IWI To Produce Weapons In Vietnam

Nguoiduatin.vn reports that Israeli Weapons Industry is looking to open a factory in Vietnam to produce weapons for the Far East market. They could invest up to $100 million int he plant. The Vietnamese military have adopted a wide range of  Israeli small arms including the Tavor, Negev LMG, Galil SAR rifle and Galil Sniper rifle.


IWI Galil Sniper and IWI Negev LMG




IWI Tavor, IWI Negev and MATADOR (Anti-Tank / Breaching Rocket)

IWI Tavor

IWI Tavor

IWI Galil Sniper with Suppressor

IWI Galil Sniper with Suppressor


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  • Joe Schmoe

    It’s amazing to see how fast the Tavor is being adopted. From what I can tell, in just a few short years it is the second most adopted Bullpup rifle in the world behind the Steyr AUG.

    • Mike F Di


  • Tom – UK

    What advantages are there in opening the factory there? why not open it in isreal where the local expertise in the company are and hire locals so there are no language barriers ?

    • Joe Schmoe

      It’s probably to get over a barrier to adoption.

      A lot of these places like the weapons to be locally produced.

      • Anonymoose

        They could also be planning on exporting weapons from this new Vietnamese factory to other countries in the area, or perhaps worldwide. I’m willing to bet that the cost of Vietnamese labor is cheaper than that of Israeli labor.

    • snmp

      ASEAN Exchange aera, Not muslim country, and not competitor in amrs manufacturing.

      In plus, the Vietnam need to modernize its military hardware aigaint the new military power of china. That’s why could found South Korea, Japan, Russia, India, West Europe …. and USA, help for the containement of china

    • Six8

      Probably has to with having a foothold in Asia. Setting up a plant in Singapore, Malaya or other well off Asian country wouldn’t make sense. Too much competiition.

  • Six8

    Why are the Israelis selling military hardware to rogue states?

    • Burst

      Protip: The government of Vietnam is not the same one as in the 70’s.
      (even if it was, there’s not a ton of other options anymore)

      Israeli arms sales are probably undertaken with the objective of making a profit, just like most other arms sales.

      • Six8

        That doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a one party dictatorship with no respect for civil rights. Profit aside. Monkey countries like that should be embargoed until they have transformed into multi-party democratic nation states where there is press freedom, economic freedom, respect for basic human rights, a civil society where people have the right to organize and speak up for themselves, freedom of oppression, no gov propaganda etc. I can’t believe companies in the Western hemisphere even take into serious consideration orders from rogue states.

        • David

          Haha, in embargoing them you would be oppressing them into freedom? kinda counter-intuitive don’t you think, and doesn’t really work in the real world. Placing embargoes and trade sanctions on a country to behave a certain way really doesn’t get their people on our side, does it? “I’m going to liberate the crap outta you” kind of mentality.

          Think about how corrupt the average politician is. Then realize that the majority of corporations, perhaps not the people in them, but the corporations as a whole acting as a synthetic person, are pretty corrupt. They don’t give a rip about who they sell to. Just look at wal-mart. 80% of their inventory is Chinese made in sweat shops. If they really cared, they wouldn’t do business that way. if you really cared you wouldn’t buy from wal-mart at all. I don’t on those very grounds.

          • Six8

            True. The Germans also sell weapons to shite regimes in the Mid East. KSA just bought frech Leopards and PZH’s from KMW. And I wonder how F2000’s ended up in Lybia. Dirty business, the MIC…

        • dan

          You mean like the usa selling planes and tanks to Egypt Muslim brothers or Saudi Arabia?

    • Leonids Smagars

      How is it a rogue state?
      It is one party, thus undemocratic and not free, true, but they are not crazy as the “Kingdom of Kims”. Besides those where Commie ruled Vietnamese forces who defeated the insane Khmer Rouge.

  • Steven Ling

    I think it’s interesting how Vietnam has cozied up to the west (including the US) for protection against China. They are buying Israeli arms and asking for our protection.

    • Six8

      Vietnam can go F itself. They are just as red as China, Cuba and NK and need to turn into a multi-party democratic state first before the West should even think for a moment about considering being a patron to Vietnam.

      • David

        Ho-Chi-Minh actually approached the US for protection and aid before he approached China in the late unpleasantness. As a developing country he needed the support of one of the major players. The US was his first choice. The US wasn’t interested. We lost them to Communism before we even fought them to save face.

        A real shame really.

        • Big Daddy

          I wish people would read the truth about the Vietnam war. It was the French who caused all the problems there. I even talked with a Brit who was stationed there in WWII and told me how the allied generals armed the Japanese soldiers to police the Vietnam people, that’s a slap in the face. Ho Chi Minh asked for help from the USA and did not want Russian/Chinese involvement but we backed the French, he had no other choice. In fact after we left Vietnam China attacked them and got their butts kicked. It was an ill conceived war based on BS, sort of like the whole Iraq thing.

          • Solidus

            You sir are a scholar. This is the truth that no one hears about.

          • Six8

            Horseshit. My girlfriend is Vietnamese and loves the French. For they invested many millions in the country. All the highways, schools, hospitals and so on were built by the French. The Vietnamese themselves screwed it all up.

          • whodywei

            Are you suggesting that Vietnamese should give up their independence in exchange for the French schools, hospitals, and highways ????

          • Esh325

            Your girlfriend speaks for all Vietnamese people?

          • Guest

            I don’t even know where to begin with you.

          • Big Daddy

            When someone that was there substantiates what you have read it is kind of amazing. This bloke from Scotland was in Vietnam during WWII and the fact that the Allies rearmed the Japanese to police the Vietnam people was a terrible thing. The French like any colonial power abused the people of Vietnam. All they wanted was their freedom from colonial powers, same as the Americans did from the British. I lived through the Vietnam war and just missed serving by a few years. I remember the propagate, it was all BS. By the time the war was in full swing Ho Chi Minh was a very old man and not in power at all. He was a figure head and was used by both sides, he was not really in power.

          • Michael Pham

            I don’t even know where to begin with you, Six8. The faulty logic, the twisted history, the outright bigotry-

            I’m an American Vietnamese. I was born in the United States. My parents were from South Vietnam; they left after the fall of Saigon because they heard about Hue and weren’t going to stick around to see what was going to happen. They didn’t want communism but they didn’t coddle to being treated like animals in their own country by the French either.

            My citizenship is that of the US of A and I love this country and would do anything to protect her. But I am also Vietnamese, and historically my people really just want to be left alone.

            Do I take issue with the government back there? Of course. Its not really communist these days but it does repress political rights. But if anything made the country what it is today it was foreign intervention; by the French, the Japanese, the Americans (though well intentioned), and the Chinese.

            War is inherently an extremist exercise and there is no place for moderate voices or centrists in a time of conflict. You were for national liberation or you were with the enemy. And so all the moderates, all those who were interested in reapproachment with the west, all the non-communists; they lost all credibility.

            Things are getting better though and as Wander points out trade is slowly opening up Vietnam to outside investment and to western ideas. Go to the country and see it for yourself, instead of sitting at home and hating a place you’ve never known.

            I admit I’ve only been once (went on a medical mission; was fun but its kind of a pain in the ass and there’s people in the US near where I live who need just as much help) but its plain to see there’s progress.

            I’m not a hateful guy. I believe people are all the same really. And I truly believe that one of the greatest things about the US is that it is a tolerant, accepting nation that really just wants to do business with the world.

          • Six8

            With all due respect to you and your ancestry, you’ve only been there once. Me and my girl, we go their twice a year and although we love the country itself, we hate what we see is being done by the government. She’s from SAIGON and her grand parents were never treated like animals during French rule. Vietnam was doing perfectly fine under the French, trust me. True, Vietnamese people rather be left alone, just left alone. But communism really destroyed the country. Do you have any idea about how corrupt and repressive this government of their’s is? Anyways, I love my Vietnamese girl dearly and treat her like gold. And I like going to Vietnam together twice a year. But how the Israelis can supply Vietnam with weapons is a fair question to ask oneself.

          • Joe Schmoe

            How can the U.S. supply the likes for Saudi Arabia? How can Belgium supply the likes Libya? How can Russia supply the likes of Syria?

            Welcome to the global arms trade, if you don’t sell it, someone else will. At least Vietnam is rather friendly and open compared with the above listed examples.

          • anampses

            As a first generation Vietnamese American born in Texas, who has been to Vietnam at least a dozen times…

            I can honestly say that I hate Vietnam. Do not misunderstand me. I love my heritage and all of my family’s culture rooted in Vietnam. But the government and the state of the country as a whole makes me sad. Police there expect you to bribe them, and many of the Vietnamese people are lazy sitting around smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee because their family in America keep wiring them money they blow away on gambling.

          • Six8

            Now we’re talking. My Vietnamese girlfriend and I see exactly the same thing there. And it’s not ony cops, it’s each and every public servant. they sit on their asses all day, doing nothing, yet they feel like being on top of the world. They don’t work, but only start working as soon as you pull out your wallet. I care a rats behind about the strange looks we get as an asian-caucasian couple, but it’s definitely government instruction to rip foreigners off. My girl always translates what hey’ve been whispering among themselves and it always has to do with some scam they instantly think of, screwing both of us ten times over. Mind you, the country itself is great, the people we know overthere, her family, friends, but the system/gov is totally F’d: the random arrests I’ve seen in the streets, the abuse of power by corrupted civil servants, no respect for human rights or rule of law whatsoever. I really don’t get why a reputable company such as IWI would want to get their hands dirty on a country like that.

          • That individuals bigotry will no longer be heard–

          • MOG

            Vietnam: It was the first full scale use of the US Military as a mercenary force. One difference, we pay them to let us fight. Been that way ever since.

        • John184

          It’s true. I’m half Vietnamese, and that’s exactly what my family tells me.

          It makes sense. Vietnam was a rising country at the time and needed a superpower’s backing. If they couldn’t get U.S. backing, the next best option was Soviet backing. They did what they needed to do for independence. The Southern Vietnamese government was corrupt as hell, so one can’t really say that one side was ‘better’ than the other.

      • Anonymoose

        Check your privilege, gentile scum. Didn’t you know that Israel can sell weapons to whoever they want?

        • David

          Oddly enough, I understand that message. Is that strange?

          • Big Daddy

            I see so much overt antisemitism on the internet from Americans. And so much of it without being overt, it’s here and going strong. I don’t look Jewish and have so many times been hanging out with people and the Jewish jokes come out, especially if a Hasidic Jew walks by. I laugh because they are funny but they laugh because they are bigots. Like my African-American friends used to say “It’s a black thing”, well Jews throughout the world have to deal with the same kind of bigotry. So many don’t even realize how bigoted they are and misinformed too. I can understand ignorance but outright hatred for people whose only difference is their religion. So many don’t even follow their religious past yet are still hated even though they look the same. As soon as they see your name, different treatment. I have been through it, the name calling, the looks, from all kinds of people. I was shocked when I got it while in the US Army. I thought of all places not here, my father went through the same thing in WWII 30 years before and it still hasn’t changed.

          • David

            No kidding. Well said.

          • Six8

            Oh really? Last time I was in Israel I saw a so-called pious Jew walking out of the ‘special’ exit of some cats house in Tel Aviv demonstratively looking up into the sky with a feeling sorry face and his hands put together. The only people I felt sorry for at that moment were the girls from ??? who are being pimped for 5 NIS an hour by some talking loud over his cell phone kike wearing a massive gold neckless and 7″ star of David and Ray Ban glasses who stepped out of the front door simultaneously with the incredibly pious Jew, into a car that appeared to be a brand new Lamborghini that was screaming circus music out of its speakers.

          • Joe Schmoe

            Sure…. Lamborghini in Israel… visiting a $1 dollar an hour hooker.

            Do you even hear yourself?

          • Six8

            I’m not at all antisemitic, I laugh about each and every religious denomination. You’re all brainwashed fools. Give me scientific proof of the existence of God and I’ll adhere to your God. No problem. If I should believe it all, you guys crucified the most popular and beloved man in history. So don’t come here bitchin’ and whining about how sorry you all feel for yourself. you are the most racist people on on the planet. Look at what you do to the people who were living there for 2000 years before you came along and decided they were to take a hike because you are going to live there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking any sides here. Just being objective. IIRC a Christian can’t immigrate to the “Holy Land” because YOU decided to keep it for yourself. How’s that for a fact? Doesn’t a Christian have equal claim to Israel just like you? Oh no, he’s a goy, right? Yeah sure… Whatever dude… Jews need to foremost take a look at themselves before they bring up history every time. FFS you guys even hate the aboriginals and the Natives, who have been living on this planet for how long? 10 millions years? That’s way before you guys showed up. Really, stop feeling sorry for yourself man… Things are rough all over, okay?

          • Big Daddy

            A my black friends used to say, your slip is showing. Dude you’re full of it. You are just talking, I was in Germany and they have the same policy, you can never be a citizen unless you were born there. The hate spews from you and it’s disgusting. The sad part is you wont even acknowledge your bigotry. You are just plain old ignorant, you may be somewhat educated but ignorant at the same time.

          • Six8

            How about a little self reflection on your own behalf? Why are you people all over the place but claim a country for yourself which isn’t even rightfully yours? Ok, quasi rightfully yours based on some book you wrote yourselves and nobody else cares about.

            Why don’t you people marry outside your own race? Why can’t a Christian not move to Israel and be a citizen there? Why is El Al claiming special status everywhere, you think the US or Russia aren’t suffering from a permanently elevated level terrorist threat? Why is the IDF so segregated and not a truly national millitary? Why are you keeping the Ethiopians and bedouines away from the Sabras? Scared they will chase your girls, arent these guys Jews as well? You reap from the Palestinians what you sowe. FACE IT, you people are the most racist and fascist nation ever to walk upon the face of the earth. And the fun part is, you didn’t even reply to the smilar comment I made earlier, so therefore I stated a little more explicit. Be a sport, don’t be so selective man… By the way, the Germany citizenship thing is horeshit. I have plenty of friends living in Germany who weren’t born there but have a German passport. I’m not at all antisemitic, I don’t hate anybody. I’m just highly critical of the double standards you Jews maintain. That’s all. So, the question about which one of us is ignorant, I leave up to you.

            And before we get both of our behinds spanked by Steve, this is the last thing I’ll say about it. So back on topic: IWI makes some seriously good weaponry, they just shouldn’t sell their produce to dubious at best regimes. It’s bad PR and ruins their outstanding name. Because by all means, IWI is a top tier weapons manufacturer. And I’m being honest here: that goes for KMW as wel, they shouldn’t sell to countries like KSA. I do not maintain any double standards.

          • Big Daddy

            You people, like I said your slip is showing. You Jews, OK, I get it. I’m an American and do not care about Israel nor do I go to any house of worship. I am a die hard atheist. You are a hateful bigot, just look in the mirror and admit it. You’re ignorant and a hater. Personally I don’t care at all, the world is filled with them. No reason to even argue with you and try to set you on the correct path, you will never get it.

          • FourString

            When you say
            “you people”

            everyone knows your mind is only capable of overgeneralizing
            and you thoroughly discredit anything you have to say

            I didn’t even bother to read the rest of your rant because i already know that it is so hate-filled and irrational -.-

          • Joe Schmoe

            Segregation in the IDF!? Can you make up more nonsense?

            I have plenty of Ethiopians serving in my unit, one of my fellow snipers was Ethiopian. We also had a few druze as well; one of the battalion commanders even was Druze. I also had an Arab serving in my unit.

            Yes, most people don’t know that Arabs can also serve in the IDF, it’s just on a voluntary basis.

          • Six8

            I wrote a post that could be called a warning concerning racial slurs and insulting comments concerning Jews and the state of Israel. Your comments were not only about the Jewish state and it’s citizens/military you managed to offend many other readers on other topics which are not allowed.
            Apparently you stopped only because you were thinking Steve would step in not because you realized the remarks you made were disgusting and inflammatory.
            I’m the moderator and I assure you I read every comment made on all post every day of the week.

          • Big Daddy—those comments are gone.

        • Six8

          Keep religion to yourself. I’m an atheist. Go tell others those bed time stories, I don’t buy all that crap. It has nothing to do with religion, or Jews, or Buddhas or whatever. I consider Israel to be part of the Western world, they are an extension of NATO (because they are totally dependent on it’s largest member for the financial upkeep of their armed forces), so I find it strange they’re selling weapons to an enemy of ours. Don’t trust Asians, they all play both sides. Source: my Vietnamese girlfriend (who happens to hate the Vietnamese government as well).

          • David

            Gentile is a pejorative that some Jewish people use for people who are not semitic and not Jewish. It has less to do with religion and more to do with race. The fact that Anonymoose said “check your privilege” is a tongue in cheek reference to emphasize the racial aspect of the post. The whole post by Anonymoose was sarcastic. If I read it correctly it roughly translates to: “not so fast, white-boy didn’t you know semitic jews are above you and as such can do as they please?”

          • Six8

            No religious fool has the right to call me a gentile. Whether meant sarcastic or not. Period. And that certainly goes for that self-proclamed quasi God’s chosen few. It makes wanna puke…

    • Esh325

      That isn’t really accurate. If anything, they want the Russians to protect them. http://www.realclearworld.com/2012/07/31/a_russian_naval_base_in_vietnam_138600.html

      • Bình T. Nguyễn

        Russia protects Vietnam??? LOL Russia is true businessman now. It won’t take any risk to protect any country.

    • Bình T. Nguyễn

      Vietnam doesn’t need protection from the West against China. In fact, it can take on China single-handedly. Vietnam needs the West for foreign affair purposes only.

      • Steven T. Ling

        I remember China once did a half-assed “border incursion” into Vietnam back in the 80s. The Vietnamese Chief of Staff laughed at them calling the Chinese military equipment “toys” that they would easily defeat. The Vietnamese did beat them back.

        I suspect that now, with China investing huge amounts in their military, the outcome might be different. Vietnam has a tough army but China’s sheer size plus their technological advances would be a challenge.

  • Some bitter jerk

    We should export more napalm to Viet Nam.

  • Wander

    Seems like a lot of bigotry from people who know very little about the country. Wars are not the most effective way to win a countries people anymore. You fill their peoples minds with Western Consumerism and they become a bunch of mcdonalds eating starbucks swilling pro americans. Much like china small business and corporations are thriving and you are beginning to see a surprising amount of local wealth. Sell them weapons and reasonably priced lattes and the west will win the east.

    • Leonids Smagars

      Not quite so. I can’t afford eating at McDonalds (besides it sucks incredibly). Taking a home prepared lunch with you saves money. And I live in Europe, supposedly Viet Nam is much poorer.
      In short, consumerism is an issue only if there is an excess of money.

    • John184

      I’ve been to Vietnam recently, and it’s beautiful to see a country retain much of its original culture while adapting Western culture and economics. It’s hardly a Communist country any more, small business is booming.

      This is exactly how the Vietnam War should’ve been won. With products and consumerism, not fighting. I’m half Vietnamese and my family there raves over Levi’s and L.L. Bean.

  • Patrick

    The Vietnamese military really buys those cheap eBay knock off CIRAS’?

    • snmp

      They have factories who work for Blackhawks, Protec …..


    A bit old news, the information about possible IWI factory in Vietnam were published in… September 2011: http://www.globes.co.il/serveen/globes/docview.asp?did=1000766816&fid=1724

  • Six8

    Well anyway, the Vietnamese military made a fine choice for a gun. No doubt about that.

  • Forrest

    Not to put oil in the fire, but there’s an old proverb in Vietnam which says “the frenchs built everything. The americans destroyed everything”.
    NB : I’m french, and I don’t think colonialism was a good thing. I never went in USA, too.

    • Six8

      Voila! Oui, c’est vrai! Les Americains juste de parler….

  • bluoval

    Not to worry about the Vietnamese. When I was there all you had to do is fire on them once and they would drop their equipment and Didi-Mau.

    • Tomdietnguy

      You ignorant bigot! Those Vietnamese fought against the US did so with great courage. Otherwise how did they won the war? Only those who fought under US tutelage, the Saigon forces, ” would drop their equipment and Didi-Mau”! Capisci?

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    The more I study history the more I admire the Vietnamese people. From their successful war with the PLA to their liberation of Cambodia, they’re tough bastards.

  • MrSatyre

    To quote a highly overused Internet meme: “That escalated quickly.” Jeebuz, folks, you need to calm the f*ck down and get back to the business of “Guns, Not Politics.”

  • For those who may be ticked off because I just deleted the comments you made you have no right to be angry. Those comments were anti-semitic as well as the racial slurs referring to Vietnamese as “monkeys”. Those who made these comments and others should know by now that TFB nor I will tolerate it.

    • Mike F Di

      but what if they were anti semitic monkeys in their own right, and just jealous??

    • AZcowboy

      It’s just normal that there are losers in this world. That’s why crimes are always the most concerned problems everywhere in any civilized society.

  • Socrates

    omfg people stop arguing its just an article about Israeli arms in Vietnam, its not about who the Vietnamese hate or evil western imperialism.

  • Carlos U

    Are they switching from com-block ammo to Nato? Or are they using 5.45 soviet?

    • Joe Schmoe

      The magazines suggest NATO, the Negev (which they also use) only uses 5.56 and 7.62 (both NATO).

      • Lance

        This is more for Spec Ops while regular Vientamese Army uses classic Commie AKMs.

    • snmp

      In fact, PLA have in its armories manys weapons :7,62X25 (TT33, Type 50, PSS43 ….) 7,62X39 (AKM/SKS …) & 7,6254R (Mossin Nagan, RPK, SVD, SVT ….) but they have lots of M16, CAR15, M14 …..

    • Anonymoose

      iirc they supposedly have stockpiles of M16s and M60s and other stuff that we left there or gave to the RVN back in the day, so by switching to NATO calibers they can use those weapons.

  • For the readers of this post. I have deleted those comments made to Six8. They are no longer relevant since he cannot respond. Thanks for understanding.

    • Big Daddy

      I would be OK with deleting my rebuttal also. No need for any of that. I was just hoping to maybe let him see how he is perceived, I hope it worked and he is reevaluating his beliefs. Like I said I understand if you remove my comments too, this is about guns and nothing else. And I do love me some guns!!!!!! I’m moving to Texas in a few months and finally can get me some and shoot. Living in New York makes it impossible to make shooting a fun thing to do. This is by far still the best gun site on the internet.

  • Lance

    Remind you the Vietnamese military adopted them for Special Forces and SAtate Police only. Hate seeing Israel support a nation who support Arab enemy 90% of the time anyways. Yikes.

  • Adrian

    In the third picture from the top it is not a Galil it is a Negev “commando” with a 35 rounds Galil magazine.

  • Tony Lin

    only one miss: ACE rifle.