Caracal .40S&W Pistol

    Caracal_40_gThe Caracal pistol design began in 2003 with European arms designers, headed by Wilhelm Bubits, collaborating on the project for the UAE. The end result is the 9mm Caracal F which entered UAE service in 2007 while boasting fewer parts than Glock models.

    At SHOT 2013 the new model caliber .40 was on display. The .40 caliber version has a 14+1 capacity, whereas the 9mm full size model holds 18+1, but it does feature the new addition of front slide serrations. The new model also has rear sight dove cuts and is expected to be available before the middle of this year for an MSRP of $499.



    Note it is obviously not a .40 mm as the flyer states.

    Ethan M

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