Dead Strut Targets: Zombie Turkeys

Turkey zombie

Hunter’s Specialties is now selling zombie turkey targets.  Designed to “…add a bit of fun…” when checking the pattern of your shotgun, the Dead Strut targets feature a zombie turkey that is “life-sized” at 30 yards.

The targets are 11″ x 11″ and come 12 to a package.  Each package costs $5.99 and is available now.  Hunter’s Specialties is a hunting accessory company that has been around since 1977.  This appears to be their first foray into hunting the undead.  These are perhaps the perfect targets to test your new Remington VersaMax Zombie shotgun equipped with an EOTech Zombie II sight.

Richard Johnson

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  • Yay, diseased and rotting turkey… woo.

    No thanks, Shark officially jumped.

  • beaner49

    If it is “life sized” at 30 yards, wouldn’t it be life sized at any distance?

    • Nathaniel

      I was just about to post that.

    • Black_Viper

      Not the only one who noticed that when reading. Good.

  • Zane

    “The targets are 11″ x 11″ and come 12 to a package. Each package costs $5.99 and is available now.” Or you could just copy and paste the image above and print out 8.5″x11″ targets for free.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    This is worse than that Thankskilling movie?

  • Richard

    I really hope this Zombie BS comes to an end soon…

  • JeffTD

    What with this zombie shit trend in the industry? They’re all watching Walking dead or what?

    • It’s what is in right now.

      • Rob

        Sort of. They’re bringing this to market about 2 years too late to catch the fad, but whatever. Either way, this zombie stuff is comical.

        • Pfft, the zombie stuff is as strong as ever, there are tons of “zombie” items on the market and they’re selling quickly.

  • Alan

    So this is where Subway gets their sliced turkey from.