IWI To Produce Weapons In Vietnam

    Nguoiduatin.vn reports that Israeli Weapons Industry is looking to open a factory in Vietnam to produce weapons for the Far East market. They could invest up to $100 million int he plant. The Vietnamese military have adopted a wide range of  Israeli small arms including the Tavor, Negev LMG, Galil SAR rifle and Galil Sniper rifle.


    IWI Galil Sniper and IWI Negev LMG


    IWI Galil SAR


    IWI Tavor, IWI Negev and MATADOR (Anti-Tank / Breaching Rocket)

    IWI Tavor

    IWI Tavor

    IWI Galil Sniper with Suppressor

    IWI Galil Sniper with Suppressor


    Steve Johnson

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