Molon Labe Industries SCAR Magazines

    Molon Labe SCAR mag

    If you need additional mags for your 7.62 NATO chambered FN rifle, check out these polymer magazines from Molon Labe Industries in Florida.  The mags are very heavy duty, yet weigh half of what factory FN mags weigh.  In addition to being light and rugged, the polymer uses Stealth-Tex IR signature reduction technology.

    The mags use a self lubricating, no tilt follower to help with feeding reliability.

    Molon Labe SCAR mag

    Magazines are available in ubiquitous black and in a dark earth color.  Magazine capacity choices are 10 round, 20 round and 25 round.  All magazines cost $69.99.

    Molon Labe Industries is also taking pre-orders for STANAG compliant 30 and 40 round mags for your SCAR 16/AR/M4.  These mags will use the same durable, anti-IR polymer and are selling for $30 and $40 respectively in pre-order.

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