Performance Center Smith & Wesson 1911

S&W 1911

Two of the new pistols that Smith & Wesson announced heading into the 2013 SHOT Show were Performance Center 1911s.  I had a chance to shoot them at Media Day, and they were impressive.

S&W 1911

While the full size 1911 was great, it was the commander-sized that really impressed me.  It fit perfectly in the hand and the balance was as close to perfect as anything I have ever felt.  It really was just an extension of my arm.

The commander sized pistol has a scandium frame and a price tag to match.  But $1539 really isn’t that bad for a well tuned 1911.

Richard Johnson

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  • That_Guy

    Ah. A Super expensive, tuned up 1911. Original.

  • S.

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve been looking at it on their site for a few days, its nice to hear from someone who has shot it

  • fred smith

    What are the cheese grater slots on the slide for? Seems like we are in the age of doing anything to make a 1911 look different.

    • The slots are there to make the slide lighter and the gun cycle faster with less recoil from the mass of the slide.