On The French Foreign Legion’s EOTech Sights

The above photo was included in the article Michael wrote about the weapons in use by the French Foreign Legion. Readers commented that the EOTech sight mounted on top of the FELIN scope would have been very hard to use effectively in combat. A former Legionnaire emailed me explaining how the optic would have been used …

The photo with the EOTech holosight…it utilizes the standard long thumbscrew to fix it on the picatinny rail of the FELIN sight.  If needed (when the FELIN sights goes tits up or whatever) the FELIN sight is placed in the assault pack, and the EOTech holosight is removed from that picatinny rail and placed on the rifle rail.  Note this is NOT a return-to-zero type clamping mechanism ala Larue, so there are no guarantees that the EOTech is still zeroed.

Steve Johnson

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  • So, it’s really just a way to store the Eotech until it’s needed. As opposed to say, in a bag or small hard case where it won’t get banged around constantly while the rifle is being carried. That makes sense…..lol

    Then on top of all that, the thing may not be zeroed when it’s needed. It really sounds like just defaulting to iron sights would be much better in that situation.

    • Michael Pham

      Yeah, I mean I’ve seen pictures of US Marines attaching the sight/carry handle of their M16’s to side rails to keep the entire system together and backup sights handy when using an optic, but mounting an expensive optic to another, even more expensive optic for the sake of, what I can only assume to be that same desire to keep it all together is very strange.

      Strange fixes to problems that seem to have better solutions.

      • John184

        I heard from the interwebs (so I may be wrong) that Marines needed to keep their carry handles, so mounting them was a good way not to lose them.

    • gunslinger

      I wonder what the change over time is between the EO on the other optic, than say in a case stored in a vest. i mean, if it saves 30-60 seconds, ok..maybe.

      and if it’s not zeroed i wonder how fast the soldiers can compensate in a shootout?

    • 11b

      Well I’d say that keeping it in a hard case during missions is a no-go. Takes up too much room in a ruck. But in a bag tied down to the ruck or kit would probably be better than awkwardly mounting on the FELIN . Also, if this is a last ditch backup as stated, why wouldn’t they issue larue type mounts? If the sight doesn’t return to zero, its basically useless. Doesn’t that famas have irons?

      • The hard case my EoTech came with does take up more room than you want in a pack. I sometimes store it in the hard case when I’m reviewing another sight.

  • It’s high time they put an IMAX camera on an assault rifle. It’s not much bigger than this one anyway 🙂

    • snmp

      FELIN is Night, Day, Thermal sight with data transfert to your Team leader/HQ or/and to a deport vision sigth like the soldier in photo with it’s night vision goggle

      • Anonymoose

        I think a GoPro mount and one of those ATN NV scopes with a mini red dot mounted on the side rails would be a lot less bulky than this rig. Some (if not all) GoPro cameras are wifi enabled too so transmitting video back to your CO wouldn’t be that much of an issue.

  • Listen up men! We got you a sight for on your sight so that when your sight stops sighting you can remove the sight from the sight and the sight from the rifle then put the sight that your sight was on away and mount the sight that was on your sight to your rifle so you can continue sighting until we repair your broken sight so you can go back to sighting with the sight that the sight you’re now sighting with was mounted on. That is all!

    • Yo, dawg.

      • DW

        I heard you like sights so I put a sight on your sight so you can aim while you aim

    • John184

      I guess Xzibit is now a weapons designer.

  • rjp707

    you would think they could come up with an inexpensive solution. like a 1’oclock rail, or a flip to side mount.

  • Also…

    Yo dawg…I heard you like to aim. So we put a sight on your sight so you can aim while you aim.

    Sorry. lol

  • N703

    I got to try this system over here. What a heavy PITA and useless. A LOT of extraneous kit involved.

    When we first saw the set-up sans the ridiculously ginormous optic, we wondered if the buttons on the top back of the foregrip when pushed U,D,U,D,L,R,L,R,B,A, select, start would give the user infinite ammo.

    • Muerte92

      It’s U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,B,A,Select,Start…

  • Swartzkip

    Makes sense to me, i don’t see a side rail on the weapon. And keeping the backup on the weapon system makes sense. Maybe they switch out weapon systems between operators. Kinda annoying to give some one the FELIN equipped rifle to capture a image for HQ, and also digg up the backup sights just in case.

    If they are using it, it probably works for them, The French Foreign Legion has quite some battle experience.

  • Lance

    The EO tech looks odd on top of the FAMAS F1. a bit too high maybe EO tech can work with the French army to make a version a bit shorter to fit on FAMAS F1 carry handles.

  • Dale

    While an EoTech works just fine I’m sure as a back up optic, I can’t help but wonder if the French have forgotten the age old SOP of ripping the downed optic off of the rifle and going to irons? Seems like too much technology and too much time out of the fight trying to put technology into use where a post and a ring aperture could solve a lot of problems.

    • Jacob Fuerst

      The irons on the FAMAS are bad, just bad. And they were housed in the oversized carry handle on top of the gun. By removing the carry handle to fix the FELIN, they took away the ability to mount irons.

  • I don’t think a sight of any form will help the aim of the guy in this picture. XD

    • snmp

      In the photo FELIN sight provide deport (image/vision) sight in it’s night vision google

    • Anonymoose

      There’s a display on his helmet that lets him see through the sights remotely.

  • Tom

    Maybe the strange setup is about keeping the EOTech in plain sight thus preventing any from “going walk about” without the officers noticing.

  • zardinuk

    It’s a covert tactical beer bottle cooling unit.

  • Orev

    That’s because the last time they were in Real War it was 200 years ago!

    • Kevin

      WTF are you talking about…? Just for the record, and without even needing to threaten you with History, as it would be cruel… France had 100 000 KIA in “actual” wars since 1945 – multiply by 5 to get an US equivalent, will you? -, and 600+ in 200-300 miscellaneous peace-keeping actions and so-called “Opex” (IE “police actions”, mostly in Africa).
      These 600+ killed in “non-Real War” (love how you capitalize that, btw!) incidentally include 82, fallen in a jolly little war on behalf of a big western ally, somewhere in Central Asia.

      Those supine, pacifist Frogs… when will they ever learn, from that long, and so far without end in sight, string of successes and stunning strategic victories experienced by the succeeding US administrations, since WWII? When, indeed?

  • julien bertoni

    anyway, there was no arguing about the FELIN, it is a scandal and a heresy.
    a scandal because it costs 23,000 euros piece (30737 USD) to the taxpayer, instead of financing some equipment short of breath , or defective.
    heresy, because in modern conflict, it serves no purpose whatever people say, we make guerrilla, no need to bother with shit .. it is better to buy drones, and provided, improved and standardized (some good) equipment to soldiers (to avoid the purchase with their own money) and especially pay them ..
    This is a typical French problems,
    buy shit, to say you buy French……

  • Jacob Fuerst

    The thrumb screw on the EOTech is as “return to zero” as anything else I’ve ever used. It only has one point of contact on the rail so can’t get twisted left-right. As long as you get the thumb screw to (roughly) the same torque every time (I like 1/4 turn past finger tight) it comes back to the same spot every time. The Laure mount for the EOTech is really just a fancy waste of money.

  • Why not just keep the EO in the FELIN case(with some expendable foam)? It would keep it safe and save time during a switch; you wouldn’t have to unscrew it from the rail.

  • Mahler

    It makes sense… you can now aim via your eotech while firing from your hip.