Knives and Guns Confiscated By The TSA

Common sense dictates that you should put inert grenades in your checked luggage.

Nobody could accuse me of being a fan of the TSA. I have been groped and yelled at to many times by TSA agents (I will post my favorite TSA story below), but I have to admit I like their new Instagram account that shows some of the weapons they have confiscated from peoples carry-on.

Knife in shape of a gun ... if you are going to conceal a knife, don't conceal it in a gun. Morons.

Knife in shape of a gun … if you are going to conceal a knife, don’t conceal it in a gun.

Stun gun in shape of a Marllboro's pack.

Stun gun in shape of a Marllboro’s pack.

Belt buckle knife. This person was at least making an effort to conceal it!

Belt buckle knife.

Credit Card-Sized Knife

Credit Card-Sized Knife

They confiscate plenty of carry guns. I am sure most, if not all, were left in carry on bags by accident. I religiously check my bags for ammunition before I fly, but one of these days I will forget and they are going to catch me with a few rounds hidden in a seam.




My favorite TSA story: last year, I cannot remember which airport, I was made to wait for up to 20 minutes shoeless on a cold floor. Eventually they found somebody to grope me (there were a lot of staff on duty, I think they were just wanting to inconvenience me). Meanwhile some TSA agent misplaces my carry-on luggage. Chaos ensued after I asked for my luggage. Agents where running all over the place as if losing my luggage was part of some grand conspiracy. Eventually it was found, but some overweight and aggressive agent would not let me within 10 yards of it. He wanted proof it was mine. I told him that the TSA took it away from me and wanted to know why the burden of proof was on me (I was rapidly losing my patience by this point). I then went on to describe every item in my carry on, but that did not satisfy him. I then pointed out my drivers license was inside my wallet. He said he checked my wallet and there was no drivers license. We went back and forth for a minute with me insisting my license was there, and him saying it was definitely not. By now I am trying hard to keep my voice calm because I am absolutely pissed off. He finally agrees to let me approach my case, I take out the wallet and show him my license. The idiot then made some sheepish comment, something like “Oh, you meant *that* license”. I stormed off in the direction of the plane I was catching, avoiding saying something that would only further delay me.

Many thanks to Sven (Defence and Freedom) for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • That guy

    Pretty sure the reason they don’t let you carry guns on isn’t because they’re afraid you’ll use it on the aircraft, but they’re afraid people would just shoot the TSA agents in frustration.

  • Samuel Suggs

    I find this disturbing and I think most of the readership would agree that pictures of FACIST WAR TROPHYS I mean justly confiscated tools of terorism and crime “sorry NSA please dont hurt my family” would agree with me on that point however its your blog and I agree these pictures DRIVE ME ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE DAY WHEN I WILL LASH OUT AGAINST THOSE WHO SLANDERED THAT WHICH I BELEAVE AND LET FREEDOM REIGN ONCE MORE OVER THIS GREAT NATION. i mean are edjuctional and demonstrative of my soceitys inherent evil and scientific proof of the need for more sanctions

    • PanFriedPipeBomb

      *trophies, believe, educational, society’s.

      • Samuel Suggs

        I am not sure what your trying to say but it was joke just so everyone knows I was also not trying to insult steve

        • HelpfulHint

          They are spelling corrections.

          • Samuel Suggs

            ah what is the standard procedure of corrrecting ones spelling ive recntly been atempting to recieve less hate bye rebuting my haters and providing them with less reasons to hat me so to edit or not to edit

          • Cymond

            If you proofread quickly, Disqus lets you edit your writing for a few minutes after you hit ‘post’. Proper punctuation and spelling help, but the biggest thing is to simply create coherent sentences from the start. Look at the comment to which I’m replying; it doesn’t have a single piece of punctuation, not even a period to break apart the sentences. It is a single long rant.
            By contrast, look at this:
            “Ah, what is the standard procedure of correcting one’s spelling? I’ve recently been attempting to receive less hate by rebutting my haters and providing them with less reasons to hate me. So is it better to edit or not to edit?”

          • Samuel Suggs

            thank you, that was exstreamly helpful.

          • Mike


          • Samuel Suggs

            gah ever vigilant arent you

      • 0100

        Also, lack of commas and/or any sentence structure? Sorry to snipe my man, but its bad.

        • Samuel Suggs

          is this in referance to to my first comment if so why was it posted a response to PanFriedPipeBomb’s critisism of my spelling

    • Ju Con

      Lighten up, Francis.

      • Samuel Suggs

        I am not being heavy hearted I am joking thats the oppisite of heavy hearted the whole typeing terrets bit is a pretty common form of written sarcasm

  • jamezb

    In my opinion part of the responsibility of CC is weapon awareness….knowing the whereabouts and condition of your weapon at all times. I’ve never “forgotten” the deadly $700 chunk of metal yet, It’s existence and location is never far from my mind. If your Alzheimers has advanced to such an extent you forget you are carrying IN AN AIRPORT, do you NEED to be carrying at all? Now the lost round in the luggage scenario I can see happening, but I doubt many of those knives and stun guns were accidentally brought along. I sympathize with people’s reasoning…If a terrorist did happen to be on board, they want a weapon they can fight back with…But for heavens sake, have they not heard that metal detectors and x-rays are in use? Are there really people who do not know this by now? Don’t they realize that by attempting to board with this crap they are JUSTIFYING the existence of the T.S.A.? That’s what this T.S.A.Instagram page is about…. Saying “look at all the shit we confiscate from the potential terrorists!” “See how we are saving you?”

    • Mr. Fahrenheit

      I beg your pardon, but I must agree with you.

    • avconsumer2

      Absolutely agree. If they’re dumb enough (etc.) to attempt to get those items on an airplane in the current climate, I sure as hell don’t want them carrying around me, much less in a pressurized cabin – terrorist or no.

      • BryanS

        A bullet in a pressurized cabin will put a tiny hole in it, much like anything else.

        • avconsumer2

          Indeed. That presents a bit more of a problem at 30/40k feet than most other tiny holes. Also, packed airliner, hydraulic lines, control wires, and jet A. I believe it was Sean Connery as Captain Marko Ramius who once said… “…some things in here don’t react well to bullets.”

    • Suburban

      You carry religiously. You get held up in traffic, the taxi arrives 55 minutes late to pick you up, you get lost following detour signs, forget your wallet/ID/passport/ticket/medication/phone and have to run back home, or have to make an emergency bathroom stop that puts you dangerously behind schedule. You get in a rush, and for just a minute forget to disarm before you check your baggage. I can see it happening.

      I’m not totally in disagreement, especially on justifying the existence of TSA, BUT I have found myself in a few of the previously mentioned scenarios. “Stuff” just happens sometimes, even when you really try to prepare.

      • jamezb

        I understand your point, however fear of felony loss of rights always slows me down, though, as does a growing aversion to airports and flying which I do not always take into account. I got out of the habit of flying, and it is no longer second-nature to me. This gives me extra incentive to go over my check list compulsively.

  • Ben 10

    and how many of these people who were caught carrying these banned items have ever been arrested for any crime? these confiscations mean nothing, and dont make flying safer for anyone.

    • Case

      Sorry, but I feel safer knowing that TSA caught whoever was carrying that grenade…I’m gonna throw it out there that that made flying safer for everyone

      • Anonymoose

        It was inert though.

        • Mr.E

          Not really relevent, to be honest. A plane could be hijacked with an inert grenade just as well as with a live one – all you’ve got to do is hold the thing up and start yelling at people. Yes, as a weapon it’s harmless (well, you could probably brain someone pretty badly with it as a bludgeon), but as a fake it’s as realistic as it needs to be.

          I’m gonna stay in favour of them confiscating things that look just like live grenades (in addition to live grenades themselves).

          Worst story I heard was someone who was refused boarding because they were wearing a t-shirt with Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie on it – Optimus had a gun in his hand, so it was deemed threatening and he was forced to turn his t-shirt inside out so the alien robot laser cannon couldn’t scare people on the airplane. Story link:

          • David Sharpe

            Of course……England…

          • Samuel Suggs

            yeah their into to the whole ban the none funtional replica thing now its kinda sad.

          • BryanS

            But that would be against the law! There are laws! Think of the children!

      • Ryan

        Demilitarized and Inert. No fuse and the bottom is cut off. It is basically just a chunk of case iron that looks like a grenade. They use to sell these as paper weights when I was a kid. My older brother gave one to me when he went into the Marines.

        • Sam I Am

          I had one too. Did manage to break my Grandma’s flower pot with it so I wouldn’t say they are completely safe.

      • hami

        I vote that we continue to confiscate grenades from luggage. I don’t really trust a TSA agent to know an inert grenade from a live one

      • JumpIf NotZero

        If you know what to look for, or can tell that grenade is a dummy.

        But yea, go on thinking the TSA is makin flying safer. IF they ever found a real grenade it would be all over the 24hr news and we would idiot politicians trying to make grenades illegal.

  • Alex

    They gotta work fir their money with me too, I don’t go through the nekkid scanners either… If they want dick picks they gonna need NSA to hack em outta my phone.

  • Anonymoose

    The only problem I’ve ever had with the TSA was when they confiscated my lighter. Then again, when I fly it’s mostly to go out of the country, so I never bring any guns or knives over 2″ (I do bring a little one and check it though).

    • Mr.E

      I got stopped while passing through Newark – a scanner had picked up a Swiss Card ( in my bag that I’d forgotten about. Rather kindly, instead of just taking it away they escorted me and my bag back out of security to where there were some automated mailbox things, so I could send it back home via the mail rather than lose it. Seemed like a pretty reasonable response.

      • Samuel Suggs

        how long ago was this? because they let you keep those now.

        • Suburban

          I thought they nixed unbanning little knives after the Boston bombings. ‘Cause, you know, that was totally relevant to airline security.

          • Samuel Suggs

            yeah sory I was wrong

  • allannon

    Given TSA’s thieverous tendencies and general incompetence, I hold my stuff on the belt until I can go through the scanner, and I immediately retrieve and inventory it.

    Occasionally one gets cranky, but I just inform them that I’ve had more stolen by the TSA out of my bins than I’ve had stolen otherwise. For christ’ sake, they stole my mom’s ebook reader when she and dad went to Alaska. The folio the reader was in was in her carryon, the reader was gone.

    Useless security theater at best.

    • Ben 10

      Amen to that.

    • mikewest007

      Yes, I believe that the entirety of TSA should be fired.
      In full auto.

  • hami

    If i don’t know you, then i dont want you with a gun or a knife in a plane with me. Good job TSA

    • matthew_carberry

      Knives were allowed on planes subject only to airline policies for decades. In the recent Aseana crash the responders on the ground had to throw knives up to passengers trapped in their belts so they could be cut free and not burn to death.

      There is no rational basis, now that cockpit doors are armored and passengers and crew know to fight back, to continue to ban knives on planes. Particularly since every safety expert without an axe to grind says so.

  • Lance

    Like the pistol bayonet in one of the first pics. Must be a Al Qaeda favorite. LOL

  • fred

    TSA lies about everything why believe this?

    • Samuel Suggs

      well they would probobly lie about somthing more compelling but you could be right

  • Aaron

    I managed the Atlanta screening checkpoint back in the mid 90’s before all the TSA hype. We typically screened around 150,000 passengers + 10,000 employees (many had to go through multiple times) per day. Even then there were rules, but you could still get a pocket knife with a blade less than 4″ on no problem. And your shoes only came off if they had metal in them.

    Some of the more common/expected items that were stopped:
    Firearms, stun guns, mace/O.C., large knives, dummy grenades.

    Some of the bizarre and interesting items that were stopped:
    Nun-chucks, throwing stars, medieval swords and pikes (yes the persons fit the description of someone you would expect to be carrying them), samurai swords, SCUBA gear with tanks, small propane tanks, long knives/bayonets/machetes, and my all-time favorite … a full-sized acetylene torch complete with tanks. HOW DID THAT GUY WALK INTO THE AIRPORT WITHOUT SOMEONE SAYING HMMMM!

  • Matt

    The credit card knife looks like one they took from me here at MSP.

  • bryan collins

    And yet they still haven’t stopped a terrorist…

  • PatrickHenry1789

    ” He said he checked my wallet and there was no drivers license.”

    How about I put on some blue gloves (the real long ones) and I’ll stick my arms as far up your rectum as I can. Maybe we’ll find it there, shall we begin? Yep, I would’ve had a REAL long delay.

  • Briareous

    Is that a Kunai? Naruto!!! You’ve gone too far!

  • J

    TSA misses about 30% of items. Just think what gets past their GEDs.

  • Robert Thorne

    I’m really gonna miss using that military express line. lol