Caracal .40S&W Pistol

Caracal_40_gThe Caracal pistol design began in 2003 with European arms designers, headed by Wilhelm Bubits, collaborating on the project for the UAE. The end result is the 9mm Caracal F which entered UAE service in 2007 while boasting fewer parts than Glock models.

At SHOT 2013 the new model caliber .40 was on display. The .40 caliber version has a 14+1 capacity, whereas the 9mm full size model holds 18+1, but it does feature the new addition of front slide serrations. The new model also has rear sight dove cuts and is expected to be available before the middle of this year for an MSRP of $499.



Note it is obviously not a .40 mm as the flyer states.

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • Survivalist


    Please have a look;

    • allannon

      I’d have to see more catastrophic failures before I was really leery.

      I’ve seen variously catastrophic failures of Glock, XD, 1911, S&W 638, and so on. When a manufacturer produce enough pistols, it happens.

      • John

        The picture, and the fact that the slide hit the guy’s face reminded me of the Navy SEAL’s take on the Beretta 92: “You’re not a SEAL until you’ve eaten Italian steel”

    • Komrad

      Yeah, that’s a reason to avoid a gun. One report with unknown ammunition (possibly this 115gr Chinese Red Box ammo the user mentioned earlier). 2nd Gen Glock 22s have a higher than average rate of catastrophic failures due to a less supported chamber, but even those are considered safe with factory loads or correctly made hand loads. Any gun can have a manufacturing defect that doesn’t get caught by qc or fall victim to improperly manufactured ammunition or simple abuse/neglect.

    • NoEvidence

      A few points: 1. EVERY gun has had catastrophic failures. 2. The shooter was using a Chinese made ammunition. I wouldn’t doubt that it was overfilled with powder and the bullet was setback. Unsafe pressures abounds. 3. For being meticulously cleaned (per the link) that has to be the dirtiest pistol I have ever seen. I’ve seen less grime in a truck stop bathroom, than what is on the inside of that slide.

      • mosinman

        to be fair, i think the dirt is from the gun falling to the ground and the dirt sticking to the lube

      • mannys9130

        It really looks like the brother dropped the gun into mud when the KB occured. He got hit in the face with the slide. I’d drop the gun if that happened to me. They were on a farm too. I think he dropped it in a mud puddle.

    • Survivalist

      Further observations & investigations done by highly experienced pakguns member, can be followed in same thread, apparently the fault lies in gun manufecturing and not ammo. lets see how Caracal responds!

    • zardinuk

      I looked at the pictures of that guy’s broken gun, then I went and looked at a bunch of pics of the caracal’s internals, with a real pessimistic “must have been shooter error” attitude, and my conclusion is that the caracal isn’t built very well, with or without shooter error.

      When it breaks, fires out of battery, barrel obstruction or whatever, the slide breaks and half of it flings into your face. A lot of guns have a bar that goes through the barrel locking it to the receiver along with everything else to absorb the impact across all the internals, but I don’t see that here. Anything could have gone wrong and the result is the slide takes 100% of the force and breaks and half of it plunges into your face.

      I don’t own one, probably never will, if I did own one I’d be doing a very thorough inspection of the stress points.

      The tanfoglio/EAA witness line is known for “slide cracking” problems, not an unusual problem for a gun to have, the real trouble is if the design permits a broken slide to fly directly at your face!

    • Dirty Harry

      Maybe it was because the guy inserted the magazine backwards! Take a look at the after pictures …. LOL JK!

  • allannon

    I’ve been kinda eyeing Caracals (pistol and recently-announced carbine). I’d like a matched pistol/carbine set.

    I could use a Cx4 with some minor mods to the mag well and my XD magazines, but having a fully-matched set would be nice.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    It’s certainly elegant for a plastic fantastic.

  • Regulus

    ok this pistol looks pretty sweet. i kinda want one. but here is my question. at 0:48 secs in the id you see this dude rack the slide back from the front of the slide…he’s not the only one doing this these days. it seems like its EVERYONE doing it. is this the new cool aid now or what??

  • John

    Looks pretty slim for a 14+1 .40