Molon Labe Industries SCAR Magazines

Molon Labe SCAR mag

If you need additional mags for your 7.62 NATO chambered FN rifle, check out these polymer magazines from Molon Labe Industries in Florida.  The mags are very heavy duty, yet weigh half of what factory FN mags weigh.  In addition to being light and rugged, the polymer uses Stealth-Tex IR signature reduction technology.

The mags use a self lubricating, no tilt follower to help with feeding reliability.

Molon Labe SCAR mag

Magazines are available in ubiquitous black and in a dark earth color.  Magazine capacity choices are 10 round, 20 round and 25 round.  All magazines cost $69.99.

Molon Labe Industries is also taking pre-orders for STANAG compliant 30 and 40 round mags for your SCAR 16/AR/M4.  These mags will use the same durable, anti-IR polymer and are selling for $30 and $40 respectively in pre-order.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    30 round AR mags for $30? Good luck with that.

    • Anonymoose

      Once they’re on the market the panic-buyers will eat them up regardless. 🙁

    • Geez these days most mags are higher than that. Temporarily I hope. We saw a company at SHOT trying to sell hundreds of GI mags at $29.95 each.

  • bbmg

    I wonder why the average citizen would need to emit a lower IR signature… and in any case, surely of all weapon parts it’s the magazine that is least likely to heat up and be easily seen on an infra red sight. Since people are pretty good heat sources to begin with I would think the magazine is the least of your worries.

    • DallasWarrior

      I think you are confusing Infa-Red with Thermal Imaging. IR is produced by an IR light, which is then seen through a amp tube in a scope, and translated as light. Non-IR Reflectant stuff absorbs light in the IR wavelength, meaning that it shows up as black on a scope. Thermal Imaging, however, measures heat radiation and reflects it through visual change.

      • ThomasD

        Yes there is IR illumination, which can then be reflected off an object and imaged, or partially absorbed and thus may not register on an imager.

        But infrared imaging is infrared imaging – so the actual heat sources of a fired weapon will register on any thermographic imaging device.

        • Anytime you see that mentioned it’s aimed at the military market

          • bbmg

            Even so, I really doubt that there’s any military force out there thinking “great, we’ve managed to make our soldiers completely invisible to thermal sights, if only there was some way to make those pesky red hot magazines less visible…”

          • True, but it’s not like it really hurts either.

      • bbmg

        A thermal scope is an IR scope, it’s the same thing. Hot things give off infrared radiation, and this is what thermal devices detect.

        IR illuminators on night vision devices on the other hand illuminate an object with light that is not within the spectrum that can be detected by the human eye, but that can be picked up by the NV device.

  • tdavis20050

    I thought I should mention, I ordered four of the 30 round scar magazines back in November. They have charged me for them, but have still not shipped them to this date. Last update I got was an email a few weeks ago saying that not only have they not even started production yet, but they are switching suppliers for their polymer and will have to start testing again. The web site does not clearly state that they are not actually producing yet. I am going to hold out and hope that they can get them to me before the new Colorado mag ban comes into effect, but at this rate who knows. If you want to try, go ahead, but do not expect to receive them any time soon.

    • Hum charging before shipment is not something I would tolerate.

      • tdavis20050

        Their explanation was that, in case of a ban, they are bought and paid for. They could be considered in transit, so they could be grandfathered.

        • Hum, well I guess an exception coud be made for that reason. It just seems the same thing would be accomplished by just the act of ordering them. Close call either way.

  • Guest

    “. . .the polymer uses Stealth-Tex IR signature reduction technology.”

    The practical utility of such a feature brings a quote to mind . . .

    “These are speed holes. They make the car go faster.”

  • Ian

    I like the lie about how the followers don’t tilt. Maybe they don’t tilt forward, but loading would be awfully difficult if they didn’t tilt backward.

  • Anonymoose

    I still like the idea of just switching to that lower that takes SR-25/M110 mags. Since those magazines are already in widespread service worldwide there’s no need to adopt FN’s speshul proprietary magazine standard.