WE To Produce .22 H&K MP7 Replica

Popular Airsoft reports that airsoft maker WE is going to manufacturer a .22 LR version of their new H&K MP7 replica, the WE SMG-8. The SMG-8 is virtually identical to the MP7 but, in the hopes of avoiding the wrath of H&K laywers, they have made a few changes. The SMG-8 has a number of vents and cutouts, lacks a folding grip and uses different sights to the real thing. In a world where Apple can patent rounded rectangles and Glock can patent rounded cuboids, I can’t help but wonder if these changes are enough to keep H&K at bay.

WE are partnering with an established “real steel” gun company company to produce the .22 but are tight lipped as to who their partner is. Does anyone have any idea who that company might be?

UPDATE: A source has told me that the Taiwanese firm VFC is likely to be the company who will be the OEM manufacturing the .22 version of the SMG-8. VFC are the OEM for the Walther/Umarex .22 firearms (and therefor produce H&K-licensed/branded parts for Walther/Umarex).

UPDAYE: VFC denies they have anything to do with the project.

    Please be advised, Vega Force Company WILL NOT and DID NOT manufacture and take part of the model nor project, “SMG-8”, in any kind of Airsoft replicas, air guns and .22 LR rifles.

Steve Johnson

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  • Hunter57dor

    well, i would wager a guess and say its freedom arms, they have been expanding by leaps and bounds recently.

  • Lax

    My guess is Walther or Umarex. Seems to be their cup of tea.

    • sharpie.david

      That’d be my guess.

      Depending on the MSRP I may think about this.

    • if it were Umarex, I’d think they’d just license it

  • Sweet, random .22 I actually want.

  • Kav

    Did Popular Airsoft ever actually say they were releasing a .22LR version? I couldn’t seem to find an explicit reference to real steel production… not to mention .22 is a pretty common airgun caliber.
    If real steel production is the case though, regardless of WE’s past affiliation with Umarex I’m doubtful they’d be behind it. They carry an exclusive licensing agreement with H&K for airsoft guns and other replicas, and I doubt they’d want to strain their relationship with the possibility of a copyright infringement.

    • Tj

      WE-Tech, is a pretty popular Airsoft gun company. They’re main focus is airsoft guns that rely on Gasses to cycle the action, so a .22 wouldnt be an easy thing for them to attain.

      • TJ

        But lets hope Heckle my Kotch doesn’t throw a hissy fit, since they hate the civilian market anyway.

      • Kav

        Well, my question is less whether they’re going to make a .22LR themselves, or whether they plan on bringing a .22LR to market at all.
        If the former is not something I’d be interested in at all. WE has always made relatively poor replicas… good value or not the engineering shortcuts are obvious. Bring VFC in and we’ll talk…

      • Bull

        id say a blowback .22lr is MUCH simpler than a GBB actually. and it would not really be a problem using ZAMAK for the bolt and such so i think it could be rather easy for them to make a .22. the only real problem is the barrel but those can be bought. and you could just use .22 barrel liners chambered with drill bits! so its not that far fetched either.

  • my guess, ATI

  • kel-tech would be my guess

  • Ric

    Make it in 5.7x28mm and I might get interested.

    • John184

      H&K replica in FN’s caliber? H&K big wigs are sweating at the thought of it. Blasphemy, and I like it!

    • FourString


    • Zipgun

      I work in Fed LE and proprietary round guns like the P90 or the 5.7 never sell or really not popular to any community LE or military. Its why Sig with the MPX is going with a standard 9mm, .40 and .45 with their new PDW or SMG as the saw the failure of the P90 the MP7 is too new yet but many don’t like it due to its cartridge. Yeah both can defeat body armor at very close range but past 50 meters useless. Even at close range it takes a lot of shots. I won’t say what agency I work for but we tested the MP7 fun gun but without ammo useless. And the Govt does not like guns with only one ammo source. Like Larry says its best to see for yourself

    • Alvin York

      They could do it but i would like to see it in a more common and cheaper round like .17hmr or something.

  • My guess would be GSG. They seem to have a nack for wanting to screw with H&K. 😛

  • floppyscience

    I second GSG. They’re the ones making the Glock, 1911, and HK .22 clones, as well as the SIG Mosquito.

  • Lance

    Have one in 9mm be better caliber.

  • Kav

    Here’s a video of a WE airsoft gun for those not familiar with them or their reputation for… excellence. Brought to you buy a guy who sells airsoft guns out of his basement.

    • Garrett

      Coming from a guy that builds airsoft M4’s (among others) for training, WE has gotten much better over the years. Their new G series (Glock replicas), 22X line (SIG series), and DXM (SA XDm) are far better compared to others (except maybe KWA, I will admit they make solid replicas). The M9 and M1911 are the only platforms that WE produces that have not had the updates like the rest of their line.

      I’ve built multiple M4’s using the WE system as a base and many of them are running after 5,000 rounds just fine, and that is using stock internals. And the wear pattern looks as though they had just been broken in. This incident was probably a lemon, but also proof of why I despise full auto airsoft pistols.

    • milo

      so you’re the airsoft jackal? you mind finding me a side rail mount that fits to my VMG? the damn thing doesn’t take the leapers QD mount i use for my SGL

      • Garrett

        Haha, I wouldn’t consider myself the “Airsoft Jackal”, but I’ve done my fair share of tricking out and upgrading airsoft replicas.

        As for a mount for your VMG, I haven’t had a chance to mess around with one. The side mount I would have thought is universal, but just like anything else in airsoft parts do not fit on all companies products. One option you could try is one made by NC Star, which can be found here. -> http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=35282 Not sure how well it will fit, but for $24 is is worth a shot.

        Another choice would be to get a real PSO or POSP. Those are going to be much higher priced though, somewhere between $300 – $1000 depending on model and power.

        • milo

          thanks for the recommendation, i have a PSO but i figure that i should use an airsoft red dot for them since its it’ll be cheaper to replace if the glass gets hit.

          • ryguy

            get a kill flash, that will protect it

  • Nick

    This is clearly an Airsoft Gas blow back, the disassembly video on popular airsoft shows a typical GBB expansion chamber/ loading nozzle, you can also just see the outlet valve on the magazine.

    I think you might have jumped the gun

    pun intended

    • Bull

      “One thing about the build quality of the SMG-8, is that it’s really
      impressive that WE will also release a .22 cal version. But that’s
      another story.”

      • Nick

        i know..

        but since the article and the video are clearly about an airsoft version and the article only mentions a “.22 cal version” once at the end it might be a bit premature to start talking about a WE .22LR clone MP7, at least until more is known.

        • Nick a little info. Sometimes we get information followed by” it’s confidential”. So there are times we know a bit more but can’t say anything just yet. We still want as much info out as we can release:-)

  • Bull

    probably GSG since their mp5 was based on a airsoft. 🙂

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the optic sight mounted backwards?

  • DashVT

    See the red and orange camo can on the right edge of the photo on top of the gloves?

    That’s “Red Gas”, the compressed gas used for cycling the action and propelling bb’s in gas blowback airsoft guns. It doesn’t have any use in a real firearm so I would say that this photo is of an airsoft replica, and not a .22 rifle.

    • bbmg

      The photo is not claimed to be of a 22 rimfire and is from the article linked to which is a review of the airsoft version.

      • DashVT

        My mistake. Thanks.

    • JohnW

      That’s bottle is for green gas. Red gas actually comes in a red bottle.

      • Kyle

        It is in a red bottle.

        • Neil

          like red red. red gas is bright red

  • B.

    Too bad it’s not going to be chambered in something like the .22TCM.

    • Ooooo!!!!!!!!!! Nice idea! Excellent plan!

  • FiftycalTX

    Make it in 22 mag and it will equal the 5.7 AND you can still find ammo for it, someday.

  • teknix

    I’m with others here that I think they mean .22 cal air rifle and not .22LR. It’s a bb gun.

  • Tsw

    WE in airsoft have a bad material

  • Interesting since I recall Umarex had been licensed by H&K to produce & has for sale on their site Airsoft MP7s. Would be nice if they did have a .22LR version for sale in US with a 16 in barrel/fake suppressor.

    • Anonymoose

      I’d prefer a pistol version with a fake “collapsible stock” and a fake “folding” foregrip.

  • Esh325

    It’s like mocking you that you can’t get the real thing.

  • Raven

    I’m doubting that it’ll be a .22LR. I’d say it’s a CO2-powered .22 pellet gun.

  • Mike Knox

    What’s with the hype about the MP7? It’s just a machine pistol in a reformulated .17HMR. You’re are better off getting an FN FiveseveN, there’s more of those around and less peeps that bother you about it..

    • THAT’s what I want, a .17 HMR MP7 Look-a-like!

  • yeay

    OK, have a double stack mag??

  • SD

    VFC does not now and never has made any of Umarex’s rimfires. VFC makes several airsoft guns for Umarex, but that’s all.

    • DW

      They made the Umarex M4, M16 and 416.

      • SD

        Sorry, but nope. If you’re talking about Umarex .22 LR firearms, then they were made by Carl Walther GmbH of Germany.

  • Glock used a trademark, not a patent. Also, the source mentions .22 cal, not .22LR or any firearm cartridge. It will probably use .22 cal pellets. Which is still cool, because it can be made full-auto and sold to just about anyone.

  • TheWalkingDon

    I don’t care who makes it…just take my money!!

  • WE airsoft got .22 ?!

    so a company got its airsofts kept failing on green gas would like to get some .22 real steel?

    wow, something new in concept.

  • Any updates on this?

    What will be the configurations? Long barrel + Stock, Short Barrel + fake stock (to make it a pistol) or like a real MP7 with a short barrel + folding stock?

  • Zipgun

    Haha! So many NON gun owners (not saying all as I did not read every comment) here, if this thing was real or umarex or HK made a .22 version of it? I would be a NFA Class 3 item. Aka you would have to pay $200 tax stamp and do your forms and the infamous 4-6month+ ATF wait. I own a 40+yr gun collection from antiques to moderns guns like ACR, Tavor, SCAR etc etc but I also own a bunch of Class 3 guns like select fire guns, SBRed guns and suppressors. Like I said I own many of em I won’t say how much or what but I use a firearms trust (makes the NFA process simple for people who buy or own multiple items like myself) for my Class 3 guns and cans to my regular collection.

    So it this thing even in a .22 with a collapsible stock like the real MP7 has and it’s under 26inches in overall length? It WILL be considered a NFA classed Item. I’ve posted a link for those who have no idea what I’m saying.