Diamondback Firearms Found To Have Infringed on Kahr Patents

A jury has found that Diamondback Firearms infringed upon patent #5502914 that is held by Kahr Arms (Saelio Inc). The patent in question describes a striker and cocking mechnism invented by Kahr founder Justin Moon. Kahr made the following statement to the press when they filed the lawsuit in 2011

Kahr Arms, the award-winning manufacturer of compact pistols based in Worcester, Mass, is currently engaged in a patent infringement lawsuit against Diamondback Firearms, LLC, the maker of compact .380 ACP and 9mm pistols based in Cocoa, Florida.

Seven U.S. patents cover Kahr’s unique locking, firing and extraction systems. The incomparable cocking cam trigger system employs a patented cam to both unlock the passive safety and complete cocking and releasing of the firing pin. The system provides a “safe cam action” and unbelievably smooth double action only trigger stroke, fast to fire in critical defensive situations.

The court documents are embedded below.

Steve Johnson

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  • strongarm

    This means all “Rocker” type sear users like, Walther QA, Beretta Nano, Springfield XDS
    are in row.

    • prob not. Knowing how these things work diamondback prob had little to know patents to fight back with. Springfield S&W/Walther and Beretta would counter sue Karh into oblivion so deep the church that owns it will not be able to save it,

      Look for a patent sharing agreement at most from the big guys to Kahr patent

      • ben 10

        how can they counter sue when Kahr got the patents long before any of them, when it comes to patents, its about getting there first. Kahr even got the product into the market decades earlier.

        • Tom

          They can counter sue as they almost certainly have another patent that Kahr has infringed, or more likely as Harrison said it would be a patent sharing deal, ie. you don’t sue us we wont sue you.

  • Mason

    Khar successfully won a lawsuit against Colt over 10 years ago, I think they would have no issues at all proving their cases against any of the large manufactures out there including S&W and Beretta if need be. I guess DB did not do their homework before letting this go to court.

  • smartacus

    How come both documents show DIAMONDBACK FIREARMS LLC as the Plaintiff?

    Central Florida drinking water amoeba problem?

    I for one am happy about this. What goes around comes around. My 3 months of DB380 ownership was worse than my Jennings J22 and RG10!!

    I feel remorse for offloading it to one of those honest, innocent, gullible pawn shop for $75 🙁

  • KahrIsASeacamp

    Kahr sues DB for stealing tech, yet Kahr was founded on tech they stole from Seacamp.