More Chinese M99 12.7mm Anti-Material Rifles In Syria

C.J. Chivers encountered one a  .50 cal Chinese M99 anti-material rifle in Syria and took some excellent photos of it

The rifle in question, however, is not British. It’s a Chinese M99.

Just a few days ago, with Ahfad al-Rasul (the “Grandsons of the Prophet”) on the Idlib and Hama fronts, we happened to get a close and unobstructed view of one of the siblings seen in the Reuters’ file, as the rest of the photographs show.

Steve Johnson

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  • MacK

    Many on hand, but used effectively? Not so many 😉

  • Roger Mao

    interesting, M99 is export only. should not be hard to procure.
    the issued mil one is QBU-10, equipped with DBT-10 boat tail snipping ammo and DBJ-10 multi-purpose round (kinda like raufoss), accordingly

  • John Wade

    How all these mercenaries get that kind of weapons? It’s goddamn high-caliber rifle!

    • vitor roma

      A good explanation:

  • bbmg

    I can see these being used to take out enemies behind heavy cover in close urban combat but I doubt they have the training, ammunition or optics to use them in their intended role of taking out heavy weapons, vehicles and equipment at long range.

    The scope mount looks particularly flimsy. Just look at the flex on a much more heavy duty mount on the AS50, in the same class as the M99 and suspiciously aesthetically similar:

    I’d be very surprised the scope pictured in the article will hold its zero, or indeed that the reticle is intact.

    • Roger Mao

      well i read some material saying that the top rail on M99 is not a standard picatinny rail. they expended the width of the 1913 rail to create a more solid mounting platform (more friction is what is said in the article). but that being said, this is a exporting “only” merchandise, and its from china.

  • NotSarcasm

    C’mon, Syrian rebels have them and still not available in Canada?