Testing The Heizer .410 Pocket Shotgun

Heizer Defense are busy working on their upcoming Pocket Shotgun pistol that will be capable of firing both .410 shotshells and .45 Long Colt. One of the Heizer’s staff emailed me the above photo of two of their employees who had spent two and a half days shooting 5000 rounds of .410 though the prototype Pocket Shotgun.  I am sure the first 200 or 300 rounds were a lot of fun … 😉

UPDATE: I mistakenly confused Heizer Defense with Double Tap Defense. The companies split up a while back.

Steve Johnson

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  • jamezb

    It’s great work if you can get it!

  • Will

    Must be bird shot. Firing defensive loads out of even something as heavy as a Bond Arms is no fun at all. My wrist wouldn’t take a dozen rounds of that. If they’re just testing a target load, I’m not too impressed.

    • TheChuck321

      Even if it was just birdshot, 5,000 rounds is a pretty good test to determine if and how long it will last generally. Most things that break on a firearm aren’t the parts subjected to pressure or recoil, they’re extractors, ejectors, and springs; the parts always in motion…

      • Ian

        You mean all the parts this gun doesn’t have.

        • Laserbait

          So you mean it’s going to very reliable!

          • noob

            fewer things to go wrong, and the rest built solidly is a time tested engineering maxim.

            Another one is “every program can be one line shorter, and have one fewer bug. therefore every program can be reduced to a single line that doesn’t work”

  • Zius Patagus

    great, another trap shooting pistol. 😉

  • JT

    I wonder how this would do with black powder in 45LC. Usually think that every time I hear 45 LC

  • M.M.D.C.

    “I am sure the first 200 or 300 rounds were a lot of fun … ”

    Right. Let’s see those hands.

    • Cymond

      I imagine the first shots would be the easiest part … unless their hands simply went numb.

    • Kyle

      Maybe they put it in a vise?

  • Annika

    More barrel length and caliber options please! I’m thinking 5 inch barrel options and chamberings in 10mm, .357, .223 and 7.62×39. Yes I understand that the recoil would be hellish but people would buy them anyway.

    • annika

      …ok maybe with some manner of recoil mitigating features added…

      • Cymond

        Yeah, but that’s getting pretty far from the pocket derringer concept. Sounds like you want something more like a double-barrel Thompson Contender/Encore

        • Annika

          Ok forget .223, that was ridiculous. I would maybe stand by those other calibers though. I’m coming at this from the standpoint of offering essentially an updated M4 Alaskan Survival Derringer http://petesdiscountfirearms.com/images/M-4derringer.jpg , which is far from a Contender/Encore and has its own niche. The basic double-tap layout would allow for the construction of a two-shot .7.62×39 pistol essentially the same size and weight as a compact service pistol, much smaller than the smallest Kalashnikov layout pistols. This video purports to show an actual 7.62×39 derringer being fired https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G7n7tlnaZI . The recoil looks uncomfortable but not unmanageable. I would imagine wilderness light backpackers carrying something like this and of course those who are simply looking to carry the most punch that they realistically can.

          • Cymond

            Wow, I’m familiar with the American Derringer Corp, but never knew a 7.62×39 had been produced!!! But I’m still skeptical of the concept’s merits.

          • Annika

            I’m skeptical of the merits of .410 rounds being used in a defensive role, but everyone seems to be buying those.

          • Chrome Dragon

            Sometimes you just need to pop a pissed-off rattlesnake, and they’re great for that.

            For other times and other targets, there’s buck-n-ball loads – 3 rounds of .38spl equivalent buckshot landing together’s nothing to scoff at. If Glock introduced a legal 9mm with burstfire, nobody would be complaining or wondering. 😉

  • John Daniels

    Bond Arms already did this years ago, FWIW.

  • Leigh Rich

    Another single shot 410/45. Bet it cost more than the Leinad/Cobra derringer.LOL

  • Vermin.308Winchester

    Double action is what makes this with it I mean previous 45/410 derrengers had the reliability but none of the point shooting speed neccasary to make a shot pistol work I mean gimme a sec to cock the hammer and get a grip on it again doesn’t work well in practice