On The French Foreign Legion’s EOTech Sights

    The above photo was included in the article Michael wrote about the weapons in use by the French Foreign Legion. Readers commented that the EOTech sight mounted on top of the FELIN scope would have been very hard to use effectively in combat. A former Legionnaire emailed me explaining how the optic would have been used …

    The photo with the EOTech holosight…it utilizes the standard long thumbscrew to fix it on the picatinny rail of the FELIN sight.  If needed (when the FELIN sights goes tits up or whatever) the FELIN sight is placed in the assault pack, and the EOTech holosight is removed from that picatinny rail and placed on the rifle rail.  Note this is NOT a return-to-zero type clamping mechanism ala Larue, so there are no guarantees that the EOTech is still zeroed.

    Steve Johnson

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