Glock USA Now Exporting Pistols

Last year consumers in the USA noticed that more and more new Glock pistols on sale had USA stamped on the slide instead of the familiar AUSTRIA. For reasons unknown Glock increased production in the USA. It is now being reported that Glock USA is actually exporting USA-made Glock pistols to at least one other country. New Glock pistols on sale in the Philippines are manufactured in the USA, not Austria.

According to one user, older Austrian made Glocks are now selling for a significant premium in Philippines because many Glock-enthusiasts want to see AUSTRIA stamped on the slide. Other enthusiasts want their Glocks to have the Tenifer metal treatment that Glock is famous for using. Glock-certified armourers report that Glock has been telling them that the Tennifer is no longer used in either Austria or the USA. Glock’s European website still says the pistols are Tenifer-treated, the Glock USA website just says the parts are surface treated without naming the treatment they use. Tennifer (ferritic nitrocarburizing) stopped being used because it produces unpleasant byproducts, including cyanides.

Glock's European Website (May 2013)

Glock’s European Website (May 2013)

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  • Guest

    Hey dickwad Doom….the fucking guns are made in Austria pecker head, all of them and always have been.

    • noob

      guest, 0/10 troll harder

  • noob

    hmm. glock went through this with the gen 3 to gen 4 transition. winchester suffered this with the post ’64 model 70.

    when you change a premium and beloved feature, your pr and sales team needs to be ready to defend the change as change for the better or you will find your company in the unenviable position of being seen as making cheap knockoffs of *your own product*.

    the last thing glock needs right now is to have people calling the american products “McGlocks” or something.

    • FourString

      Well, US-made Fabrique Nationale’s are pretty damn solid from what I’ve heard. But you’re definitely referring to SIG’s eh? haha

      • J in Ga

        Marlin rifles built by Marlin before the Remington takeover command a significant price over “Remlins”. Remington moved the Marlin factory losing a lot of experience in the process, and went cheap on the finish and wood.

      • ST4

        My first Sig was a 556. Sold it. My second Sig was a W. German P226. ‘Nuff said.

  • FourString

    I would guess that this has to do with the value of the dollar compared to the Euro? The stronger the value of the currency, the less lucrative exporting is (cost of manufacturing considered)?

  • FourString

    Now if only H&K would manufacture firearms in the USA—pffffft who am I kidding xD

    • B.

      Wait… since when did H&K like civilian sales? Oh… right.

  • Jim Chambers

    One possible reason is US gun manufacturers enjoy more protections from being sued when their product is used to kill someone. There is actually a law that prohibits American manufacturers from being sued, but it doesn’t apply to foreign guns. It’s the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

    I remember hearing about one instance the family went after one of the gun makers used because it was a Chinese firm, but they couldn’t go after the American gun maker.

  • Ian

    Tennifer is just a trade name. There are plenty of other companies that melonite and these Glocks will still be melonited.

    • Doom

      But they said they stopped using it because it had bad chemicals from the process. is melonite the same thing? if so why stop using tenifer?

    • Marc

      Melonite is also just a trade name for a certain type of ferritic nitrocarburizing processes.

  • Dan

    I was in a Trust Trade shop not three weeks ago. They’re the official importer of Glock pistols to the Philippines. I wasn’t there for the Glocks though, I was shopping for a Taurus revolver. Anyway, I didn’t notice if they’re selling USA-stamped Glocks to us civvies.

    BTW, Trust Trade was awarded last year to supply the national police in the PH with about 59,904 Glock 17s for 997 million pesos. Which makes each unit about 16,643.29 pesos or about 407 USD. Maybe they can’t get a fair price from Austria so they’re getting the “cheaper” one from the US?

  • CET Enrique R. Leon

    due the CAFTA the USA’s glocks are being send to Costa Rica also, where the USA version cost some $750 and the austrian around $850/$900 each

  • George

    Glocks made in USA? Well, make one in .380 already! Only reason we couldn’t get one before is because there is no external safety (ATF has criteria for import of firearms).

    I’d get one on principle!

    • Kwiqast

      So you want a gun the same size as a 26/27/33 in a round that doesn’t perform anywhere close to 9mm .40 or .357 sig?

      • George

        Yes, yes I would.

  • Former Glock Emp.

    Complete Glock pistols have been manufactured in the US for several years now. The reason they haven’t been sold, only exported, is to keep Austria relevant. If US produced Glocks were made exclusively for the US, Glock US could break away, and Glock Ges.m.b.H. would wither and die.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Wow, Glock… Make a crappy move and upset your customer base, but for the love of God, don’t let airsoft or blank firing Glocks be imported. That might mess up your sales…

  • ManongBloggerDotCom

    Yes. Glocks stamped Made in USA made it to the Philippine Gun stores

  • ich

    Yes i am from the philippines and acquired a glock 17 from trust trade in 2011. It was represented as being from glock USA and yes the slide says USA instead of austria. Finish was slightly different from all of my friends AUSTRIAN g17’s but I dont care. its served me well so far. Good gun.