Magpul XTM Hand Stop Kit Finally Shipping After Delay

It looked like Magpul’s XTM Hand Stop Kit and XTM Enhanced Panels may have been axed, but Magpul fans can now rejoice, they are finally shipping. They were originally announced and on display at SHOT Show in January and the company had planned to ship them in the spring.

XTM Hand Stop Kit. Photo © Isaac Marchionna
XTM Enhanced Panels

The XTM Hand Stop Kit is being sold for $19.95. It fills a simular role as the Magpul Angled Fore Grip (AFG2). I asked Magpul if the XTM Hand Stop Kit was the new Magpul / Magpul Dynamic recommended hand stop solution. They said it depends on the user. The company is striving to “build a balance of products that meet a variety of end users needs”.

I also asked Magpul why there was a delay in the shipping of the XTM Hand Stop Kit, especially from a company known to ship products soon after announcement. Drake Clark said …

Magpul does not release products to production until they’re as close to perfect as we can get. This allows for a smooth transition from development/design to production to best meet the volume demand of the marketplace while providing a quality product expected by our customers. This applies to all products. Launching on a date that is after our original announced timeframe is of little concern when compared to insuring the product is the best it can be. If there’s anything to blame for the release time frame of the XTM enhanced and the hand stop kit it would be the PMAG M3 project. The PMAG M3 represents the latest Generation in our PMAG technology and was a priority.

The PMAG M3 is Magpul’s flagship product, and their most important product of 2012/13.

Steve Johnson

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  • noob

    hmm. Is it user preference whether you have the big stop up at the magwell to use like an AFG, or up towards the muzzle to use as a safety stop?

  • Phil

    “It fills the same role as the Magpul Angled Fore Grip (AFG2).”

    I’m no gun expert, but I feel like they fill similar roles, not the same role. Seems to me the AFG is more about comfort because it puts the shooter’s hand into a more ergonomic position, while the hand stop, well…just stops the hand.

  • CBec

    I ordered one for my mossberg 590….thought about the AFG at first but wanted something flatter and bam, this will do.

  • TheIrateBlackGuy

    Idk, aside from their practicality I’ve always thought rail panels looked dumb. Then again I’ve never liked quad rails also. Nothing like adding some more shit to hang off your gun. Just my opinion. Let the down votes commence…

    • Cymond

      A lot of people feel the same way, but probably say it nicer. The rise of modular ‘slick’ free float tubes like the GatorGrip, Troy TRX Extreme, Noveske NSR, and Midwest SS Gen2 seem to indicate that sharp, heavy full-length quadrails are slowly being supplanted by user-configurable systems. It’s a nice idea to be able to add the rails you need and skip the ones you don’t.

      However, some guns have rails and bare rails suck, so they need rail covers. A handstop is especially appreciated for a consistent, repeatable grip as well as extra safety with short or hot barrels.

      • TheIrateBlackGuy

        I’m aware of what a hand stop is for. I actually have the mid length Midwest ss on a PSA carbine and love it.

      • Phil White


        The Apex I reviewed is a nice slick rail also.

    • El Duderino

      I have a 20″ AR, put a MOE handguard on it, not sure why I’d want to hang anything else off of it. I do have a 16″ 5.56mm gun (not an M4 clone) with an AFG2 though, with a 2-point sling it just sits in the hand nice and tight.

      It’s nice to see a move back to minimalist ARs/black rifles. Put your $$$ into optics, a good sling, and quality mags. A little part of me dies when I see a rifle with a $130 bipod/foregrip and a $50 scope…

    • W

      i agree. i hate quad rails.

      you dont use most of your rails, say for the front, where your PEQ and flashlight are supposed to be located anyways. I always thought a free float tube with removable rail sections was far more efficient.

      Im currently in the process of replacing all of my quad rails with free float tubes. Havent decided which one yet.

    • gunslinger

      quad rails are for a select few people. and bubbas… need a light, a laser, extra mag holder, bus, front grip, front stop, bipod… and well you need rail space.

      i’m building a full length AR for distance shooting. problem is i can’t find any uppers that have a spot up front for a bipod unless i get a full quad rail.

      ohwell..still trying.

      • Tuulos

        PRI tubes are pretty nice and they somewhat fit into what you are looking for. JP tubes are IIRC modular too.

        One option is to get a bipod that mounts into a sling attachment point.

  • Esh325

    I don’t have a need for such thing, but some people might. With shorter barreleled rifles that have the the muzzle closer to your body, I could see it being useful.

  • MrSatyre

    Am I the only one confused by the opening sentence? “It looked like Magpul’s XTM Hand Stop Kit and XTM Enhanced Panels may have been axed, but Magpul fans can now rejoice, they are finally shipping them.”

    That reads as though those products are been permanently discontinued, only to be followed up by a statement to the contrary that they’re now available for purchase. I get it that they’re available for purchase, or you wouldn’t be telling us about them, so what exactly did you mean by saying they were axed???

    • Paste tense. It *looked*.

      • ivanovich76

        You want past perfect tense here for verb noun agreement I think.
        It looked like Magpul’s XTM Hand Stop Kit and XTM Enhanced Panels *had* been axed, but Magpul fans can now rejoice, they are finally shipping.

    • lex

      Yes, apparently you’re the only one confused by the statement.

  • Lance

    Hate the mass buying now too Steve longer wait want my gun stuff now LOL!!!

  • BillyBones

    I wish it was cheaper, I’d buy 2 so they oppose eachother. I mainly use a stop to pull in for isometric tension making offhand more stable.

    Magpuls rail accessories are getting pricey.

    • mike clark

      You want a quality product made 100% in usa or an way less quality product made in china ?

      magpul i’snt leupold you know !

  • James

    Where are people “placing their orders” on these? The site says now shipping to dealers and all the major retailers I’ve checked still show these are on pre-order or coming soon…

  • Mike Knox

    Twenty dollars for small blocks of plastic, how magpul..