Pistol Camera From 1938

Mounting cameras, like the GoPro, on firearms may seem like a recent trend but it is not. Back in in at least the 1930s inventors were experimenting with small film cameras attached to pistols. The photo above, dated 1938, is in the National Archive of the Netherlands’ historical photo collection. The camera was connected to the trigger of the .38 Colt revolver. When the trigger was pulled a photo would be taken. The theory was that this would document police shootings.

Many police departments today use camera accessories attached to their Tasers. These devices start recording when the Taser is unholstered.

Many thanks to Ryan for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • noob

    That guy with the hat has been shot, like, six times. He’s one tough burglar.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Well, it is only a .38.

      • And a.38 with round nose bullets on top of that.


    Gopro before it was cool

  • Komrad

    Actually kind of a cool idea. Maybe something similar could be used with blanks for training with review later. Now, if they were really awesome, they would have made these for cap guns back when I was young enough to use them. No more “I shot you” “Nuh uh, i dodged it”