Mossberg / Mathews Harmonic Damper Technology

Mathews Inc. manufacture archery bows and accessories. One of their products is a Mathews Harmonic Damper, a device which dampens the vibration in the bow after the arrow has been fired. It is essentially a dumpbell shaped weight enclosed in a rubber. The weight can bounce around soaking up vibration. Mossberg have scaled the Mathews Damper up and installed it in a Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag stock. The theory is that this will dampen perceived recoil in a 3.5″ Ultra Magnum 12 Gauge Shotgun in the same way it dampens vibrations in a bow. I guess we will find out when they start shipping it.


Steve Johnson

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  • Woodroez

    Sounds like Mossberg being Mossberg.

  • gunslinger

    not a bad idea. although i’d wonder how well it will work. in depth physics report?

  • panabayas

    he tenido tres arcos mathews y los harmonic damper funcionan de maravilla

  • Mark G

    And if your skate board blows a wheel out, you’ll have a spare. I would like to be on their design team. It seems that they will not deny anything going into production.

    • chucky

      I was thinking the same. It is just rollerblade wheel.

  • C-Low

    It would maybe have more effect if it was cylindrical laid flat paralleled to the barrel maybe in for end with same rubber flex. The rearward motion would be hit by the counter of the weight neutralizing some effect, how much depend on weight? Of course more weight more other problems balance ability to carry distance and just ease of use. Considering the person that is concerned about the kick of a shotgun would be equally troubled by the added weight.

    I think I read somewhere of a Russian company that had the idea of using some of the blow off gas to work a action that would push forward with a weight to counter the rearward motion of the action and kick. Short the added parts the counter power was in the forward action so weight gain was more manageable to get effect results.

    Sounds like Zombie camo and special tech. Cool looking has a customer base but useless and lame to those ole school utilitarian weapon is tool for purpose mindsets.

    Also if not mistaken the shock absorption on bows crossbows is not about negating recoil but smoothing dampening the sound created by a bow operating like a tuning fork. Mathews is expensive but in this quit bow field they are sick. I could literally shoot right next to you and if your eyes were closed all you would hear would be the slap of the arrow hitting the target down range or maybe some fin sing as it flys.

  • Raven

    They do realize inertia-based recoil reducers using either weights and springs or mercury-filled tubes have been around forever, right? They go into the stock parallel to the bore, and the moving weight slows the recoil impact force.


    I’ll keep an eye out on this. I have my doubts. Sure hope they tested this. Been very impressed with Mossberg of late. But I fear this might be a strike-out. -TTR

  • Sam Suggs

    if they mad it look less like a skatboard themed shotgun this wouldove been more succesful as people like gimmics

  • jamie williamson

    Just purchased 1, i hav been impressed w the 835 for years but hated the recoil of the gun,but i hav harvested many longbeards w these gun’s at ranges of 50 yds over the years, but wish they cud hav made the balancer smaller in the 2013 model turkey series i purchased, i have’nt shot the gun yet but will inform u later on the recoil diagnostics between the original 835 and the new1 w the Matthews harmonic dampener.

  • jamie williamson

    Just shot my new mossberg w hydraulic dampener, thats a joke i cant even get this gun 2 pattern and 2 me the recoil is the same try’d 2 trade this gun 2 day 4 a 300$ gun, dats wut i think about this gun, Matthews just added the dampener so they cud up the price on this gun and make them some more money, its a joke