun deprived United Kingdom’, you really must do some research into what we can own and shoot over here. OK, so we can’t have conventional pistols or semi auto fullbore rifles but we can have just about anything else.

    • Samuel Suggs

      must be nice to know that your government is perfectly happy to take it all away at any time though. it used to be much worse and its our worst cas scenario so we wont be letting that misconception go any time soon the

    • jake

      Compared to the US that is gun deprived…..

    • Samuel Suggs

      Propaganda value and all that, we need a “worst case sceneario” so we keep using you guys even though you have made significant strides with the gun privileges your government gives you. You still don’t have a right to self-defense though and I would hesitate to say that you had “rights” when it came to firearms either, what we have can only be loosely defined as a recognized right even though it’s in our constitution is been largely turned into a privilege

      • The Forty ‘Twa

        The idea that you don’t have the right to defend yourself in the UK is complete and utter fiction.

    • floppyscience

      “Deprived: Suffering a lack of a specified benefit that is considered important.”

      Most common firearms are illegal in the UK and the gun ownership levels are among the lowest in the developed world. That certainly qualifies as “deprived”.

  • Samuel Suggs


    • gunslinger


      • Samuel Suggs

        I just wanted to speak through the image so I just did the dashes in the text section since its reqired

        • gunslinger

          Great reply!

          • Samuel Suggs

            I’m not a dog dood positve reiforcemnt isnt going to change my posting habits

  • Samuel Suggs

    At first i was like why is he useing a Side bye Side for that? then I was like oh hes in the United Kingdom

  • Samuel Suggs

    your link isnt working for me just a freindly reminder

  • AgentBauer

    Can Brits own suppressors without the buuuullshit Americans have to go through? I thought I heard some countries in Europe actually encourage the use of suppressors.

    • Samuel Suggs

      Well if its specifically designed for a center fire rifle it’s got to be shipped to “registered firearms dealer” if its an air gun or oddly enough shotgun suppresor then ‘no’ it can be shipped through the mail, there are also a myriad of other small requirements in place including the obligatory firearms license requirement so it’s treated the same way a center fire rifle is treated under UK law you must get it stamped and all that. suppresors are reqired for all proffesional rifle users hence usage is encouraged bye oddly enogh from the american viewpoint bye the crazy liberal labour party more information here

  • snoopycomputer

    Would make a great finisher target to an Olympic competition.

  • timtimbadboy4u

    tannerite is a exploding target to

  • Hunter57dor

    this would make training for clays SO much more fun

  • Its really a very great stuff and make more fun.
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