Gun Buying Frenzy Photos

    The gun buying frenzy is in full swing. Gun stores all over the country are reporting record sales. Stephen emailed us these before and after photos from the store he works at. This week his store has been selling 1,000 each day.

    Before the gun buying frenzy.

    Another reader emailed us photos of his local gun store …

    Not many rifles left.
    The magazine rack is looking empty.

    A reader from Florida emailed in this photo of a gun store that usually has only a few cars parked outside …

    Readers on our Facebook page have been reporting record sales at stores they work at or shop at …

    Online gun retailers are also reporting record sales. This week a number of gun store websites have buckled under heavy traffic or been really slow. A colleague of mine was even having trouble bidding on rifle because the site was responding so slowly.

    [ Many thanks to all the readers who emailed us photos ]

    Steve Johnson

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