SAFELERT Monitoring System


Many gun owners invest a significant sum of money into a safe to securely store their firearms and other valuables.  But given enough time, any safe can be breeched and the guns stolen.  The key is preventing a crook from having access to your safe long enough to defeat it.

Enter the SAFELERT.  Developed by Liberty Safe, the new SAFELERT is a discreet alarm for your safe.  It will notify you via e-mail or text message when the safe is moved, the door is opened, if the temperature starts getting too high or too low, or if the humidity starts to rise.

The system works on batteries (and will notify you if they get low) and connects to the internet via your home WiFi connection.  Therein lies the point of failure.  If thieves are breaking into your home, they might first hit your phone/cable connection which will prevent the SAFELERT from contacting you.  A workaround would be to have a MiFi or similar device that connects to the internet via cell signal.

The SAFELERT is $199.  Yearly monitoring charges also apply ($59.95 for one year, discounts for multiple years.)

Richard Johnson

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  • TangledThorns

    $199 is too expensive for me but will others with larger collections pay for it?

    • They probably have a real security system in place.

  • If it were 100 or less id be all over that.

    And why service fees? Its not like you need this thing’s messages to be secure. Who cares if other people know that your safe is too cold?

  • Black_Viper

    Needs to be $99 and use home wifi with local SMTP or ability to use your own (gmail) for zero service fee’s. Local battery backup in case someone really wants to get tricky. Odds are robbers wont know where your Wifi access point is, but they can disable the power from the outside in many homes. Double battery backup so the access point doesn’t go down in power outages too.

    • 032125

      If people breaking into your home have the expertise and foresight to disable the power and wi-fi, you are probably a reported working on exposing government corruption, and they are probably from the FBI. Or IRS.

      • 032125

        *ahem* Reporter.

  • kdawg

    I’d think about buying it for 200, but the additional yearly fees kill it for me. I’ve got a couple IP cameras set up that emails me pictures while I’m away anyway.

  • zeos386sx

    If it emails you and uses your internet connection, what exactly are you paying $60 a month for? You could build your own for about $100 in parts. The other thing to keep in mind is that when your safe is closed up the wifi signal is going to suck.

  • gunslinger

    too expensive, especially with the service feel. if they has a “secure” cell signal, then yeah i can see that. although if they monitor, there should be some sort of “heartbeat” back to the monitoring company. if thieves cut power, monitoring should not get a heartbeat response and notify you.

    but i could probably do this with parts in my house for less than 100.

  • Seems to do everything this sytem can, just in a smaller package.

    well, maybe not the wifi check, but who needs that? you can program it to just call your phone.

  • I like the PITBULL with PMS and AIDS for most safe alarms…LOL
    seriously, the more time it takes the less the baddies want to spend in your property..
    a GOOD set of HARD entry and continued hard tasks most bad guys wont continue…it takes too long, and the cops might be on scene before they can get out in time.
    failing that….OPSEC, never let anyone know where you secure you’re stuff, HIDE YOUR SAFE WELL, make sure it isnt too easy to get open, or off your property.

    • Alex C.

      What about those of us with miltiple large, unhideable safes? Or multiple properties?

      • Mike F Di

        make it look like a an operating freezer…who breaks in to steal…meat

  • GlockLove

    ohh if this was GSM this would be awesome