Diamondback Firearms Found To Have Infringed on Kahr Patents

    A jury has found that Diamondback Firearms infringed upon patent #5502914 that is held by Kahr Arms (Saelio Inc). The patent in question describes a striker and cocking mechnism invented by Kahr founder Justin Moon. Kahr made the following statement to the press when they filed the lawsuit in 2011

    Kahr Arms, the award-winning manufacturer of compact pistols based in Worcester, Mass, is currently engaged in a patent infringement lawsuit against Diamondback Firearms, LLC, the maker of compact .380 ACP and 9mm pistols based in Cocoa, Florida.

    Seven U.S. patents cover Kahr’s unique locking, firing and extraction systems. The incomparable cocking cam trigger system employs a patented cam to both unlock the passive safety and complete cocking and releasing of the firing pin. The system provides a “safe cam action” and unbelievably smooth double action only trigger stroke, fast to fire in critical defensive situations.

    The court documents are embedded below.

    Steve Johnson

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