Magpul XTM Hand Stop Kit Finally Shipping After Delay

    It looked like Magpul’s XTM Hand Stop Kit and XTM Enhanced Panels may have been axed, but Magpul fans can now rejoice, they are finally shipping. They were originally announced and on display at SHOT Show in January and the company had planned to ship them in the spring.

    XTM Hand Stop Kit. Photo © Isaac Marchionna
    XTM Enhanced Panels

    The XTM Hand Stop Kit is being sold for $19.95. It fills a simular role as the Magpul Angled Fore Grip (AFG2). I asked Magpul if the XTM Hand Stop Kit was the new Magpul / Magpul Dynamic recommended hand stop solution. They said it depends on the user. The company is striving to “build a balance of products that meet a variety of end users needs”.

    I also asked Magpul why there was a delay in the shipping of the XTM Hand Stop Kit, especially from a company known to ship products soon after announcement. Drake Clark said …

    Magpul does not release products to production until they’re as close to perfect as we can get. This allows for a smooth transition from development/design to production to best meet the volume demand of the marketplace while providing a quality product expected by our customers. This applies to all products. Launching on a date that is after our original announced timeframe is of little concern when compared to insuring the product is the best it can be. If there’s anything to blame for the release time frame of the XTM enhanced and the hand stop kit it would be the PMAG M3 project. The PMAG M3 represents the latest Generation in our PMAG technology and was a priority.

    The PMAG M3 is Magpul’s flagship product, and their most important product of 2012/13.

    Steve Johnson

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