Knives and Guns Confiscated By The TSA

    Common sense dictates that you should put inert grenades in your checked luggage.

    Nobody could accuse me of being a fan of the TSA. I have been groped and yelled at to many times by TSA agents (I will post my favorite TSA story below), but I have to admit I like their new Instagram account that shows some of the weapons they have confiscated from peoples carry-on.

    Knife in shape of a gun ... if you are going to conceal a knife, don't conceal it in a gun. Morons.

    Knife in shape of a gun … if you are going to conceal a knife, don’t conceal it in a gun.

    Stun gun in shape of a Marllboro's pack.

    Stun gun in shape of a Marllboro’s pack.

    Belt buckle knife. This person was at least making an effort to conceal it!

    Belt buckle knife.

    Credit Card-Sized Knife

    Credit Card-Sized Knife

    They confiscate plenty of carry guns. I am sure most, if not all, were left in carry on bags by accident. I religiously check my bags for ammunition before I fly, but one of these days I will forget and they are going to catch me with a few rounds hidden in a seam.




    My favorite TSA story: last year, I cannot remember which airport, I was made to wait for up to 20 minutes shoeless on a cold floor. Eventually they found somebody to grope me (there were a lot of staff on duty, I think they were just wanting to inconvenience me). Meanwhile some TSA agent misplaces my carry-on luggage. Chaos ensued after I asked for my luggage. Agents where running all over the place as if losing my luggage was part of some grand conspiracy. Eventually it was found, but some overweight and aggressive agent would not let me within 10 yards of it. He wanted proof it was mine. I told him that the TSA took it away from me and wanted to know why the burden of proof was on me (I was rapidly losing my patience by this point). I then went on to describe every item in my carry on, but that did not satisfy him. I then pointed out my drivers license was inside my wallet. He said he checked my wallet and there was no drivers license. We went back and forth for a minute with me insisting my license was there, and him saying it was definitely not. By now I am trying hard to keep my voice calm because I am absolutely pissed off. He finally agrees to let me approach my case, I take out the wallet and show him my license. The idiot then made some sheepish comment, something like “Oh, you meant *that* license”. I stormed off in the direction of the plane I was catching, avoiding saying something that would only further delay me.

    Many thanks to Sven (Defence and Freedom) for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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