Gemini Defense Z-Flex Sights

Gemini Defense sights

Gemini Defense makes a handgun sighting system that is supposed to allow the shooter to focus on the threat, not the sights, in a high-stress self-defense situation.  The sights are called Zone Reflex, or Z-Flex, combat sights.

The rear sights offer either a large, oblong, enclosed circle or a very wide, tall notch depending on the model purchased.  All of the sights use parenthesis-like outlines to bracket the target.  The purpose is for the shooter to concentrate on the threat while obtaining a non-precise, but fast visual reference that the gun is on target.

Z Flex sights

The two enclosed rear sights also have a standard notch at the base to allow for more precise shooting at targets farther away.

The sights use a photo-luminescent paint that glows after being exposed to light.  Roughly one minute of “charging” from a high intensity flashlight should provide up to six hours of useful glowing.

Pricing runs from $89.95 to $119.95.

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  • DK

    Cool idea. I’d like to see a video of a new shooter try them in a USPSA/IDPA stage and see how well the do.

    • Verner

      Looks like a baaaad idea to me. How the hell am I supposed to line these up in a high-stress situation? VERY high chance of missing high I think… No definitive sight picture to look for. A rear sight with that high profile has a chance to snag on clothing. Thats my theory. Still, I would try it. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    I can see the low profile designs having some potential for home defence and CQB as you just roughly bracket a dot and centre on the target, but don’t get the other design at all. If you are just looking through the oval then the front and back site wont be aligned hence the traditional dots at the bottom, but if you have to align that it is exactly the same as traditional night sights, only with a weird oval around it. Like Verner said, I suspect most people would hit high as the instinct would be to treat it like a normal sight and centre the dot in the oval.

  • allannon

    To me, this almost seems more useful for carbines than pistols.

  • Komrad

    Might be interesting to see that flip up sight paired with a special holster. Folded while in retention and then automatically pops up on draw.
    Maybe that’s even the intention

    In any case, I’d think that a larger front sight would help with this. As it stands, it would be easy to put the front sight too high or low in the sight picture and either hit dirt or sky.
    Then again, I haven’t tried the sights. Maybe they work well.

  • Sid

    It can easily become too much of a good thing. The sights and raised sight post begin to obscure the viewable space in the target area. Did the suspects hand move? Was he grabbing somthing at his waist?
    I would have to hold the gun to evaluate but my viewing of the sights above is it may cover too much.

  • Raven

    Looks like an attempt to make an iron sight version of the mini reflex sight (RMR, etc…) that we’ve been seeing more and more of on competition pistols.

  • JDub

    Similar to the Hexsite in concept. I would love to see a head-to-head review of the two sighting systems.

  • rVLn4

    too big! needs to be tritium and scaled down to a ghost ring 🙂

    • I’m not knocking them since I’ve never tried these but I do prefer the sights from 10-8 Performance. They have a U notch rear and a front sight choice of gold bead, fiber optic or tritium.

  • The top one does look OK, but the others look to be too imprecise to be useful at anything beyond point shooting distance, and a snag-hazard at that.

    • The use of a SIRT gun though as a sight demonstrator is a brilliant idea. Minus points for no tritium at that price though.

  • dick

    it’s a neat idea… I will never condemn someone or a company coming up with something new or creative. This may not be my cup of soup but this could potentially find a market.

    I’m just greatful to see people doing something different.

  • The focus needs to be on the front sight, NOT the rear sight.

  • Nate

    It is probably a stupid question, but are these compatible with the Beretta Px4?

  • vecdran


    • Einzelherz

      Fancy seeing you here.

  • 2wheels

    Talk about sights more likely to snag on the draw!

  • I like the site picture, but the look like they’d snag on clothing like crazy.

  • Reg

    well i guess like every new gun product i better get this or ill get myself killed. this is retarded.

  • SM

    So glad Z-Flex doesn’t have anything to do with zombies.

  • Bizarre.

  • Ian

    How exactly does having more sight in my view help me focus on my target better? I love the ridiculousness of the one on the right with its complete lack of vertical alignment.

    • DougE

      Technically, you’re supposed to focus on your front sight, not the target. RMRs allow you to focus on the target.

  • Jack

    I would be nice to see what these sights look like with a human size/shaped target. If everything between the buckhorns is target at 7-15 yards seems like it would be good enough, if not superior to standard sights for quick self defense, especially for something moving when its harder to line up your sights. I do no use a holster so I have no opinion on that aspect.

  • BuddyD

    Golly, Zeb, lookie here! Some idjit took some buckhorn sights, slopped some o’ that fos-for-essent paint on ’em and stuck ’em on their pistol!

    Is there any credible evidence that this is in some way better than what we already have?

    Or is this a simple case of everything old being new again?

    (“If you nail together two things that have never been nailed together before… some schmuck will buy it from you. ” — George Carlin)

  • Wendy


    How can I buy this item?how much?thanks!

    Pls reply my email.thanks!