Gun Buying Frenzy Photos

The gun buying frenzy is in full swing. Gun stores all over the country are reporting record sales. Stephen emailed us these before and after photos from the store he works at. This week his store has been selling 1,000 each day.

Before the gun buying frenzy.

Another reader emailed us photos of his local gun store …

Not many rifles left.
The magazine rack is looking empty.

A reader from Florida emailed in this photo of a gun store that usually has only a few cars parked outside …

Readers on our Facebook page have been reporting record sales at stores they work at or shop at …

Online gun retailers are also reporting record sales. This week a number of gun store websites have buckled under heavy traffic or been really slow. A colleague of mine was even having trouble bidding on rifle because the site was responding so slowly.

[ Many thanks to all the readers who emailed us photos ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

    Well this explains why Gunbroker was running slowly for me yesterday when I was looking at Arisakas.

    As for a possible “Assault Weapons Ban” I have to say that I am actually a bit worried now, but somewhat reassured that Obama is only supporting it for political reasons and not due to his straight up personal beliefs.

    • I am not so sure you should be reassured … a ban is bad for all of us regardless of the motivations behind it!

      • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

        True, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt behind such an announcement.

    • Sian

      I’m pretty sure he personally believes that nobody (Except police, soldiers, and his bodyguards of course) should have guns and just pays lip service to the 2nd amendment.

      • Lex

        Because its impossible for him to really have different beliefs from you about the law?

      • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

        I think he is just trying to get the pressure from both sides off his back for a little bit.

        From one way he is being hounded at for gun control and at the other pressured not to buckle to them and support gun owners. (which he does)

        We may disagree with him in many areas about guns, but we should at least remember that he is not really a gun person. and that he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. (just look at his hair!!!)

        (we might be able to turn him into a gun person if he goes out to the range with us, but thats beside the point)

        Nothing will ever be perfect and comments like these (no offence) just make us look a little to extreme in my eyes.

      • W

        like all knuckle draggers in government, sian, you are absolutely correct.

        enslaving the american people by economics, and later, by strong arm legislation, is their ultimate goal. my, my how americans have grown so lazy as to forget history…

    • BenJamin

      Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Chicago has the highest murder rate in the country. Obama , when he was a senator there, voted “yes” on every restrictive law introduced. Obama has also mentioned that he would re-introduce the assault weapons ban when re-elected. I have a pretty good idea where Obama stands on gun control.

      • mosinman

        it is pretty obvious after all…..

    • mp

      I found some tactical kneepads for you:

      • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

        Way to try and make friends man, just making me more disgusted on how paranoid the Gun-Community can be. I am aleady angry enough at California and the media as is. Don’t make it any worse.

      • kjjohn

        At least try to be nice to him, mp. I may not share many of his political views, and I may not like Obama, but Nick is on our side for this issue, and frankly, it is refreshing to see a liberal who is completely pro-gun. I think we sometimes assume that all liberals are anti-gunners, and forget about the ones who support us on this.

    • W

      you should be skeptical of obama’s “personal beliefs” (which arent “personal” nor are they “his”) and why they wont benefit you.

      (source: Wall Street Journal)

      First there is talks of AWB and more gun legislation, then there is bullshit like this.

      Lets be real. why do we put up with this as americans? ALL of them need to be thrown out on their asses into the unemployment line.

    • kjjohn

      Nick, as a libertarian, I neither agree completely with your views, or the views of conservatives, but I can see that we agree completely on gun rights. I believe that Obama is not a staunch anti-gunner. He has actually expanded gun rights in his first term. However, I believe he will have no problem passing an assault weapons ban should the law come across his desk, simply because of a combination of political pressure (as you mentioned), and because he really doesn’t have much of an opinion on gun rights. So no, I don’t think that Obama is completely anti-gun, but I wouldn’t trust him either.

      And BTW, it is nice to see that there are some liberals like you who get along with conservatives and like guns, and actually believe in the 2nd amendment. If only more liberals (and conservatives) were like you, we could actually get something done in this country.

      • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

        Well I am thankful for the response. Such views for me were only possible due to my obsession with History and Militaria. On the other note.

        Maybe if we bring him to the range with us for some friendly target shooting, we might be able to expose him to the true nature of the gun community.

        That is if his job even gives him time to do so, I mean look what happened to his hair!

  • Reverend Clint

    it sounds like california laws will rule the land… bummer for the rest of you guys

    • Cymond

      I suspect the upcoming ban will be far worse than California. The politicians have learned from California’s ineffective ban. For example, we have the Bullet Button. Pistol-gripped ARs and AKs are very common in California, so many politicians consider the ban a failure.

      We also can rebuild pre-ban magazines with post-ban parts, so many vendors sell complete kits. The widespread availability of full-cap parts means that some people inevitably assemble the kits and claim that they’re pre-ban (or just wait out the 3-year statute of limitations).

      • Nadnerbus

        Also proposed legislation to ban rebuild kits. Watch Sacramento like a hawk, they are using the panic to move on stuff they wanted to before but didn’t have the political capital to do so.

    • Nadnerbus

      Yee and DeLeon are already introducing state legislation to ban bullet buttons (again) and to require a yearly registration and background check to buy ammunition. It can always get worse, and in California it usually does. And even something blatantly unconstitutional has to go above the Ninth Circus before it has a chance to get struck down.

  • Rob

    How many of the those ARs leaving the store shelves are simply going into the business vault either to be sold on the internet or held for outrageous grandfathered prices after the ban?

    • Cymond

      Anyone stockpiling with the intent to resell at grandfathered prices is in for a surprise. All ‘grandfathered’ weapons in California are registered to the owner and NON transferable. They cannot be sold, given, or loaned. When the owner dies, the weapon cannot be willed to his/her family.

      • Nanban Jim

        So go sell it outside state lines? Then it’s on the buyer to bring it back in. California cannot interfere with interstate commerce. Sadly, with the way the Feds are going…

  • Matt

    Pay attention to her words…this new bill probably won’t be the same….no transfers, if grandfathered, you will have to register, etc.

    This is phase 1. Next will be all semi autos and “sniper rifles”….

  • 032125

    My poor friend who has been hemming and hawing about buying a rifle was frantic trying to pick one up. He finally got a Bushmaster, but he had to call and reserve it and then drive an hour away to pick it up. Not the rifle he wanted, but it was all that was left to him. In the hour that it took him go pick it up they WalMart received a dozen calls from other desperate buyers. It never made it from the stockroom to the rack.

  • Tuulos

    Quote from Brownells post in

    “To shed some more light on the magazine situation at present, it really has been unprecedented in the last 5 days. During a roughly the 36 hour period from Sunday afternoon to Monday evening we sold the “average demand” equivalent of about 3 1/2 years worth of PMAGS, and and an even greater amount of our Brownells magazines.”

  • carter

    The gun buying public has been through this before. Nobody will comply with dRATS this time. Obama has killed more children with Fast and Furious, his Drones and abortion policies than all the children killed by mad men’s guns in the history of this Country. I haven’t heard Barry apologize for the innocents he’s killed, nor have I seen any Democrat come forward to call for a halt to his policies. I’d recommend we just have a stare off and wait for the next election, it will be better for everyone that way. CT has some pretty fierce gun laws, those poor kids were victims of failed Democrat meddling and policy, they need to own that.

    • W

      hear, hear!

      to those that down voted this comment, the truth hurts doesnt it!?

      i find it horribly ironic that obama sheds crocodile tears for the children murdered in connecticut, but remains stoically silent about those killed in Pakistan by his drones.

      americans better start looking in the mirror and re-evaluating themselves. these psychopathic bastards have no regard for human life whatsoever.

      • Nicks87


        Next to disease, government has always been the greatest destroyer of humanity.

  • Cameron Geeting

    So bummed out that I lost my Daniel Defense M4V1 and PMags in that horrible boating accident. I really wanted to comply with any new regulations. Curse you, substandard quality canoe!

    • W

      i guess ill turn in all my guns when they come for them: a bolt action 22 and 9mm hi point

  • Alpha Roger

    Here we go again! Guns control thanks to the Lanza boy who is a real nut case who used his own mother’s guns to kill her and others. He is not even a NRA member!

    Sadly, we bear the brunt.Obama is using this chance to up his support by the voters and popularity. I am asking my relatives to buy and transfer for me just in case another ban is going to be in place by Biden.

    • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

      I would’nt try to slam him too hard. I just take a moment to atleast see the political pressure he is feeling from both sides, and tries to shut them both up by a compromise the leaves both sides grumbling.

  • Lex

    Who says Obama can’t stimulate the economy? Just a few words from him and the wheels of capitalism start spinning like no one has ever seen. :p

    • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

      I wonder what kind of reaction would arise from Obama playing an April Fools Joke on America by announcing plans for a new Assault Weapons Ban?

      • Cymond

        April? I hope we have that long for an announcement. I expect a bill to come from Feinstein or similar when Congress meets in January.

  • jack Luz

    The gun shops can “thank” Obummer for the surge in sales.

  • jack Luz

    Obummer can have my gun, when he prys it from my cold dead hands.

  • Steve Day

    I’d love to know how many people, who previously had no intent of owning a semi-auto rifle, bought one “just in case SHTF”.

    I know I did – before the election I started building 3 – and Barry Soetoro didn’t seem so bad to me at the time. (Since then I’ve looked into things and seen the AP photo of his school register application from Indonesia – showing that his mother declared him as a Muslim and an Indonesian citizen named “Barry Soetoro”).

    I have to say I saw this coming, even prior to my enlightenment. Why else would the government need to order 4billion rounds of JHP ?!

    There is an aerial view video from the local CT NBC news channel on YouTube (posted by someone else). It shows officers removing a semi-auto shotgun from the trunk of the car, leaving the trunk visibly empty… yet for the first 36 hours, police claimed the Bushmaster AR was in the trunk. Now, because the video is available for everyone to see, they claim the Bushmaster was also in the classroom – BullShit! They’re trying to say police could see two handguns beside Lanza’s body, but not a 3ft long black rifle!? It stinks.

    Even if the whole thing wasn’t a black-ops production, I know they at least added the false report of the Bashmaster, just so they could push through another AWB.

    • Nadnerbus

      Serious claims require serious sources please.

    • MountainSquid

      >Since then I’ve looked into things and seen the AP photo of his school register application from Indonesia – showing that his mother declared him as a Muslim and an Indonesian citizen named “Barry Soetoro”

      I too have seen that Alex Jones column.

      • Icchan

        “Alex Jones column” Well, there’s your problem, mister.

  • AK

    All I can say is: Winter is coming.

  • gunslinger

    great..just great…

  • FailBlog

    Well that’s just great. Looks like I won’t be able to buy a new “assault rifle” for months. And when they do come back in stock, the prices with probably be hundreds of dollars higher. Oh, and that’s assuming they won’t be banned by then…

    All guns. No politics? What a retarded and cowardly stance to have at this blog. Everyone in the gun community should be constantly discussing politics and getting involved in it. If we don’t, the anti-gun (anti-self-defense, anti-freedom) “liberals” will march all over us.

    • JK17

      I live in the UK and constantly appreciate the stance of this blog on politics. I cannot read other blogs that are as well researched as this one without a constant stream of politics fouling up decent journalism. While I completely understand many people’s gesticulation on this particular subject, nothing has happened yet. The people to blame here are the panic buyers themselves and the unscrupulous dealers capitalising on people’s desperation. I don’t comment often, but was infuriated by your comment.

      • Lew


        I’m Swedish and I also appreciate the lack of politics. Why? Well, apart from ITAR (seriously, repeal that) American gun politics don’t actually effect me. I have my politics, I’m sure everyone else has theirs. For those discussions there are many forums outside of TFB.

        It’s a big internet, everything doesn’t have to be available everywhere.

    • tkdkerry

      No politics? Damn it, man, you’ve totally missed the boat here. Not once since I’ve started reading here have I seen dissertations on pudding! It’s unconscienable that folks as ostensibly intelligent as these would ignore how deeply rooted our lives and their outcomes are in the proper preparation of pudding! How dare they be so simplisticly arrogant as to present a single, focused viewpoint on a subject while dismissively ignoring the real needs of their readership re pudding. And after all the money I ( and surely you ) have spent reading this blog. Hmmph.

    • Adam W

      I agree that people should be talking politics. The biggest threat to gun owners are 90% of all gun owners who will buy 30 pmags when there is a shooting, but not call their local officials and back the legislation for gun rights. If everyone buying a rifle/mag/case of ammo would call and back their rights we wouldn’t have a whisper of AWB.

      That being said I disagree that this is not the place to be talking about it. Sounding off on blogs about politics gets you absolutely nowhere.

      Sound off to the people who make a difference and leave websites like this to focus on what they can do best… bringing us news products and information we can enjoy without dealing with the rest of it.

      • Steve

        Pericles put it best:

        “Just because you do not take an interest in politics, doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

        To talk, work with, and/or make a living from guns, but not talk politics would be to shepard a flock, but not chase away wolves.

    • 511

      Who cares what someone in Europe thinks? Everyone I know is loading up on guns and ammo right now and being highly political in defending their constitutional right to own guns. Seriously most of the stuff on this blog is illegal for Europeans anyway, the no politics stance of them led them to being disarmed by their Governments. Most of the Audience of this blog and any other gun related blog is U.S./Canadian based for the U.S./Canadian civilian market. Vote me down as much as you guys want its the truth. To all my fellow Americans donate to the NRA as much as you can and call your Senators and Congress men and women and remind them that they will be voted out of office if they vote anti 2nd Amendment!

  • ZeCatnip

    Hey, that’s the Sandy Springs Gun Range! I was there yesterday, it looked even bleaker than that. They were selling S&W MP15’s out of the box, didn’t even have time to hang them. Crazy times.

  • John W

    NY Governor Cuomo used the word “confiscation” during a radio interview yesterday.

    • Steve

      I’ve been hearing similar things hear and there, plus the way they are walking on egg shells means they are looking to throw some heavy handed punches right out of the gate come January.

      Any chance you know where and when? I’d be interested to get a sound byte.

    • Madeleine Goddard

      Americans better watch out. Shooters here in the UK effectively had their weapons stolen by the government with the support of powerful, well funded and emotional lobby groups after the 1996 Dunblane massacre. which itself was the result of the incompetent local police failing to enforce existing licensing laws.

      Hand guns were confiscated with minimal compensation and many shooters have spent years trying to get their money (and the police conveniently valued everything at the absolute minimum). Since then we have seen UK streets flooded with large numbers of illegally held weapons from Eastern Europe and Russia and while criminals seem to use them with impunity the UK Olympic Shooting team has to train abroad. The whole thing has been a farce, but appears to suit the UK’s increasingly discredited and trigger happy police force who seem to shoot a surprising number of unarmed members of the public. The real farce is that gun crime has markedly increased. See:

      Britain has the potential makings of an authoritarian state because the police and government have effectively removed the means to offer any kind of serious resistance, no matter what outrageous action the state may wish to take in future. My advice would be to ‘lose’ your firearms in a credible fashion – and make sure they are hidden very securely indeed. Good luck.

  • pureporsche

    Watching this as a spectator, over the border in Canada is like watching your friend/neighbor involved in a slow train wreck! I won’t go into politics, but as an immigrant, a firearm enthusiast, it’s just plain sad how things are unfolding there.

    • Steve

      Thanks friendly neighborhood Canadian. I’m sure I speak for most when I say we all appreciate the goodwill and sentiment. This is total bullshit.

      Not to be a party pooper, but if this is a move towards a total gun ban, there will eventually be a shift in our nation towards centralized control. Once a totalitarian machine envelopes this nation, it’s only a matter of time before it spreads across it’s borders. Unfortunately, you and Mexico would be right in the crosshairs, and I don’t see other nations across the oceans coming to your rescue.

      We, Americans, do need to stand up and nip this growing problem in the butt. It would be great to have the voice and support of our friendly neighbors too. So please, spread the word and keep voicing your concern and reason here, there, and everywhere.

      • noob

        nipp it in the butt? not the bud?

        actually I like your way better.

  • Hami

    I can’t believe that GSG STG .22 is still on the wall! Those are awesome, someone buy it!

  • TangledThorns

    There are magazines out there like Mako’s Elander that have not inflated in price yet. They’re very nice for steel mags.

  • The NICS system was backed up for 4 hours in my neck of the woods. AR15s were selling fast. Only one shop wasn’t gouging. Surprise surprise they found a new customer.

  • JDub

    Here’s what we do.

    We keep buying guns like there is no tomorrow…pun intended.

    The gun industry grows wealthy enough to hire lobbyists up the ying-yang and also contribute loads of cash to campaign funds and it’s business as usual in Washington. Money talks and it seems to be the primary language spoken in our Capitol.

    • Reverend Clint

      yeah… they already have enough money to buy lobbyists

    • Partizan1942

      what shold be the action plan for those who’s kid got shot?

      • 511

        What a disgusting comment, to say something like that.

      • Partizan1942

        @ 511
        I disagree. I think shooting kids is disgusting. My question is a legitimate question. Say you are the president of the NRA and your kid gets shot. How would you feel? What would you do? Calling upon people to put themselves in other peoples shoos is not disgusting.

      • JDub

        If my kid got hit by a car I would not call for a ban on cars.

        So why would call for a ban on guns?

        Once again, murder and mayhem will always exist in a free and open society. The implements of these acts are inconsequential.

        Unless ones lives in a police state with armed officers, literally, on every street corner, these acts can not be prevented.

      • Partizan1942

        @ JDuB

        Firstly cars are not made to kill people They are made to transport people. Guns on the other hand are made to kill people period. If it wouldn’t be so, everyone would be only allowed to fire rubber rounds at a paper target on the shooting range. And no one would be allowed to carry for self defense. You can kill a person with a knife, a frying pan or a laptop as well but you cannot smear butter on your toast, make an omelet or send an e-mail with a gun. A gun is a tool for killing by purpose and if you do not point it at people it will not kill people but it is not good for anything else but killing. You could go and practice at a range with paintball guns and airsoft guns if all you wanted was to shoot at a target. They are lame but they do not possess the capability to kill people (not any more than a laptop would anyway) but all conventional guns are made to kill people. Denying that is just cynisism.
        Above I just wrote in length about the fact that gun violence can be prevented. Where I live by capita we have 111 times less people killed by guns in a year on average than in the States. And believe me, it is no police state.

      • Partizan1942

        @ JDuB

        I take it all back there is one gun that can do all other things I mentioned above and it is the: Annihilator 2000

      • TheIrateBlackGuy

        Partizan your like a 14 year old kid who just learned how to argue on the Internet.

      • W

        easy, end gun free zones and have police officers patrol schools…like they do every other location of concentrated people in our society.

        the solution, however, is not to punish law abiding citizens and enact a AWB that has no measurable effect on gun-related crime.

  • 511

    Who cares what someone in Europe thinks? Everyone I know is loading up on guns and ammo right now and being highly political in defending their constitutional right to own guns. Seriously most of the stuff on this blog is illegal for Europeans anyway, the no politics stance of them led them to being disarmed by their Governments. Most of the Audience of this blog and any other gun related blog is U.S./Canadian based for the U.S./Canadian civilian market. Vote me down as much as you guys want its the truth. To all my fellow Americans donate to the NRA as much as you can and call your Senators and Congress men and women and remind them that they will be voted out of office if they vote anti 2nd Amendment!

  • Kevin

    As a Canadian, I’m going to toss my opinion in the ring. Although some aspects of Canadian gun laws are goofy, I think the general direction that they go in are pretty prudent. 1. You have to pass a test with some firearms basics to be able to purchase a basic weapon. 2. Handguns are restricted weapons. To own a restricted weapon you have to take a more stringent test. You have to have a valid reason for owning one. Target shooting or work in an industry where a handgun may be required are acceptable reasons. Self defence in the wilderness can also be a valid reason. Handgun mags are IIR, capped at 10 rounds for civilian carry. 3.) Centrefire rifles are restricted to 10 rounds per magazine. Shotguns are restricted to 3 round IIRC, and have minimum barrel length. 4.) You have to prove your ability to safely store your firearms.

    I personally don’t see anything overly restrictive about any of the requirments. YMMV.

    • Jay

      Kevin, you are an idiot and have no clue about Canadian firearm laws.
      The magazine limit for most semiautomatic rifles is five rounds not ten. There’s no such a thing as “civilian carry” handguns. About 65% of handguns were confiscated or made prohimited, so they can’t be ever fired again legally. The few handguns left are restrictd. You are not allowed to carry period. They can only be shot at a preaproved range. You can’t take a handgun with you for protection anywhere! As a matter of fact only non restricted long guns can be taken “in wildernes”.

      This is straight out of the legislation:
      “There are a few purposes for which individuals can be licensed to acquire or possess a restricted firearm, the most common being target practice or target shooting competitions, or as part of a collection.

      [B]In limited circumstances, restricted firearms are also allowed for use in connection with one’s lawful profession or occupation, or to protect life[/B.]”

      Limited circumstances means special cases.

    • Jay

      Good luck getting a firearn in Canada if you tell them is for protection.

  • Mike Knox

    Just wait for it, you’ll be hearing about anti-gun loons getting rabid about this..

  • Keith

    It’s good that people are arming themselves.

    Wish I had the money, these days, to stock up on mags and ammo pre-frenzy. I’m nieve and hopeful that when tax return time comes around next year I will still be able to add such items to my basic stash.

    Interesting photos. Thanks for the article Steve.

    • Zermoid

      Same problem…………

  • denny

    As you may know from my comments I am a firearm interested person, but merely in technical sense. My shooting activity stopped some time ago and I am not sure if and when I will restart. However, my main current orientation is technical more than practical one. Having said that, I open little bit my cards so that I am better understood. But, I am very much for freedom of citizen held arms, their purchase, responsible ownership and safe use be it for collecting, serious marksmanship or plinking.

    However, let me tell you my view regarding your perception of power application of you guns in time of potential national crisis. Let me tell you, my friends…. your guns will not have much of impact. If full force of your system’s repressive instruments is applied, you will be swept away in matter of days, if not hours. Your dreams of citizen militia may be based on nobel motivations and on respect of tradition, but they will not be allowed to materialize. In the meantime you feed business objectives and ambitions of false players. I believe it is good to know the truth about self. Good luck to you!

    • 511

      Denny, America is nation of 100+ million gun owners who own 270+ million guns. On a yearly bases 16 million guns are sold in the Unites States thats more than any where else on earth that includes foreign military’s, more ammunition is purchased by U.S. Civilians on yearly bases than by NATO combined. Most of the people where I live know how to use a gun by the time their 10 years old. I truly pity any current/future government who would go in the direction of tyranny or oppression. NO ONE I KNOW WILL EVER SURRENDER THEIR RIGHTS OR GUNS TO THE GOVERNMENT. This is something you guys from abroad will never understand about American culture, we don’t lay down to our Government to get herded like sheep, out side of CA/MA/NY of course.

      • denny

        Look “511”, I respect what you are saying (and by the way I lived in States), I know mentality of people there and on top of it I know mentality of people in other places worldwide; that gives me advantage of COMPARISON which rarely an American has. On ballance I can say that to some degree (but not quite) I admire american way of life and I do like Americans as a nation (meaning people, not necessarily gov’t) very much.

        Now, let’s look what this “arming yourself means”. You (as a nation) claim that you are a lighthouse of freedom and democracy. Without going extensively into politics (and respecting Editor’s prerogative) I venture to tell you this: I read many web-pages coming from U.S. and elsewhere. Your citizens in free discussions are admitting that they are NOT SURE if you really have this F&D. In my opinion, if you indeed as predicaments of representative system of government stipulate, had this F&D, you would not need to arm yourself. Not as a means of potential power tool, anyway. You would trust authority because authority comes from people, meaning from YOU. If you however feel profound mistrust (and I read it in every line) to the authority, it means that system failed you, or rather YOU LET the system to fail you. You feel dis-frenchized and abandoned, that’s understandable.

        Hording arms and ammo for purpose of potential domestic confrontationc is NOT a solution. I’ll tell you why. A mititary/ martial organization is not just guns, actually guns somehow belong to business, but they are not main thing. Main thing is command, logistics, forces mobility, communication, medical and food provisions, strategy planning atc, etc… So, if you want to think that you will resist force who managed to kill in span of couple of years 1.3milion Iraqis, you are badly mistaken; they’ll just rip you apart. Again, I do not want to go further into politics, as said before.

        Now however, I re-emphasize that I believe you should maintain to have your rights and your 2nd amendment to your Constitution (and I have great deal of admiration for it) re-affirmed and kept in future. I am sincerely hoping that your arms ownership will be for peaceful and self-protection purposes only. Not to wreak a violence, but to help to prevent it.

    • W

      “If full force of your system’s repressive instruments is applied, you will be swept away in matter of days, if not hours”

      right…/rolls eyes

      im sure this is the same reason why the most powerful military machine in human history has been decisively victorious in Iraq and Afghanistan against lightly armed insurgents. (or not).

      That is assuming the full strength of the system’s repressive instruments act against their own people. that will not be the case, nor was it ever the case in any revolution in our history.

      • 032125

        Centralized armies excel at defeating centralized armies, but struggle to defeat decentralized power. Factories, bases and ammo dumps can be bombed but 300 million rifles scattered across 300 million homes cannot. This is the principle that was ignored by the Soviets in Afghanistan, then the US. The French in Vietnam, then the US. We were just reminded of this in Iraq as well.

        Famously misattributed to Yamamoto, the idea holds true that “there would indeed be a rifle behind every blade of grass”.

        Further these are not old cobbled together Soviet rifles as they are in Iraq and Afghanistan; nor operated by inexperienced shooters paid by external entities (such as Al-Qaida) to pop shots and flee. We have a long tradition of shooting, and we have (until recently) had the money and time to train. A lot. I shoot a lot more now than I did in the military, and my range time is better spent.

        Finally, one can anticipate here (as in the wave of North African and Near Eastern revolutions) there would be large numbers of military defections.

        This is not a call for violence; only a clarification of the capabilities of 150+ million armed citizens.

      • denny

        I am sincerely hoping this will never happen in your country; it would be disaster for entire western civilization. However, thinking (or just playing with idea) of using power of arms domestically is an erroneous concept and I layed out briefly what the consequences may be. Let’s hope this will never happen. But at the same time please DO NOT take for granted that you government’s military is on you side. (If you belief that your executive office isn’t than you can figure out the rest.) Individuals among military may be and that is one thing, the top command is something completely different. Believe me, I have experience from my original country how this works. Every system, if pressed, will use extreme means in order to stay in power. America is not exempt from the rule, it is just part of the same humanity.

      • noob

        additionally, we love guns because they are works of engineering art.

        there are far less artistic ways to do political violence, and if a disasterous second civil war were to take place they would predominate. I believe that the american people is smart enough to work out how to adapt and use these other weapons effectively at short notice.

        As for logistics – one who fights for his own soil will know how to feed himself. It is his home. His food is grown there. Invading armies need to either pillage (illegal these days) or bring everything with them. A domestic army also needs to be fed by the central government, but a popular insurgency will be fed by the population.

        it is said that a “handgun is a tool which you use to fight your way back to where you have foolishly laid down your rifle”.

        well a rifle is a tool which sustains your life long enough to complete your larger mission in war.

      • denny

        “That is assuming the full strength of the system’s repressive instruments act against their own people. That will not be the case, nor was it ever the case in any revolution in our history”…. (qute on quote)

        I want to soften tone a bit and apologize, if I touched sensibilities of some of you. Actually I am (and you probably sense it) almost as much interested in history and world developments in general as in technical affairs as pertaining to firearms.

        Now to the point: you believe that your “system’s repressive instuments” will never act against their own people. I’d wish this was true. Actually, the value of this belief depends on how much you believe that your system of government is truly ‘yours’ and represents YOU. That’s where the answer lies. In past and recent U.S. history however, there were case to contrary and that leads me to get worried as I indicated earlier. Nobody of us is that wise to know for certain, if authority is going to act in some drastic manner and what the popular response will be. Actually, there is more than guns that can be at stake. Much more.

        You certainly have heard of planned measures in case of contingencies in your country such as existence of some 2,000 of ready to open detention camps and very recently purchase of enormous quantity of exteremely deadly ammo by one of agencies. Well, there are obviously reasons for it…. But, I hate to be bad profet!

        Where I perhaps should not make connection is attitude of “gun loving Americans” and their preponderance to resist authority of state. Maybe, there in not relationship at all, maybe there is. I, as an outsider cannot tell for certain. But, by use of primitive logic we know that firearms have their one and only unmistakeable purpose – to make holes in paper, tin cans and some odd watermellon. Part od adoring walls of our dwellings, of course. Lets hope it will remain to be the case.

        Wishing all happy and safe Holidays! And safe shooting!

      • denny

        “That is assuming the full strength of the system’s repressive instruments act against their own people. That will not be the case, nor was it ever the case in any revolution in our history”…. (quote on quote)

        I want to soften tone a bit and apologize, if I touched sensibilities of some of you. Actually I am (and you probably sense it) almost as much interested in history and world developments in general as in technical affairs as pertaining to firearms.

        Now to the point: you believe that your “system’s repressive instuments” will never act against their own people. I’d wish this was true. Actually, the value of this belief depends on how much you believe that your system of government is truly ‘yours’ and represents YOU. That’s where the answer lies. In past and recent U.S. history however, there were case to contrary and that leads me to get worried as I indicated earlier. Nobody of us is that wise to know for certain, if authority is going to act in some drastic manner and what the popular response will be. Actually, there is more than guns that can be at stake. Much more.

        You certainly have heard of planned measures in case of contingencies in your country such as existence of some 2,000 of ready to open detention camps and very recently purchase of enormous quantity of exteremely deadly ammo by one of agencies. Well, there are obviously reasons for it…. But, I hate to be bad profet!

        Where I perhaps should not make connection is attitude of “gun loving Americans” and their preponderance to resist authority of state. Maybe, there in not relationship at all, maybe there is. I, as an outsider cannot tell for certain. But, by use of primitive logic we know that firearms have their one and only unmistakeable purpose – to make holes in paper, tin cans and some odd watermellon. Part od adoring walls of our dwellings, of course. Lets hope it will remain to be the case.

        Wishing all happy and safe Holidays! And safe shooting!

      • W

        awesome posts denny and 03,

        im not encouraging nor hoping for civil war in our country. i hope our revolution is bloodless, much like ghandis revolution was in india. Force should be the last resort when all other avenues have been absolutely exhausted.

        with that being said, the million dollar question is: where is your line in the sand? gun confiscation? black boxes in your car? personal transmitting chips, hyperinflation?

        without revolution, to quote Dr Paul Craig Roberts, “Amerika’s future is death”

      • denny

        Thanks for kind word “W”. I know P.C.Roberts from reading and I like him. Also, time by time I read in RonPaulDaily. I followed the rise of the Liberty movement and its (sad to say) collapse, but remain hopeful that new people will pick up the cause. I also consider myself as libertarian. Same as you say, I do not want to see a violence in America, I wish and pray for good outcome. Reason must prevail.

        For Editor: I am sorry for pushing button twice on previous comment. I hold high your patience and generosity you extent to non-Americans to speak out at your forum. All the best!

      • W

        if PCR interests you, then the youtube channel “The Greatest Truth Never Told” and the sons of liberty academy videos would really interest you I strongly recommend all gun owners and freedom loving people from all walks of life to painstakingly watch every slide available.

  • 6 gunner

    My local gun store which is about 40 miles from Midwest Gun Exchange (the top three photos in this article) and about 1/10th the size of MGE had people driving from Detroit–about 3 hours away–to get one AR and an AK. Crazy, but I’m glad my LGS is doing good business.

  • Lance

    Show like polls are showing the nation is different from 1994 more people own AR-15s and more want them. It be harder to ban them since so many own them.

  • Y-man

    So when I come over next early next year, there might be no guns to rent or ammo to shoot in ranges? 🙁

  • West

    I wouldn’t slam Obama too hard right now. Gun regulation has never been a big issue for him but he is under a lot of pressure to do something as any President would be after a string of mass shootings.

    I just hope it’s not another ineffectual, feel good BS law.
    Which it probably will be, nothing effective comes out of congress.

    • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

      I said this on this article, but got hounded for it.

      • noob

        Hmm. I can think of one reason why (some keywords prejudice the less level headed of us)

  • Esh325

    The NRA are nothing but hypocrites, they are attacking the first amendment to protect the second amendment, how laughable.

    • schizuki

      I’ll continue to support the NRA, but you’re exactly right. Their comments are disgraceful.

  • A-Roe

    Am i the only one who is sickened by the sheer volume of revenue this tragedy has generated? Its no secret that every time one of these massacres takes place its like dropping a monetary bomb. Money instantaneously flows to legislators and organizations on both sides of the gun debate. News papers, TV, radio, all see huge increases in consumption and revenue. Wall street goes nuts, as people analyze, forecast, and try to make money off whats just happened.

    And then we come to the gun sales…. It really doesnt send the right message when the bushmaster used to kill 27 people is flying off the shelves, in fact, its extremely distasteful.

    I was planning on buying a new HD gun this christmas, but id just as soon not be part of the financial “silver lining” to what happened at sandy hook.

    • schizuki

      Exactly what message do you think is being sent when people buy AR’s after a school shooting with an AR? That the buyers are looking for a kid-killing gun? I decided to get myself an AR last summer, but I dithered. Then came the election, and the S&W M&P15 I wanted was out of stock. Then came Newtown and the push for a ban. You bet your ass I’d buy an AR right now if there was one to buy. The only message I’d be sending is “I have to get one before I can’t.”

      I’m sorry you find that so “distasteful”. Guess what? Anti-gunners find all of YOUR guns “distasteful”.

      • A-Roe

        “Guess what? Anti-gunners find all of YOUR guns ‘distasteful’ ”

        NO, for real? even my 460???? 🙂

        Seriously though, it sends a message of disrespect. The country is in mourning and people are out in record numbers buying the murder weapon, not that hard to see why its “distasteful”.

      • gunslinger

        are you as sickened by those trying to push through anti-gun legislation in the wake of this tragedy? trying to push personal agendas on the back of these children and brave adults. that’s sickening.

        but i don’t see you protesting when a child dies in a car accident.

        as i said before, this loss of life is tragic. but it’s not a call to offer a knee-jerk reaction that doesn’t address the problems we are facing.

    • What I find completely distasteful, is when people like Feinstein use a tragedy to springboard their pet gun laws. You know she didn’t just type up a new “assault weapons ban,” after last Friday. She’s been working on this since the early 90’s. This just happens to be an opportune moment to get the kind of support needed to pass it. The paper these bills are written on is soaked in the blood of those poor kids murdered by a sociopath in CT.

      • A-Roe

        Completely agree. Thanks for the civil response.

    • noob

      except that the AR-15 was not used on the kids.

      that was a media mistake.

      same media that mistakenly initially blamed the wrong brother and spouts off about mental issues with basically zero evidence besides non-expert hearsay.

      (the perp’s harddrive was destroyed and his mother was killed. it’s going to be hard to know his mind until what remaining evidence is found and examined.)

      • schizuki

        I though the same thing, but unfortunately it does appear that the majority of the fatalities were from the AR. It was apparently a shotgun left in the trunk, not the AR.

  • Partizan1942

    511 remarked somewhere below that no one cares what people think in Europe.
    As an European I find that a little insulting. But since he asked so nicely here is my opinion:
    I am a gun enthusiast. I like to shoot, I know guns. I do not own one because I am not allowed to have one where I live. I go to ranges relatively regularly and I am a good shot.
    In my country there is serious gun control. Even obtaining, not to mention keeping a handgun is extremely difficult because of legislation. You can only have one if your work makes you a target and you can justify this to the authorities (so don’t think 7-11 clerks, think judges). There are no sporting rifles like an AK or an AR available for public use at all. Not even if they are semi auto, not even if it had a 50″ barrel. There are very strict rules for keeping ammunition at home even if you have a permit to carry a weapon. If you have land or you are a member of a hunting society you can have hunting rifles or shotguns but you have to register them and keep them locked up in a safe at all times when not used. You cannot carry a loaded rifle or shotgun in your car etc. There was even a case when an international A-list action film was shot in my country and the authorities have confiscated the weapons that the film crew flew in for the action scenes because they were not deactivated and potentially they could have been used with live rounds (and they sent in a SWAT team to do it just to make sure).
    To sum it up where I live we have very strict gun control.
    Here is the flip side: I live in a fairly big city of around 2 million and there is no place in the city where I would have to be afraid for my life at any time of day. Do not misunderstand me I am from what you guys call “Eastern Europe” and one can get whacked if one is stupid. But you have to be really stupid and it will not be because you went into the wrong neighborhood or you get mugged.
    For 10 million people living in the country last year there were 131 instances where a person was killed according to statistics in my country we include negligent homicides and manslaughter in that number as well. If I know correctly in the US they don’t. Only five of those were committed with guns and two of the five were suicides. So in total there were 3 people killed by guns in a year in a population of 10 million. Granted the US has a population of over 300 million so I have to multiply my 3 by 30 to get a number that I could compare to US stats. How many people in the US were killed last year with firearms? Wherever I look it says well over 10.000. So on the one hand if my country had the same population as the US, we would have 90 people killed by guns in a year, and in the US it is over 10.000. That is 111 times higher than what we have here.
    I have a few people that I meet coming from the states and they are afraid to walk around in my city without a gun. They constantly ask me which are the bad neighborhoods or if they can go out at night and I constantly have to reassure these people that as in any big city they might get pick-pocketed but that’s about it. They keep telling me that they feel naked without their sidearm and they could not enjoy their time here because they could not believe me that there is simply no threat and that there is more chance a piano would be dropped on their head than someone holding them up at gunpoint.
    Frankly I personally would have a hard time adjusting to living or having kids in a place where I would have to carry and constantly be alert of potential threats. A place like that is no city to live in, it is a war zone. So I am glad that where I live we have strict gun control.
    But I am a gun enthusiast and I like to shoot so if I want to, no one can keep me from going to the range, chose any gun and shoot as many rounds as I want from any weapon I want. Thank God!
    A lot of you probably will come with the argument that a free people need firearms to protect them from the tyranny of the state. And sure I can relate to that. But can you people even comprehend that technical advancement has come to a level that without tanks, drones, aircraft carriers, satellites etc. there is nothing that you could do in an armed rebellion against any government. Do you realize that there were no armed revolutions in any “1st world” countries that succeeded since 1917? That no matter how well the people were armed against the forces of tyranny, be it the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War or the Hungarian people in the Revolution of 1956 handguns alone will get you no success any more. Ever heard of Waco, Texas? A lot of good their guns did against the federal government ha?
    The last argument is usually that the founding fathers in all their wisdom put it in the constitution that people can carry. And sure that is cool. I can imagine the rush I would get from walking around heavy. But Honestly your founding fathers were no morons. But they never saw a Gatling gun, pistols that could be fed from a clip. Rifles accurate up to 1500 m, they never saw machine pistols that can shoot 600 rounds per minute out of drums of 70. And do you know what else they did not see? Your crime stats of the 20th and 21st centuries. So probably more of them would go “sure you can carry as long as it’s a muzzle loading Kentucky rifle” if they saw what is going on in their country now.
    Look, in conclusion do not misunderstand me, I am a gunlover and a gun enthusiast just like anyone else here. And I realize that people’s livelihoods depend on gun sales etc. but at some time you guys kill 111 time s more people a year than you would if you had legislation like in my country.
    And do not misunderstand me, I do not want to tell people over there what they should do, I’m just saying that this is how it looks from over here where I live.

    • JDub

      I think you have a misconception of American life.

      Yes, there are places in the U.S. where one might not feel safe out without a sidearm but these places are very few relative to the number of places which are “safe”.

      I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life of 46 years and have yet to see a gun drawn in public (other than at a shooting range) by a criminal or peace officer.

      I’ll admit that I am very fortunate but I believe the majority of people who do not live in impoverished areas have the same experience.

      What I will say about American is we have a long tradition of gun ownership which was granted to us by our Constitution. We do not take this right/freedom lightly for the same reason we do not take Freedom of Speech, Press or Religion lightly (among others).

      As much as firearms represent violence to some they represent the Freedom of Resistance (to physical threat) to gun owners.

      It is clear that we do not always need this right to live our daily lives (unless you’re in the gun/security business) but one doesn’t always need a fire extinguisher either.

      Lately, the price to our society for this right has been great. This can not be debated.

      However, if human lives were really what we wished to save. I think our time and effort would be better spent providing better healthcare, especially mental healthcare.

      The problem is that this requires money. It’s much cheaper and, politically, more expedient to try to ban firearms.

      • Partizan1942

        I love this: “If you do not live here you are a peasant and could not possibly comprehend our complex way of life.” – type of talk. Don’t you hear yourself? Please do not talk down to me like that. I have got a pretty good idea of how Americans live, think and act if nothing else because my job requires me to do so. I work with Americans on a daily basis. Amongst other things I have a masters in word and domestic history. But it is not me saying that America is like this or like that. Numbers tell you that. Numbers tell you that in Detroit more people get killed by guns in a year than in all of Germany, Japan and the UK combined during the same year. I am not saying that this is what defines all of the US and certainly New Hampshire is different than Washington D. C. in terms of gun violence but in total you guys kill the population of a town full of people in a year – every year. In an information age to know this does not require me to live there and it is not hard for one to get a pretty good picture about things on the other side of the Atlantic even if one does not have street cred with the Latin Kings in the South Side of the Windy City or catches gators in Louisiana.
        I completely agree with you on the health care issue though.
        Anyway you do not have to agree with my opinion. It takes all sorts to make a world but if you ask anyone whether they think that it is a good idea to flood the streets with guns in the middle of an economic depression probably a 100% of Europeans would tell you that it is the dumbest single damn idea they ever heard.

      • JDub

        No need to get defensive. I wasn’t trying to attack your point of view.

        As for the condescension, it is not what I intended.

        I strive, always, to broaden my outlook with the viewpoints of others without hatred or bias.

        I’m not always successful but I try.

    • FailBlog


      When people here in America and abroad point to our insanely high violent crime rates (including gun murders) they never mention the racial demographics behind those shootings out of political correctness.

      The real reason America has such high violent crime rates is because we’re being invaded by low-IQ savage mud people.

      Whites were about 85% of the American population when my father was born. Now Whites are only 63% of the American population and declining rapidly. White babies are already racial minorities in America now and Whites of all ages are estimated to become racial minorities in America in about 20 years. We have over 100 million brown people living in America.

      And to give you an idea of how they live, watch this documentary:

      Now do you understand WHY we have such high violent crime rates and WHY we have to carry guns to feel safe?

      Not only do we have feral animals of the human variety threatening our safety, but thanks to the environ-mental movement, America also has tons of mountain lions, bears, coyotes, wolves, etc, roaming our neighborhoods in increasing numbers.

      European and other Western countries don’t have extremely low violent gun crime rates because guns are highly regulated. European countries already had low violent gun crime rates before the gun bans. The real explanation is racial demographics.

      Whites and East Asians commit very low violent crime rates. That’s the real reason why U.S. states like Vermont have virtually no gun murders despite having practically zero gun laws and why U.S. cities like Washington D.C. and Chicago with very strict gun regulations have the highest gun murder rates in America – because they’re full of “hispanics” of blacks.

      Most faux-conservative gun rights supports are too spineless to state these ugly racial realities. But I’m not. And I’m sure my comment will be down voted and deleted because the truth is no longer welcome in these modern “progressive” Dark Ages…

      Also of note if the misguided notion that all European countries have the same gun laws. Some European countries have extremely strict gun laws and very low private gun ownership rates. While other European countries have more “liberal” (conservative) gun laws and tons of people own guns. Yet gun violence rates are extremely low in Europe across the board regardless of gun laws. In other words, gun laws don’t matter in Europe. In fact, gun violence actually INCREASED in the UK after most firearms were banned.

      And in America, despite gun ownership rates exploding in popularity in recent years – especially with AR-15s and concealed carry pistols – violent crime has actually dramatically decreased and mass shootings have actually nearly halved since the 1970s and 1980s. So again, we see gun laws having very little affect on gun violence rates.

      And in racially diverse “hispanic” Brazil, they have absolutely insane gun violence rates despite strict gun regulations.

      So, again and again, we see the importance of RACIAL DEMOGRAPHICS – not gun laws.

      • Partizan1942

        Thank you for your socioeconomic analysis, Professor KKK! Without you I would have never known this. You forgot to mention that the kikes are probably selling the guns to the coloreds and the beaners and that they will achieve world dominance once the white man has been obliterated. Probably we should not forget the gooks that are financing the kikes and are a part of the same plot.
        Spare me your racism and ignorance…
        I particularly liked the part about Europe being non violent after two world wars, five civil wars and a handful of smaller conflicts and at least 3 active terrorist organizations in Europe in the 20th century alone. Where did organized crime come to the US from? The term “Mafia” ring any bells? How about the Russian mob? Ever heard of how safe cities like London always were?
        Ehh. I’m tired to try to answer your slurs.
        Let me just say that being called a “Moron” by someone like you is an honor and a privilege to me and to all that I stand for.

      • Please delete this racist garbage. We don’t need to compound our problem with bigotry.

    • Willard

      Hey Partizan…screw off.

      • Partizan1942

        I like you! Straight to the point! Good on ya mate!

  • Partizan1942

    Completely different train of thought from my previous post and a question more in line with the theme of the article:
    What happens if after everyone and their grandmothers load up on guns and ammo and they pass a law that half the guns out there (say pistols with high cap mags, “assault” rifles, machine pistols etc.) would get banned. Wouldn’t these people that are now buying guns get screwed double? I mean if I lived in the US and would have just bought a higher end AR in this “gun frenzy” for $ 2000+ and in January they passed a law that does not have this “grandfathered system”, and would outlaw the possession of such a weapon wouldn’t the gun I bought be pretty much worthless overnight? I mean no one in their right mind would pay that money for it even on the black market considering it can get confiscated. I would be furious to lose so much money. (Not to mention if they fined me or if I would get a jail sentence).
    So I guess what I am asking is how can someone with all certainty say that dollars spent now on guns will not be flying out the window come the feared legislation changes?

    • TangledThorns

      I hate to speculate but confiscation by the government could lead to bad things happening.

    • BenJamin

      That the day that guns are banned, we’ll see a record number of police reports of weapons being “Stolen”
      Followed by what TangledThorns has said

    • Your rifle wouldn’t be worthless, you could still shoot it, if it were banned, but not confiscated.

      Canada spent over $2 billion on it’s gun registry, and it really failed. They gave up on registering rifles and shotguns. Many Canadians just didn’t register their guns, and law enforcement didn’t bother enforcing it in many cases. The U.S. is a much bigger country, with a lot more firearms, and the cost to register firearms in order to confiscate them would come with a absolutely fantastic price tag. Then what would they do with all the confiscated guns? Destroy them all? How much would that cost? With over $16 TRILLION in debt already, will taxpayers suddenly balk at the idea of spending all this money, when a little bit or real research will show that it’s pointless, if not counterproductive? I don’t know, but I hope Americans aren’t THAT stupid.

    • JDub

      I doubt the government will confiscate anything.

      They’d probably just do what California did in 2000. As of that date any un-re-registered (Yes, that’s right. Original registration was illegal for the DOJ to maintain in a database so those firearms needed to be registered again so they could keep track this time) “Assault Weapons” became illegal to possess. No notices were sent out to owners of these firearms so if you didn’t have your ear to the ground, you became a felon overnight. Those who failed to re-register are required to turn-in these firearms to the authorities.

  • Reg

    From the home page:

    “I want this blog to appeal to a worldwide audience and so I will focus on firearms and shooting rather than country specific politics. There are already many great blogs defending your rights!”

    This post is not about guns. It’s about politics in the USA. There is no specific gun or accessory mentioned. All it mentions is aggregate human behavior. That’s politics.

    Might want to reconsider your editorial stance.

    • This post was 100% non-political. We cover the industry. When guns are sold out, that is industry news.

  • FailBlog

    In response to this comment (sorry, the terrible comment section on this blog won’t allow me to reply directly):

    “Thank you for your socioeconomic analysis, Professor KKK! Without you I would have never known this. You forgot to mention that the kikes are probably selling the guns to the coloreds and the beaners and that they will achieve world dominance once the white man has been obliterated. Probably we should not forget the gooks that are financing the kikes and are a part of the same plot.
    Spare me your racism and ignorance…
    I particularly liked the part about Europe being non violent after two world wars, five civil wars and a handful of smaller conflicts and at least 3 active terrorist organizations in Europe in the 20th century alone. Where did organized crime come to the US from? The term “Mafia” ring any bells? How about the Russian mob? Ever heard of how safe cities like London always were?
    Ehh. I’m tired to try to answer your slurs.
    Let me just say that being called a “Moron” by someone like you is an honor and a privilege to me and to all that I stand for.”

    Just for the recond, I’m not a neo-Nazi. Nor am I in the KKK or any other racist group or organization in real life or on the webernetz…

    In fact, I actually used to be a hardcore militant Leftist “racial justice” activist only about 5 years ago, believe or not, but then I gradually became completely disillusioned with the Left in general and have now converted to the Far-Right.

    As to my views, yes, I am a racist. But believe it or not, not everyone who is White and racist shaves their head and runs around in a ghost costume giving the ol’ roman salute…

    I’m a “Race Realist” and a bit of a White Nationalist. We’re a new wave of racists who merely look at objective scientific statistics on IQ, academic scores, economic performance, violent crime rates, social problems, etc, from all around the world in order to come to logical and objective conclusions on the issues of race – regardless of how offensive those conclusions may be to modern sensibilities.

    And for those who are curious as to what those conclusions are; basically, only Whites and East Asians have average IQs over 100 and seem to be the only two races capable of organically founding, building and maintaining advanced, prosperous and safe societies. The only exception to that rule are Whites and East Asians who stupidly adopt Left-Wing Marxism or brown people who have immense amounts of natural resources…

    As to Jews, I don’t hate them (well, that’s a bit of a lie. I absolutely despise self-loathing libtard Jews. But I don’t hate them as a race. I hate libtards in general…) In fact, I actually consider Ashkenazi Jews (European Jews) to be White. So, I’m a supporter of Jews and actually consider myself to be a Zionist. I’d actually join the IDF if I could. And Ashkenazi Jews actually have the highest average IQ out of any ethnic group in the world. They also commit virtually zero violent crime. Strange statements from a supposed neo-Nazi, no?

    And as to the topic of Nazis… I dislike them as well. I actually think it’s embarrassing and retarded that so many racist White people have joined the neo-Nazi movement. I mean, think about it. The Nazis weren’t even really White Supremacists. They were Aryan Supremacists. And 95% of the people they killed were White. They also aligned themselves with various mongoloid ethnic groups and were even quite fond of muslimes. In fact, many neo-Nazis actually convert to pisslam or are in alliance with or supportive of various “islamist” groups simply because they’re so obsessed with mindlessly hating Jews. And personally, I’m a virulent “islamophobe” who views pisslam as one of the main threats to Western (White) Civilization (and to human civilization in general), so that doesn’t exactly sit well with me…

    I’m also not really a White Supremacist (although I am extremely proud of my race). I freely admit that a couple East Asian ethnic groups are superior to Whites in virtually every way you want to measure. They have (slightly) higher IQs, they commit a lot less violent crime, they have (slightly) higher academic scores and they have a lot less social problems (however, I’m not a freaking degenerate weeaboo either…) So again, with “Race Realists”, you’re dealing with people who, as the name suggests, are merely interested in reality – regardless of where the path of truth leads…

    Generally speaking, I’m a fan of people who have high-IQs regardless of race. So, I guess I’m more of an “IQist” than anything else.

    As to your idiotic comments about wars in Europe, White organized crime, White cities being dangerous in the past or the current day, etc; first off, war is a separate beast from violent crime and I never said White people are angels. Just when you compare the various ethnic groups of the world statistically, Whites and East Asians commit very low rates of violent crime. Which is why nobody moves into “hispanic” and black neighborhoods or countries…

    I’m also not denying that socioeconomics plays a role in violent crime rates, IQ scores and general quality of life statistics. In the nature vs nurture debate, unlike libtards who are practicing a kind of “Liberal Creationism” when they insist that it’s all environmental; “Race Realists” acknowledge that it’s a combination of both environmental factors AND innate inherited genetic influences. So, yes, that’s why you have trashy and backwards White communities and countries.

    That’s why Eastern European countries, Russia and low income White people tend to have higher violent crime rates than other Whites. Because yes, things like poverty and lower academic levels tend to result in sleezier people. But if you read the link I posted, there’s an even stronger correlation between race, IQ and violent crime rates than there is between race and other socioeconomic influences.

    Anywho, rant over. I don’t even know I bothered typing all of this out since it will just get deleted…

    • 032125

      Even skimming your racist screed made me feel as though I’d been rolling in dog vomit. Speech is supposed to be free, but yours cost me several brain cells.

      • Zermoid

        FailBlog FAILED.

    • Nicks87

      “We’re a new wave of racists…”

      Who is “we”, do you have a turd in your pocket?

      This race stuff needs to die (regardless of which race is perpetuating it) just as much as the false left-right paradigm and the false reality that there is only two choices republican or democrat. You need to wake up and realize that we can stand up to tyranny together or hang separately.

    • إبليس

      @ Failblog

      As a Caucasian (3/4 English 1/4 Arab) your post resonated with me on a deep level. I agree with about 95% of your statement. Apparently acknowledging that biology influences behavior and that certain genetic sequences are inheritable is a mortal sin. You’ve offended the bland egalitarian god of the classical liberals! Boo! Hiss! Our society is a mess because we accepted equality as the highest aim. Every stupid policy, wonky economic plan, idiotic slogan (Detroit failed because of DEMMYCRATS!) stems from this. Embracing heirarchy is the only way. I cherish the personal liberties America grants it’s subjects. But freedom and equality are incompatible. The state can only enforce a semblance of “equality” by hobbling the able and limiting the free.


    We knew they would eventually come for the guns. Better they do it now than 5yrs after an ammo ban and we got no ammo left, right? If you didn’t previously figure out our government is corrupt and wants our guns so our pesky notions of freedom don’t get in the way of their power grabbing ways, then welcome to reality, nice to have you awake finally, if you did then what’s the shocker here? The founding fathers only question would be why we let it get THIS far with out a revolution, the second amendment was to ensure we could always have a government reset button. I’ll help push that button but not alone. The founding fathers also knew that bread and circus were the greatest threat to us not resetting the government, good thing they are so stupid as to try this when we are all broke and pissed off. 😉

    How did race get involved here? like it or not we are all earthlings, this world is all we have for now, and when we do have more worlds to explore we will find the 2 most different earthlings have more in common than the closest things to human we will ever find out there.

  • Pietro

    As a European I always admired the USA for the positive exception their culture represent(ed?) in the World.
    Unfortunately seems to me that in this moment not many citizens in USA are calm enough to watch at things objectively, this race to buy ARs is a proof of it.
    I am sad that things are taking the form a group for gun control and another against it, I hoped (irrationally) that USA could have been a place where a more sophisticated answer could have been tried.

    Few seem to look at the real problem.
    What I see when tragedies like the last one happens, is the FAILURE OF THE STATE to do his job and the inability of civil society to self-defence in lack of a functioning state (where self-defence means the ability to enforce measures social protection, non tactical coolness).

    Exceptional events in gun related crime that produces the “emotional spikes” like the one we are seeing now, often share some factors:
    – are done by sick people that have access or own legal weapons;
    – are done on soft targets;
    – are often announced in advance by the perpetrator, in implicit or explicit ways;
    – are ofte premeditated and planned, shooters often go to shops to equip and ranges to train (even if some randomness occurs).
    All these factors should point out that the State and the society are not capable of detect this things in advance.
    But these signs are way more evident than, say, a terroristic plot (and it happens that those are discovered, we don’t have to assume that everything is calm just because bombs don’t explode).

    On the other hand, ordinary gun crime is often carried out:
    – after a gradual increasing in gravity of offences carried by the perpetrator
    – on parents, family or friends
    – by perpetrators with precise personal, economical and social patterns
    – with the knowledge (and sometimes approval) of other people which won’t help in preventing the crime to protect themselves or the perpetrator.

    Now, I’m no criminologist so all this could be BS. But I firmly believe that it is possible to prevent some of both ordinary and exceptional gun related homicides in advance.
    To do that, Police and agencies have to do their job, and the society too. But even if I totally disagree with the similitude that many do between cars and guns (the purpouse of the two things is too different), I think that gun related homicides should be fought like car accidents or deaths-on-work are tackled; with culture, precautions and controls (where control is talkin to people, not scaring them with authoritarism).
    I sincerely hope that USA wont opt for an European style gun control, which I firmly believe wont affect the gun related homicides.

    A wrong solution would become a new problem.

    • NukeItFromOrbit

      Or they could have “objectively” determined that we could see all sorts of magazine and “assault” weapons bans shoved down our throats, so they are buying what they can now. I myself need to get another 20 round magazine and a 30 round one or two.

      • Pietro

        Of course the buing frenzy could actually be more rational than what I think, and I’m not going to criticize who is buying. But as a “third party” I can foresee a collateral effect of this frenzy.

        In fact it could scare even more who is already worried by the current gun laws and therefore calling for more stringent regulations.
        And if this regulations are enforced, could happen than todays purchases will only lead to more confiscations tomorrow.
        Of course the simple idea of the States confiscating private’s arms is going to enrage everybody, like a call to arms.
        Unfortunately a “gun proibitionism” is not so hard to imagine for me, and any person resising it would be used by the State as proof of necessity of it (another version of “why don’t you allow the state to search/control you if you have nothing to hide?”).

        So the above situation, the conflict for the right to bear arms, would make in no way more safer the life of students in Unis/Kindergartens, kids in political campings (Utoya) or spectators in cinemas.

        In an ideal world, I would hope to see you (and Steve’s blog as well) not (only) to buy other magazines, but to actively go to your Police Station/City Council/School Director with some realistic, practical advices that the shooting enthusiast community could give to these institutions to cooperate and make everybody’s life a safer one.

    • schizuki

      Well said, Pietro.

  • Dr.strangelove

    Hey you guys check this out, not sure if this is true or not, but it seems like there’s some strange connection between the sandy hook shooter and the movie theatre shooter, apparently there fathers are both supposed to testify in some mega, credit/interest rate corruption scandal.
    Known as the libor scandal that is not getting much press.

    Also apparently these killers were all heavily medicated, according to this Fabian for liberty guy.

    My guess its a double whammy, corrupt company’s looking to devert attention, and government opportunity to use people’s emotions to take away there rights.

    One thing I don’t see is ar-15 hunters plinks terms and target/competition shooters talking about the sporting applications of these rifles. They should these guns are great for huntin/target/competition, and personal defense.

    One thing they can do to help regulate without banning, is make sure gun owners get licences that include any documentation on the persons mental health, and possibly requiring a sponsor or 2 that can vouch on your sanity/mental health.

    getting the licence should also educate and demonstrate gun safety and proper storage.

    Possibly increase the age at which a person may aquire “assault” weapons, to maybe 25.

    get rid of anonymous back door loophole gun sales, this includes gun shows, by this I mean regulate them so that you can still have sales but only if that person has a gun licence and passes the background check screen that insures they are not criminals or psychos. With gun registration and registration transfer process.

    . Anything above a bolt action hunting rifle should be registered, no private sales can occur without proper documentation and background/gun licence verification, followed by a transfer of registration.

    And last but not least force people to securely store there weapons in a hidden area to reduce the chances of the guns being stolen and or falling into the wrong hands.


    Im european, my dream was be american, i like guns to sport and AR15s are my favourite,mechanically, they are beautifull and .223 is best caliber for shooting sports.

    USA was the freedoms country.

    Less freedom everyday
    more social control
    Year 2025: Cuba,China,Spain,Ncorea,Latin america,Iran……=USA?

    • TheIrateBlackGuy

      Your a moron

      • Zermoid

        Actually he has a good point, just didn’t state it very well.


        Thanks Steve for your Blog

    • TheIrateBlackGuy

      He’s saying in thirteen years American freedoms may be on par with Iran’s. keep buying into the mass media you brainless lemming.


    places where the weapons law is softer:Switzerland
    “The personal weapons of the militia are kept at home as part of the military obligations”

    places where the gun law is stricter: MEXICO, Mexico has tight law control
    ,bad boys have .50 rifles and MGs and citizens……..

  • dogmatic

    People think that death–although it’s tragic for anyone to lose their lives before their time–no matter where in the world they live—is the worst thing that can happen in life.

    No…far worst is being a slave. Being under the complete power of some one, or thing else, with no recourse–no way to help or defend yourself from whatever they want to do to you.

    Believe me…when people, or governments have complete power over you–they are never nice. They do whatever it is they can get away with.

    Everything from the bum in the street, to the police, to the beauracrat denying mothers food stamps over some paperwork…when people have one up on you, they are never nice

    Those children in Connecticut were shot to death. But they may well have been raped, tortured, beat and mocked–before they were shot…all with impunity.

    That’s what monsters can do to you when they have complete control and power over you.

    And that’s what they will do to you.

    History is nothing but one long tale of the strong preying on the defenseless.

    I know from personal experience that it matters not how nice you are, how compassionate, how innocent–in fact–all you have to do is take a stand for peace, right , justice anf fairness in this world–to be targeted by government for vehemence–whether it be a so-called liberal or consevative government.

    And they will subject to creulty that death know nothing about. They will hound you, imprison you, starve you, mock you, torture you–the list goes on and on.

    Death only puts you to sleep.

    They want to silence and kill everything that’s good and free in the world.

    The U.S.–for all it’s faults, and all it’s abominable history–is the last bulwark for man or womankind–for maintaining some kind of ability to fight back and change the world in other directions that this pure slavery that the monsters that rule this world is trying to subject us to.

    That’s due entirely to that U.S constitution and that second Admendment.

    Never let them take one ounce from you regarding your rights.

    What do a lawabiding gunowner in IOwa, or Detroit, have to do with what some guy in Conneticut does?

    We, of all walks of life–no matter how much we can’t stand eachother–has better come together when it comes to standing against anybody making us defenseless.

    We know what slavery is like.

  • Mike Knox

    Looking at the recent comment below. There ought to be a content limit on whatever’s posted especially how long and what’s involved. Preferably three or less topics per comment and less words per thought. It’s like listening to spoiled kids getting tantrums about not getting the latest smart phone this christmas, babbling the same thing over and over again in different words each time..

  • Zermoid

    I have a cap and ball revolver coming in the mail.
    It’s nice to have a gun the Govt doesn’t know about and which you can make all you need to fire it from easily obtainable sources.

    Just a thought for you guys to look into…….

    • noob

      although, don’t end up like australia where you need a gun licence to buy black powder, and making your own is a federal offense.

      at least the australian government hasn’t banned fishing sinkers or automotive wheel weights that are made from toxic lead…

  • TheIrateBlackGuy

    This blog needs to get rid of the European and canadian trash on here

    • Mike Knox

      Are you aware that there are Africans in Canada and Europe too?..

    • Jack Ledoux

      I agree black guy, they love to criticize our system. And Mike Knox, I think we all know that. I don’t think he’s referring to everyone.

    • Nicks87

      “This blog needs to get rid of the European and canadian trash on here”

      I agree 100%.

      Sorry you folks live in a country that traded their freedom for socialism but what gives you the right to tell us that we should do the same?

      It’s not a political argument IMO. The belief that govts should NOT rule over individual citizens but be run by individual citizens is something that should be shared by people world wide.

      I will never understand what it is that makes people who live outside the USA so subservient to government. Great Britain used to be the most powerful country in the world but now it’s a police state that’s full of foreigners and run by the EU. However, that should be no suprise since the brits have put up with one tyranical monarchy or another for almost a thousand years.

      • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

        Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy,[1] and a political philosophy advocating such a system.

        Last time I checked, it did not have anything to do about freedom and personal rights.

      • Nicks87

        So you cant trade your freedom for “an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy and a political philosophy advocating such a system”?

        Nice try but I stand by my comments. Here’s some further reading so you can educate yourself on how gun control and socialism are related:

        Btw, good job with your copy and paste from wikipedia, clown.

    • Madeleine Goddard

      Well some of us Europeans read this blog precisely because we know what freedoms we have lost and we do not wish to see the USA going in the same direction. Please don’t think we all want to see the same sort of stupid restrictions applied to gun laws in the States that we suffer from, because it has not only been counterproductive, but has not solved the basic problem – which is that sometimes the wrong people get hold of weapons (not just firearms) and misuse them. Here in the UK there has been a huge rise in knife crime, so suggesting that getting rid of handguns makes things safer for everyone is only part of a much more complex story, where the means is displaced into other categories of weapon.

      Solving the basic issue of access to firearms by inappropriate people within the USA is an American problem and can only be settled by Americans. It is not the business of foreigners to be superior or try to tell Americans what they should do. I am only surprised that some non-Americans think they have a right to come on an American blog and try to give ‘helpful’ advice. I certainly don’t think I have a right to tell Americans what to do and I am all too aware from personal experience of what happens when the people lose the right to protect themselves and have to rely on the state – wait 90 minutes and the police may eventually come to sort out the aftermath of your incident, if they are not too busy fining children for dropping litter.

    • W

      i disagree strongly.

      i want everybody to become interested in firearms and the science behind it, even if they start by reading TFB.

    • Joseph

      I hope you’re aware that it’s that same trash who built this country… But it’s okay, I understand. I guess you simply learned to shoot before learning to read.

      • Nicks87

        No, it’s not the same “trash” that built this country. Their families stayed and willingly capitulated to oppression.

        If you like having limp-wristed bureaucrats tell you how to live your life then please feel free to go live in some socialist welfare/police state and enjoy having your rights/privacy violated. You can always justify it by saying “well at least I feel safe”.


      • Joseph

        Because the USA is not a police state? Where were you when the Patriot Act and NDAA were adopted? After that you dare to talk about freedom while your own is quietly sleeping away?

      • Joseph


      • Jack Ledoux

        Don’t mind Joseph, he’s still shocked the world didn’t end yesterday. He also thinks UAV’s circle his house and wears aluminum foil helmets so the Gov’t can’t read his mind. Sounds like your iffy about your country Joe. If your not happy then GTFO, I hear its real easy to get a air gun permit over there.

      • Joseph

        Hey Jack, got nothing intelligent to say so you’re trying to make a point with humor? I’d like to add that I’m also very cautious of black SUVs.

        Thank for the laugh! ‘merica finest!

      • Nicks87

        I agree that the US is slowly turning into a police state and it’s because we are following the example set by european socialists. We are on a fast road to tyranny and gun control is just another way for the criminals in washington to get us there more quickly.

  • Ladies and Gentleman, I think there has been enough political debate in the post. Please stay on topic. Remember, TFB is about “guns, not politics”.

    – Steve J (Editor)

    • gunslinger

      I appreciate what you and the crew do here. I like that i can come here and not hear a “libtard vs conservative nut job” type arguments. I hate the “us vs them” type thing. liberals can love guns just as much as conservatives hate them. so that’s why i come here… for the news.

      But I want to guess that you knew full well that posting a “gun stores are going crazy” article would spill over into the political debate. especially since this “craze” was the result of the events last Friday and the subsequent political pressure.

      so what can you do? more moderation? lock comments? idk. i like debate. i hate name calling.

      just my two copper lincolns…

  • Joseph

    If the gov have the right to have weapons, so does the people.

  • jeh

    buying guns is one of the funnest things ever………that said, its pretty frustrating to see all the online dealers out of stock of 20 and 18 rd 9mm p226 mags…especially when i wanted to pick up a few more just in case some stupid legislation is brought up next month…….

  • NickB

    Now all the prices are going up as well due to the laws of supply and demand