Steyr AUG Ambidextrous Upgrade Stock

German inventor TroubleShooterBerlin has completed version 2.0 of his Steyr AUG Ambidextrous Upgrade Stock. He has been working on this stock for years. Getting hold of a fully automatic Steyr AUG has half the problem, but he finally managed to obtain permission to use one earlier this year.

If you have any questions I am sure TroubleShooterBerlin will answer them in the comments below.

Steve Johnson

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  • Alex Nicolin

    I wouldn’t fire that. Hot cases ejecting a couple of inches from my face are not very appealing.

    • Jay

      Hey genius he is firing right handed with a firearm intended for a left handed shooter…. The ejection conversion is actually quite slick for a lefty.

      • Alex Nicolin

        I would rather buy an FS2000 for the money I would pay for AUG+conversion kit.

      • denny

        Yes, with that in place (AUG has had normally plug on stock’s LH side from begining) there in hardly any need to make it more ambidextrous.

  • gallan

    This should be in the new EF88.

    Although soldiers aren’t trained to shoot on the off shoulder, in real life combat they shoot routinely on their off shoulder. As it stands the steyr has a good chance of jamming if you shoot it from the off shoulder, it’s a major liability for infantry in first world countries, Australia in particular has some of the most highly trained normal infantry in the world, they will definitely want but not be able to shoot off shoulder in combat.

  • denny

    In my knowledge, the AUG was ambidexterous right from begining except for charging handle. Actually, it could have been considered an example how ambidexterous and modular weapon should look like.

    It seem to me that anyonee trying to fuss with it later on is creating more-less nonsense out of it. One such ‘shining’ example is Aussteyer. What value they added to it? I would like to know. I think that given the antigun culture in that country they are playing catcup game and use it as schooling case.

  • gunslinger

    always liked the look of the AUG. maybe it’s my childhood geek from CounterStrike.

    and i also like giving lefties a hand. I’m not a left hander, but a bunch of people i know are.

  • SafetyThird

    Then by all means do that.

    Military markets, on the other hand, won’t be quite as satisfied with a 5.56mm semi auto civillian rifle I’d imagine.

    • SafetyThird

      Was meant as reply to Alex.

      Anyways, this would make left handed and right handed versions of the firearm redundant, since you’d just have one firearm model with two different upper receiver inserts.

  • Lance

    Seen ambi switches for AUG stocks for awhile not really news.

  • John Doe

    My only question is where I can get one! I’m dying for a really good left-hand rifle!

  • Paralus

    Thales Australia should hire this guy to upgade their F88s

  • The Bear

    I seem to recall that the STG77 I was issued in 96 was already ambidextrous. We could easily switch the ejection port to the other side if we so chose. And that was a standard issue conscript version.

    • AMX

      The ejection port is only half the story.
      You also have to replace the bolt, or the gun will try to eject through the closed port, and jam *really* good.

      Incidentally, the gun I was issues in ’03 had a single-hole stock.