Heckler & Koch P30 CM (Non-Lethal Paintball Marker)

Heckler & Koch manufacture a non-lethal paintball shooting version of their H&K P30 pistol for law enforcement training. The P30 CM fires 11.4mm caliber paintballs filled with food dye. Like gas powered airsoft pistols, the magazine holds the paintballs and the propellent. The propellent interestingly enough is compressed air, not C02 or propane, allowing H&K to market this as having zero CO2 emissions (yes, it says this on the card in the photo below).


Many thanks to Dom for the photo.

Steve Johnson

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  • Taehoon kim

    Can this be shipped to South Korea? 😀
    If you know or can distribute this please contact me.

  • Vincent

    Wow. Zero CO2 emissions. And I thought lead-free ammunition was green.

    • B.

      Meh. CO2 used in paintball is food or medical grade – it’s not the industrial CO2 byproducts caused by industry that also has things like acid rain associated with it. It’s just a marketing PR thing and means nothing.

      • bbmg

        The CO2 present in paintball tanks is the same CO2 that comes out of car exhausts and human exhalation, the same CO2 that is claimed to be a major cause of global wa… climate change.

        • B.

          Ah, no. I used to own a paintball field – there are several grades of CO2 gas you can purchase. Food & medical grade is what most paintball fields use, because it is the purest, and has the least amount of other gasses and other chemicals with it, like benzene, which could damage internal o-rings faster.
          Also, car exhaust is carbon monoxide, not carbon dioxide.

          • bbmg

            Carbon dioxide is one of the components of car exhaust. While a paintball gun won’t emit all the other nasty chemicals like carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, benzene etc. the CO2 itself is considered to be a problem by many: http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/ghgemissions/gases/co2.html

            It could be argued that by using the purest grade of CO2 available, you’re having a maximum effect on the climate 🙂

          • B.

            Well if they would stop cutting down all the damn trees everywhere to get land to house people, raise crops, and put food animals on, we might not have as big as a problem. I agree with Doug.

          • Andrew

            why dont u just stop breathing then

        • Anonymoose

          The same CO2 that (presumably) all of us are exhaling right now. :O

  • Obamas gun!!

  • noob

    i wonder if it could be loaded with pepper balls like the FN-303

    • B.

      No, the pepperballs are .68 caliber. This is an oddball size at 11.4mm which is somewhere between a .44 and .45 caliber.

      • bbmg

        11mm/0.43″ is a popular paintball calibre, I wonder if this is actually what the pistols are chambered for or HK made it that little bit wider in order to make it work only with proprietary paintballs.

        • B.

          11mm is .43 caliber, 11.4mm is .44/.45 caliber. It sounds like proprietary paintballs. I just wonder who they are getting to encapsulate the rounds for them.

        • 2wheels

          11mm is a popular paintball caliber? Where? With who?

          In mainstream civilian paintball, it’s pretty much a .68 caliber world last time I checked. There are other calibers out there, but even though I’ve been out of the paintball world for a while I doubt they’ve gained any serious traction.

          • B.

            The blowguns and some markers use .40 or .43 cal, the .50 cal is new to me, they started making those after my time. The paintballs for airsoft is 6mm size.

        • noob

          maybe the more accurate way to phrase my question should have been “I wonder if HK will be selling proprietary pepper balls to turn this training tool into a less lethal option”.

          On the other hand when Oscar Grant was fatally shot by BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle when Mehserle mistook his .40 P226 for a tazer in the stress of the moment. And that’s considering that the tazer has a completely different weight and feel, and is kept on a different place in his belt kit.

          hmm. maybe no commercial pepper balls fitting in this thing may be a good idea afterall.

      • And because of this, they are going to suck like every other .50 or .43 (hell, evel .62 back in the day) paintballs do now.

        Mass carries… these wont, unless the fill is weighted like the FN303 rounds and their bismuth/gelatin tips.

        • B.

          Well, they’ll be lighter, so, they’ll lose inertia faster, but when they do hit, they’ll sting more, because smaller surface area carrying all the potential energy transfer rather than a larger one to spread out the impact surface.

          • Not unless you are getting some serious FPS. And you would need it to break the shell. Ive fired fresh paint from the RAP4 guns before, at rocks… 10 ft away, @400fps. And it bounces. Smaller cross section means you need more shell to hold shape. More shell, harder to break when you need it to. Since it is in a spring fed magazine, its got to be tough… else they end up with the issues that the FASTech AFT had.

            Its silly to make your own size of paintball for a proprietary gun, when you can use some of the proven tech out there.

  • J.T.

    Apparently making a training gun that could fire Simunition and other widly used marker rounds would have been too mainstream for the folks at HK.

    • B.

      Sims come in 9mm and .38SPL – both hurt like a son of a bitch when you get shot. At the field I owned, we used to offer the town we had constructed for local and state law enforcement to use. Some of the departments used Sims. We had to wear body armor if we helped them.

    • Anonymoose

      Simunition already has a P30 conversion kit. This is a dedicated weapon, and iirc Glock has been making a dedicated paintball marker version of G17 for a while now.

    • DN

      Hipster & Koch

  • Durham68

    Breaking news live at 10… “Police responding to reports of several armed men roaming the fairview heights neighborhood, shot and killed two local teens carrying what turned out to be paintball guns. Ironically, the realistic copies were intended for use in training law enforcement for encounters with armed suspects.”

    They really need to make every part of that thing blaze orange or bright yellow.

    • B.

      Or, you know, let attrition take it’s toll. Generally most cities have ordinances that prohibit the firing of any air gun, paintball gun, or firearm in city limits. This was one of the things I had to deal with a lot when I owned a paintball field – reporters would call me quite often for quotes on some paintball vandalism or jackass kids going on drivebys with paintball markers. If they’re stupid enough to go waving a look-a-like paintball gun in public playing, they deserve what they get.

    • bbmg

      Not really going to happen though, is it. Because you suck, and HK hates you, this will in no way be available to the fictional teens you mention. Even if it is sold to civilians, it will not be within budget for your average irresponsible adolescent. These are more likely to get gunned down because of an airsoft pistol they bought from Walmart.

  • B.

    Figures, after I retired from paintball that they start coming out with playing gear I’d like more.

  • M. Galt

    Looking at the pictures at full size, it has “Feinwerkbau”, a big and longstanding air gun maker on the forward part of the slide. Followed by “Exclusive distribution & IPR by HK”. The mag also appears to have “max 7 balls” on it, so might as well have been a 1911, but HK doesn’t make one 🙂

  • The CO2 used to pressurize paintball tanks is a refined industrial byproduct that would otherwise be immediately released into the atmosphere at the factory. Pressurizing CO2 or air requires the same amount of power from a compressor = same amount of electricity = same amount of coal burned at the power plant = same net CO2 production.

    • B.

      No, it’s not a byproduct. Most gas supplies, unless they are the middleman, have special co2 generators specifically for the purposes of harvesting and liquifying co2. They usually get the co2 by burning natural gas here in Oklahoma. They then refine and purify the co2 depending on the grade that is needed.