Chamber-View Shotgun Safety Device

Chamber View

The Chamber-View Company introduced a safety accessory for the shotgun market.  This bright orange device fits into the chamber, through the ejection port, of nearly any shotgun.  It provides immediate visual recognition that the firearm has been rendered safe.

The device is currently being sold by Beretta USA and will also be sold through Brownells.  Beretta is selling them for $9.95.  It is made of 100% silicone.

Chamber View

Richard Johnson

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  • What, a chamber flag? What a concept!

  • Komrad

    I’d rather just use the CMP chamber flags many clubs give out for free. This doesn’t verify that the chamber is empty, just that the bolt is locked back.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I like how it’s named for exactly the opposite of what it does.

  • Russ

    Along with the CMP chamber flags, you can slide a zip tie over itself to form a loop, then stick the “tail” down the chamber. That way it actually verifies that the chamber is clear.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Make a clear one so that we can see the empty chamber.

  • lucusloc

    needs a plug that goes into the chamber, like pretty much every other chamber flag. . . .

  • Martin M

    But for the fact that it isn’t rendered safe. Just locking the bolt open with a hunk of orange silicone does not mean there isn’t a round in the chamber.

    • MightyGrey

      Yep, agree. In my autoloader an extra round can squeeze in between the chamber and the mag as well.

  • phamnuwen

    These devices are dangerous since they teach the notion that firearms can be “rendered safe”.
    Rule #1: The firearm is always loaded.

  • Jasper Collins

    Purchased one of these from Beretta. Odd title for the piece. Gave to my father(65) for a stand hunt. It gave all those around him “peace of mind” as they could see the bright orange blocker from a distance. All of his fellow hunters asked for one. Great handout idea for at the hunts. Cool unit and well worth the cost for the peace of mind. However, why did they call it a flag? not a flag.